Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Murder Most Foul

The Aljazeera News:

Reported that the cowardly murders of the school children and their teachers in Peshawar Pakistan, were fighters, demonstrating once again the fearless-ness of these cowardly murders,
When faced with unarmed children and unarmed teachers.
126 is the reported death toll to date,
The fact that they were killing members of their own race may have been considered by them as a bonus.

I hope the army make them pay a 1000 times over.


Thursday, 11 December 2014

The End is Nigh ?

I just thought the time is right, to ask you,
What do you believe?

I'm sure you've all heard the saying that " the day you are born is your first step on the road to the end of your life." and your meeting with your mortality,

Well that's where I am now ?
When I look over my shoulder, all I can see behind me, is my shadow.
No foot prints? not a sign of my passing,
All that's left of my life, has fallen by the wayside, all my dreams and memories are fading as I move on-ward, to where? I know not.

It would seem you take nothing with you when you leave this old world,
"not so cool a"?  No memories, no feelings.

Let me just say one thing, my life has been a real adventure, sometimes sad and lonely, but a road filled with promise and love and happiness. So I was one of the lucky ones.
You could say" I've had it all"! and you would be right, I have friends, family and children  and a full life.

Since I had that wee miracle?

That strange visit to the pyramid, in Abydos , Egypt?
I have never been the same person?

You may say "that's because you were stuck in an Asylum, some-where you dork!"
and my reply to you is,  "Touche"?

There seems to be areas within my mind, of times I can't account for,
I'm not saying I don't remember?  I'm saying!

I am unable to explain myself to a world that accepts, violence, war and greed as well as slavery ,
as a normal part of their lives.
As long! as what ever  happens? Happens? to somebody else? its fine!
as long as it's not them!
This will of course be decried in what ever direction is popular at the time.

They will of course post an appropriate message on their media hand set, to show their interest in the event and forget it.

I am not a man of Faith!,
Which may sound strange coming from a man who is searching for a god.
But in fact I am searching for the truth, in a way that may  save my planet, from the eternal cycle of destruction, it's caught up in.

Every 5 million years or so, our planet seems to go into a self destructive mode, due to it's inability to find balance and harmony in its development, it would seem to get so far then just stops?

Mother nature just seems to give up on its creation of our planet, not seeing any future for us.

As man developed, he just become a greater warmonger of unbelievable cruelty,
Basically destroying everything living in his path as it suited him.

Well it would seem it is starting again?
Will it be a flood this time?
or some catastrophic destruction from an asteroids collision with the earth.

This time line is mentioned in the Mayan temple carvings high in the mountains.
How their message has survived so many years? is a mystery.
The prediction of our worlds destruction is imminent.

Amun -Ra the great King! said that when his people first came to our planet, they saw the sign's that other race's  had attempted to stop the cycle of self destruction, by the use of Pyramid technology! and moved on before the cycle returned and they themselves would also be destroyed ?
They also discovered  that it wasn't our world that was the problem ! man proved to be the catalyst of doom. The ultimate destroyer of our world.

Shortly after that incident at Abydos, I left my job, my family and went searching for the truth, such a simple thing?
I wanted to ask him ( God) to reverse the ending of the world as "Amun-Ra" had predicted.

The searcher usually finds something, but not me, I believe now it is already to late,

There is the crux to my story or my confession? what ever way you look at it!

I failed, I searched and searched! I was unable to accept the idea of failure, yet fail I did.

I never found God, in fact I never found anybody? who I would consider? even close to being a god.
So I kept searching, for the truth.

I still seem to have the ability to move unnoticed  through other races of people,
Which I must attribute to "Amun-Ra"  assuming that part of my life was not a dream.?

I've sat in large congregations all over the world and listened to world leaders and religious leaders, all of them! Speakers of riddles!

I have read all the stories about the famous prophets?  who handed down their own idea's, of how the world should develop through their eyes,

Many of these people were murdered! which gave them some credibility, but in fact in my opinion ?most were charlatans interested in their own selfish agenda's.

Which I admit, I have no true idea what their agenda's were, I doubt if they did?

This leaves me with my conclusion?
That this world has no God! not yet anyway. and until man develops along the lines of, "Maat" natural fairness, justice and Equality for all, from the start,

This cycle will end? and we and all our dreams and memories along with it !
When ? who knows? But I believe soon.
No true God would allow mans inhumanity to man, as many of us allow now! to continue in his name.
Possible our world does not deserve a God?  yet.

Yes I believe
This world is beyond saving. this time round!
What will I do?
I will ask Amun-Ra the King of Kings to save me, so I can try again at the rebirth of our Planet.

I find it unbelievable that greed and selfishness are crippling peoples opinions of our world, we seem to be  totally self interested, with out any apathy towards our fellow human beings.

Disease and  wars are common place and accepted as part of the price people are willing to accept for their life styles.
Prophets, teachers, Priest, Nuns, Muslims, Christens, Sikhs, Buddhist atheist. Jews are being murdered by each other they just can't seem to agree on the basis principals of life, of fair and equal justice for all, It would seem most of them encourage their followers to do likewise.

The powers that be, have it in their grasp to stop wars, hunger, genocide, seem to be standing idly to one side.
If a good man talks out in support of making the world a better place, he is ridiculed my a  multi- media frenzy  that turns up on his phone,to ridicule.

The idea that we are all the same race occupying the same planet, seems to be lost.

People have been, creating, false borders and even false gods and killing each other,
We destroy every thing we touch, animal species have been seriously effected, many have even been totally wiped out already.
With this lust man has for power, and still with all our knowledge we continue to to wipe each other out, we are heading for an apocalyptic event,
We have had wars to end all wars! (13.700.000 died) and then we found or created another one to go on with, a short time after influenza, claimed 20. million lives.
I could go on and on? which only makes us look worse so I will stop .

My time is short, so I will return to Abydos and appeal to the king of kings to save me.
So I may teach the Sanctity of life, to the next of us, and maybe then?
We will truly be known as the occupiers of the Blue Planet, that promotes Fairness, Equality and justice for all it's inhabitants. With a true God.

If we can embrace and respect the Sanctity of life to all species on our planet, maybe we stand a chance?

I see you smile as you turn away! but I will live to fight another day.
I cannot teach you anything,
just hope you will listen and change?


Christmas is coming.

Christmas is coming.

The Geese are getting fat.

Please put a penny in my old hat,
If you haven't got a penny? half of one will do?.

If have not got half a penny? then god bless you.

Merry Christmas to Bloggers everywhere.

Be well Agman. 

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

My Son Died in Afghanistan

Martin. Bell. Way.

January. 11 .2011.

A Hero died this day.
Fighting for his country.
So very far away.and I'm
sorry is all I can say.

I offer my deepest heartfelt sympathy to you and your family.
Your sons tragedy is of immense importance to all of us here in the UK.
He is a hero now and always will be remembered as one  by me.
I congratulate the Bradford Council for offering to name a street, after him, to keep his memory alive, after his valiant sacrifice.
I invite other councils to do the same.

With the going down of the sun will shall remember him. Martin Bell, Jan 11. 2011.


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Ring! Ring! Ring!

quite observer

This message was placed on a high school answering service, unanimously by the staff, after the staff received a bunch of unsavoury messages!

It came about after a policy was introduced within the school, where parents and students were required to accept responsibility for their missing homework! being absent from class and attitudes and many other rude and bulling tactics.

The school is being sued by the students and parents demanding their faulty grades be changed, to passing grades, even though the student had not completed the full school work to complete the class.

This could be any high school in the western world, it would seem they and their parents, want the high school certificates but not the knowledge.

Okay this a bit of a giggle? but it's close to the point. here go's

Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring!

Hallo! you have reached the automated services of your high school.
In order for us to connect you to the correct staff member please listen to the following options,
before making a selection.

To lie about why your child is absent ; please press one.

To make excuses for why your child did not bring their homework to school; please press two.

To complain about what we do; press three.

To swear at staff members; press four.

To ask why you didn't get information, that was included in the school news letter and a few flyer's
that were mailed to you; press five.

If you want us to raise your child for you ; press six.

If you want to reach out and slap or hit somebody ; press seven.

To request a new teacher for the fifth time this season ; press eight.

To complain about the free school meals; press nine.

To complain about the free school bus services; press ten.

If you realise, this is the real world and your child is responsible  for their own classwork and behaviour, and the fault does not lie with the teaching staff, for you child's lack of effort.
Please hang up and have a nice day!.

If you require this in another language, please  free to move, where they speak it.

Thank you for your call and your interest in public education.  Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Make the world go away!


Thursday, 6 November 2014

Bless her cotton picking socks?


I received this today, thought it was a bit of a giggle so I'm sharing it, with you!

Overheard in the local church in London, a lady praying out loud.

"Dear Lord " she said
"This has been a tough year or two? for me and you , I know!

You have taken my favourite actor Sir Richard Attenborough.

My favourite pop singer  Michael Jackson.

My favourite Blues singer Amy Winehouse.

My favourite football manager Bobby Robson.
My favourite golfer Steve Ballesteros.

My favourite singer Whitney Houston.

My favourite  commedian  Joan Rivers.

I just wanted you to know that my favourite politicians are;

Alex Salmond, Tony Blair, John Prescott,Ed Milliband, Nick Clegg, Harriot Harman, and quite a few others , in no particular order.

Yours as always.


Monday, 3 November 2014

So you think your mobile phone is insured?

Be Warned ! 

Your mobile phone insurance, !
Is as useless as tits on a donkey.

Check it out? does it really cover your personal risks and needs or are you just paying into some companies pension fund ?

What ever way you look at it, the mobile phone is a "must have" accessory and it would seem everybody has one and needs one.

Now the cost of this "Must Have" accessory is high for the average person and most would not really be able to buy one.
But then some clever Dude came up with the idea of contracts. ( I bet the champagne bottles were popping in the board rooms that day) !

I saw this story on "Rip Off Britain the TV series, this young lady passed it on so that others would beware and not be caught out.  So here's her story.

Like many millions of others she got her phone from her high street shop and decided to get it on contract, as it seemed to be the more affordable for her.
The sales person went through the details and paper work and fully explained the fine print,
as she stood starring at her new "Must Have" item, of course, she was not listening very carefully to the sales persons spiel.
Her "Must Have" item had taker her to another planet?

Just like most of us she could only see herself! walking, standing, sitting, with her new, "Must Have" accessory which would make her look so cool, making calls to all her friends and joining the "Face Book" media, she took a deep breath, she felt so great!
Signing all the paper work and stuffing the paperwork into her bag, she headed for the street,
last words she remembers from the sales person was" remember your phone unit is "fully comprehensively  insured", "so no worries, enjoy".
She was so taken with her "Must Have" accessory she hardly remembered the sales persons face.

So here's her story as I remember it;

Coming home after a night out, (on the juice) she found she had no phone! "Oh my God"
Not to worry! one of her friends may have picked it up for her,
In the morning she will get out her lap top and start searching her friends,
Unfortunately none of her friends had any memory of her phone, not to worry! she just thought she would go to the hotel where they were last at, and ask if  "anybody had handed it in ", they knew nothing?
Now she will go to her phone shop in the high street  and report it, digging out all her paper work for her phone from the bottom of her bag, (more than likely the first time she has looked at it) with her phone insurance in her hand.
The shop staff were absolutely wonderful accepting her paper work and telling her "she will have a new phone first class mail, in one day," She was just so happy.

Here's the Kicker!

When she got her phone account at  the end of the month, somebody had run up over £600 in extra phone calls.
Then the penny dropped she grabbed her paper work and went running back to the phone shop,

This time, the staff were friendly but  very cautious and business like, checking her paper work over and over again, she was in the shop for hours, she spoke with her service provider, who after many phone calls and what seemed like hours, she left the shop  with the understanding that she is responsible for all calls made up to the time, she reported the phone stolen or lost, and her Comprehensive policy didn't cover that area of illegal use? and she signed  the papers to say she had read and understood the conditions when she got her phone.
She was gutted, she never had the money to pay this charge,
The next day she went around to the shop and told them she was fully comprehensively insured and she refused to pay the charges, her phone was cut off by the service supplier and after a week she gave up and agreed to pay off her dept.

Now I know many of you will say " well she should have read the small print" Just casting her aside and selfishly forgetting her, okay that's your choice?

But where's your empathy?  surely 85% of us have done the same thing and been lucky not to lose our phones ?  most of us have never even looked at our phone insurance policies.
It really boils down to? is us showing apathy towards  a fellow human, do you never think "That could be me?"

On the face of it the phone supplier seems blameless, but let me point out a couple of thing I find a wee bit suspicious.

For me this boils down to what your definition is of comprehensive and what the insurance companies definition is.

What's yours?

Mine Is ! as I understand it

Comprehensive ;  Fully, Completely, Thoroughly Totally, Wholly.

Complete protection for the buyer from all loss! including everything ! what ever ? to ensure any loss to the buyer. Why would anybody ensure for anything else?

So I would have expected to be fully and totally, even thoroughly and completely covered by such a policy.

Now another small point! the cost, I drive a new cheap car value £7800 full comprehensive insurance
cost me £140.00 per year,

The Phone in Question cost about £500.00, full comprehensive cover cost's £220. per year.

It was reported on the TV show that these are a standard policy used by most phone companies, so that means anybody with these insurance policies are wasting their money.
As I said, useless as tits on a donkey.

Until such time as somebody? in government who has no interests in the phone companies shares.
has a look at this smelly practise and cleans it out, we may be stuck with it? so be warned.

I think its fair to say most of the shop staff would not be advised of this small print kicker! and will be shocked, when they realise they would have been pushing the policy as a good thing.

I think there is a smell of PPI  about this!


Monday, 27 October 2014

That watchful eye

She was in the bathroom applying her make-up,
under the watchful eye of her grand-daughter as she had done so many times before!
As she started to leave the bathroom,
the wee princess said " Grandma you for-got to kiss the toilet paper good bye.

Don't you just love them?


Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Today's Memory.

Today's Memory: H.W 1922,

They say, I have never written of love,
As a writer of stories should do!

They say, I have never touched a women, with a touch that is tender, firm and true.

They say, I know nothing of a women's love and me, in fields of clover,
Where loves Roses grow and life begins anew. all because of you,
My love burst from me and flew to you.
On that special day.

They say, I must write with faltering pen? with a tear in my eye.
That may be so true?
But How would they know? really,
Do they think I do not know?

When loves first bloom burst upon me,
In days when my hair was brown,
The hem of your skirt was a sacred thing and your hair was an Angels Crown.

They say, I have never written of love,
They say, my heart is such, that the finer feeling's are not for me?
As I have no feelings or knowledge of love.
They say! they say! Oh God I wish they just would go away.

They are the darkest depths in the nights sky, where the cluster of stars hang low,
I was lost in our love, beneath those stars,
When our first loves promises came true.
Your body was a wonderland to me,
Setting all my senses free.
Happiness completely surrounded me.

There are things that would break my heart to write.
Oh yes it's true! but just let me say,
"Thank you Princess for being there for me on that Special, Special, day.

And they think! I do not know?

Sorry I didn't realize, a moment would last forever.


Sunday, 12 October 2014

Amun-Ra the king of kings


King of Kings.

Part of his Story.

Place:   Giza.  Egypt.

Duty:    Crop Spraying.

Snow Commander 600 hp
Mid 1970

Well I have just finished my spraying for a  while and unless I get called back?
I'm off to revisit the Pyramids and a deserted tomb, I found at Abydos a few years ago.

I will be interested to see! if it is still the same as I last saw it? or has it been robbed and plundered, by the people who should know better!

On arrival at Abydos I parked up and took my pack up and just started to walk around to familiarise myself with my surroundings,
I was pleased to notice my crypt entrance, still seem to be untouched,
I have always had this little fantasy, that this untidy and ignored entrance, led down to the greatest tomb ever and it was defying being found, by the tomb robbing bastards!
Who called themselves  Egyptologist!

Monday, 6 October 2014

Don't ask me to remember?

I get a funny feeling when I look into your eyes.




Not so long ago?

I'm in my car on my way to visit my  Auntie, something I do when ever I can.

I drive along the Geelong road and two miles south of Geelong I turn right up a familiar road, to the clinic. 
I see her sitting outside in the shade of the blue gum trees, there's a gentle breeze blowing, it's blowing through her hair, giving me a gentle glimpse  of my Auntie, as she used to be?
when she was there?

She is touching the top of the table, her fingers gliding smoothly across the plastic table top, looking intently down at what! something only she can see.? it's not for you or me.

I sit and take her hand and she looks up at me,
I say "Hallo Princess how are you today"?
She looks straight up at me and I can see,
She just doesn't remember me?  

I tell her of our life together and all the things we did, and all about the holidays we had, as I do on every visit.
"Aunt Nancy we had good times and I still love you true."

She said:
"I don't think this can be true?
Although I get a funny feeling when I look into your eyes, there seems to be something in your smile that gives me butterflies, you must look like someone I once knew?
But I'm terrible terrible sorry! cause" " I don't remember knowing you".

I stand up from the table and turn to say good bye, she just looks up at me and I can see, already.
She has forgotten me !

The nurse comes to me to say "I'm sorry there's no change" today.
I turn and walk away, there's nothing more to say," I will be back when I can, thank you for looking out for my Auntie, she means the world to me",

I wander back to my car across a lovely green lawn and I think to myself, maybe this isn't such a bad place for my Aunt Nancy  to be! when you consider.
"She doesn't remember me?"

Don't ask me to remember?
Don't try to make me understand?
Let me rest and know you're with me,
Kiss my cheek and hold my hand.

I'm confused beyond your knowing,
I'm sad and sick and lost.
All I know is that I need you,
to be near me at any cost.

Do not lose your patience with me,
do not scold at me and curse and cry.
I can't help the way I'm acting
even though I try.

Just remember that I need you, need you!
the best of me is gone.
Please don't fail to stand beside me?

Love me? till my life has gone.

Dear Aunt Nancy your memory will always live in us Mick / Terence.


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Was it something they said?

Was It Something they said?

We all have memories and dreams of what a person, (special or otherwise)  has said to us, leaving an imprint of it on our memory.
I believe that these special words are a road to the creation of stories and I'm interested in finding and seeing them.
So please share yours with me, of course I know "I love you wins hands down? but I want you to look further than that.!
So I will leave you with mine and look forward to receiving yours.

 Please I Beg You Stay.

be well    Agman

Monday, 8 September 2014

Ships Of Old English Oak. (with a bit of salt)

English Oak.

The shipbuilder choice.

Where did all that wood go?

Well many of these square Riggers are still on display, saved for future generations to admire.

And a lot of the good serviceable
parts were cannibalised and used on other ships, some of these bits continued to have their original names still burned into them.
Commemorative keep- sakes; a Barometer?
A Wooden Leg would you believe? even a pair of bishops chairs and an Altar. and many other items, all made out of ships oak.
What was left over? was sold on to repair other smaller boats and then on to build houses and furniture.
If you wander around some older museums, you will see many of these pieces, displaying their names and what battles they were in, and many others are lost in time, with their memories, fear, happiness, steel cannons, ropes, sails and the reek and stain of men's blood dried into the oak forever.

I can tell you the story of the end of the "Fighting Temeraire" (with a tear in my eye.)
A ship of her time.

The Fighting Tameraire was first launched at Chattam in 1798 as a 98 gun ship.
She and her crew under Captain Eliab served in many great battles with the Fleet.
The most notable one being at the battle of Trafalgar, where she and her crew served with distinction when she attacked the French ship Redouble! in support of Nelson! who was under some pressure at that time? she sailed on to continue the battle against the French ship Fougeux, earning  her the nick name "The Fighting Tameraire" I believe it's true to say she was a favourite of the English public at that time.

In 1838 the admiralty decided the Temeraire had come to the end of her useful fighting life.
So she was sold off to a Mr John Beaston at Sheerness and towed up river to Rotherhithe to be dismantled.
It's worthy to note, she was towed upriver by two steam tugs, a first in the use of these vessels for such a sad long journey,

Now the sunsets breezes shiver.
and she's fading down the river.
But in England's song's forever.
She's the Fighting Temeraire

Yes she was dismantled and sold on in the manner I described.
But the oak of the Temeraire is another story.

So gather around you? Bloggers and listen to me,
for I have a wee poem I'd like to tell to thee?

Where a low wood gate swings open to some cottage garden fare.
The tired traveller, may ask idly "why?
"The moss grows greener on it's rugged wood there."
Even a sailors child may not answer.
Or even know? that the nights dew lies deep in the wood rents.
Of the "Fighting Temeraire"


Saturday, 9 August 2014

A Special Day for me


Norman Franklin.

Pilot, Talented Engineer.
A good guy and my friend.
Of course he may not have agreed with that last statement, he often said I was stupid and wild and how I was still alive, was a mystery to him. anyway I still think he liked me, and we flew in many places in the world together. Frank and I were involved in a fuelling fire in Columbia and my ole buddy was severely burned and it took a couple of years for him to recover, I only received a bit of a sun tan and lost all my hair, anyway hair grew back, sun tan went away, I was fine.
Frank always said  "Donnelly! your just one lucky bastard"

I will blog Franks story one day, this is just about a special meeting we had, which I remembered after reading a comment on one of my blogs placed by Barbara of March House books, (a good place to visit by the way).

There I was at Prestwick Airport Scotland, waiting for Frank to come through off of his Flight from Canada.
I had phoned him to ask for his help to finish this job at Oban?

As the pilot I had, went, home as soon as the weather turned, to wind, rain, snow and generally unpleasant, anyway he was as useless as tits on a donkey! I was pleased to see him go.

It was worth the lecture I will receive from Frank after the porky pies, I told him to get him to come, this was his first job since the fire, and I was hoping it would turn him around and get him back in the cockpit.

There he comes, striding along as he always did, scanning left and right, he looked straight passed me, I was shaking with a big smile on my face, the bastard never let up that he had seen me, he moved out of the queue placed his flight bag on the ground and started to look about him, I'm sure he saw me? but no! he turned his back to me as I ran towards him.

Just on the point I was going to slap his back, he turned grabbed me lifted me off of the floor swung me around and placing me on the floor he kissed me on the lips! I was staggered! No blown away! then he smiled and said "Donnelly you just kissed my arse because that's where the lip skin came from".

Frank had a weird sense of humour and I wanted to kill him when that airport official told us to "take the weird behaviour outside" I could have died on the spot with shame.

well the rest of this story is for another day.

This was a special day for me.


Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Amoonet my Queen of Queens

The all seeing eye


Queen of Queens.

This is part of her story.

"May she live forever"

Ancient Egypt.

4th Dynasty. Abydos.

A holy burial site, As yet! not discovered.( so it remains inviolate and unplundered by the modern day  grave robbers!)

My Pharaoh chose wisely placing his Queen of Queens in her Holy burial site with-in his Pyramid complex,  joined only by one hallway (The Hallway to Eternity!) that led away from the Pyramid complex to the west and below, with just one door, that when opened  passed directly to "Imhet", a holy place,  that only a Pharaoh who has the power as a God, can pass through, taking his queen with him to join the Gods. "May they live forever"

My name is "Sunu". and I speak for the Queen.
I am a temple priest and physician and personal assistant and adviser to "Amoonet" my Queen of Queens.

I have been in her service for over 30 years.
I witnessed the birth of her three children, who all grew up to full adulthood in good health.

It has been my duty to ensure my Queen is kept up to date with all of the court gossip in the land, and all respects due to her are paid under penalty of death.
By Pharaohs order. "May he live forever"

I "Sunu" will stand and speak for my queen, to all the visiting "Gods" as she lays in her coffin, within the huge stone Sarcophagus and waits on Pharaoh to come for her.
"May she live forever"

She is pure, her heart weighing less than the lightest feather in the two Kingdoms.
"May she live for ever".

She personally laid her hand on me, choosing me to act as her living "Shawabis" a great honour for me and my temple.
The scribes placed my name in her tomb, describing my life and my devotion to my Queen and giving me the honoured title of " Wab-Priest" and "Lector Priest" so I may attend her as she deserves, during her wait for her Pharaoh.

I attended the funeral embalming, and saw to it that my Queen had the heart Scarab!  placed in the correct position and to ensure my Queen had all the amulets and jewels that would protect her from "Apophis" the  serpent demon who threatens travellers, passing the underworld on their way to the after life and immortality.
I listened to the prayers, read from the book of the dead.
As was my duty, affording my Queen the right of passage through to the afterlife, with her Pharaoh. "May they live forever".

As her time of internment came near, I spent a week in "The room of Life" at my Temple, in prayer and meditation.

I had a vision from "Amun-Ra", he told me that on his journeys across the sky, he had looked into the future for thousands of years and saw strange men robbing our tombs. walking with no respect on the dust of our ancesters and taking their holy contents away, to far away lands, unknown to him?
Many minor deities who are carved in living rock, will be removed and placed in a big house, unable to leave and wander through afterlife, a sacrilege against a living God.

"You must leave a message for your Pharaoh within his tomb as a warning, and leave a message this very night for "Hery Seshta" the controller of mysteries. So he may change all the Hieroglyphics within the two lands at  our burial sites now and in the future, so these strange people may never know our true stories of our holy lands."

These grave robbers with there given titles of no consequence, will make up their own stories of our world, declaring it to their world, that what they say is true,  But they will know in their heart of hearts, that they really know nothing? made up stories showing only their self interest! bigotry! greed! They will have no understanding of the land of Maat.

The land of Maat is gone far from their reach. We shall leave this land and return to our true home amongst the stars.
Then I command you," to let all my priest in the two lands know of your vision. and to prepare our people for a great journey"
Bowing down I said " it will be done Lord" "May you live for ever."

The funeral moved slowly towards the Pyramid entering and descending down to the burial chambers, only the "Sem Priest" and his brothers were to pass further into the passageway.
My Queen in her coffin was placed into her Sarcophagus and the heavy lid moved into place sealing her in for eternity, the wings of "Horus" were carved around the sarcophagus giving Divine protection,
Pharaohs Cartouche  on the right hand lower corner included the name of my beloved Queen, "Amoonet"

The whole entrance, hallway and burial room were covered with beautiful hieroglyphics, telling our stories as only we the people of this land, can do.

The priests procession departed the tomb praying and singing, on reaching the False door they closed it, covering it with spells and curses.and withdrew from the Pyramid, all records of the false door and my Queens tomb were removed.
I invoked a spell of invisibility within the tomb and the door slowly faded away,
I placed a healing statue in the centre of the hallway covered it with spells to protect my Queen of Queens from any harm. As she waits on the edge of eternity for her Pharaoh to come for her.
I placed Amulets at each corner within the tomb.
I prayed to Amun-Ra to increase the power "Apotropaic" within the Amulets, and give his protection to my Queen.
I placed the Scarab Amulets in a line along the floor from the false door, down the hall and into her tomb chamber and around  her Sarcophagus in a circle, giving rebirth and creation.

I prayed at my Queens tomb and asked her for her blessing.
I place the golden cup with the poison of life within it, at the foot of her Sarcophagus.
I told her I would greet her Pharaoh when he comes for her. "May you live for ever."
I returned to the false door.
I bowed down dropping to my knees and prayed to all the gods to help me, to bring down a curse that will destroy any person who enters this tomb uninvited.
I projected the curse around the door, I sat facing the door awaiting to greet my Pharaoh and reunite him with his Queen of Queens.

My  prayer:
Oh spirit of life, please stay with me and guide me? until the time, My Queen is set free!
May the poison of life never pass my lips, let me bear witness to their joining and passing together to the afterlife, and eternity.

Some great tragedy must have befallen the two lands and my Gods and my people, for it's been over a thousand years, and Pharaoh has not passed through the false door.
My Queen waits as I do.
The plundering and stealing has started.
Just as our King of Kings had foretold in my vision.
Our Gods no longer walk the land.                            

I pray:
"Amoonet my Goddess Queen!"
"I prostrate myself in front of you and promise, I will always protect you, until that day Pharaoh comes to take you away."

I can only protect my Queen by protecting the door.
So I sit facing the door, as another thousand years pass.
Hoping and praying to "Horus" to help my  Queen.
So my Pharaoh will appear.
And Take her to safety, beyond the false door and into the afterlife
with the Gods.


Sunday, 20 July 2014

So It's Sunday.

Share with me

SO! It's Sunday ?
The 20/07/2014.

So What! I here you say,
it's just another day?
But is it? just another day I mean.
There will never be another.

So! what went through your mind today?
That made you stop and think, some little memories that surfaced making you  think,
Making you feel sad or even happy? share it with me and maybe it will help to enhance my Sunday.
I'll share a memory of mine with you,
I'll go first okay?

I was never gifted with the ability to play any instrument.
But I was gifted with the ability to listen and  sing along.
You know what? it is enough to make me happy.

So share with me and you may make me happy

Oh Yes! another little memory, that's tripping through my mind.

I went down to the St James Infirmary,
and I saw my lady there,
She was laid out on a long white table, so cold, so dead, so fair,
So let her go? let her go? God bless her.
She can search the whole world over,
But she will never find a loving man like me.

This blues song conjures up memories for me.

So I invite you to share a wee memory of yours with me.


Friday, 23 May 2014

Country poetry


Country Poetry.

If you think things are bad now, read this.

The scene is a small roadside cafe, the waitress is sweeping the floor.
Two truck driver are drinking their coffee, two country kids are standing  near the door.

"How much is that candy"? they asked her,
"How much have got"?  she replied.
"We've only a penny between us"
"The're two for a penny" she lied!

And the daylight grew heavy with thunder with the smell of the rain on the wind, ain't that just like a human?
Here comes that rainbow again.
One truck driver called to the waitress, after the kids went outside
"Them candies ain't two for a penny"
" What's that to you" she replied.
In silence they finished their coffee and got up and nodded goodbye,
She called " hey you've left too much money"
"What's that to you they replied.

I believe this belongs to Kris Kristoffenson,
he had his finger on the pulse of life this day,

Ain't that just like a human?

Thursday, 22 May 2014

A Week in Manila

Mid 1970's

Pilot Drug Enforcement Agency.

Aircraft: Cessna: to be picked up.

A lot of my blog's! I seem to seek out the sadness in my stories.
I'm going to try and change this.
This story is about a week in Manila, and it's happiness with a capital "H".

So here I am walking out of the main airport, to pick up a pressurised aircraft that has been confiscated by the D.E.A. for the part it played in smuggling drugs, whilst the previous owners have taken up residence in the local prison and I fly the Cessna back to Vietnam and put it to work.

It will take about a week to clear up all the paper work.
So I thought I'd do a bit of a pub crawl of the night life.
I had heard  that the night life is really good and on occasions violent. so there is a need, to be careful!
So I was in my hotel room, getting changed after a shower,
I get room service to iron my jeans and a white T shirt and polish up my brown flight boots. got to look cool?
I'm dressed and ready, I put a few bucks into my pocket and I walk out of the hotel and down the street to the bright lights, the atmosphere in the street full of bar's was great, it was just on dark, inviting lights everywhere!

I picked one out, it was called "Night Life" and I walked in, through the doors and down a stairway to the the bar area.
The atmosphere was buzzing, about 30 people standing at the bar and sitting at the tables with dim lighting and the Juke box giving "Blue suede shoes!" a blast and everybody seemed to be chatting and smiling and dancing, just great for me!

As I approached the bar the crowd opened and let me through to the bar.
It was as if I was being engulfed into a net of friendly bodies.
I was just looking about when the barman asked me to "name my poison"? I said " bottle, cold and local please" very quickly he opened and placed a cold bottle in front of me, I went to pay and he said " First beer is on the house and we will run a tab for you okay"? I said "thanks."  What a great boozer?
I moved about introducing myself saying, "my friends call me Aussie Tel, I'm returning to my home after having myself a tour of the world". A white lie yes? and it hurts me just a little bit, but there maybe people here who would not appreciate what I do for a living. That is also the reason I left my dog tags and medi tag in my toilet bag.

This looks like being one of those evenings, so I decided to make a plan? to last the night out, I must eat! I spoke with the barman and he said "they did a local fish meal with beans and local bread" sounds good to me, so I ordered it.
Then I just forgot all about, as the questions about Australia were coming thick and strong and the beer was good.
you know the story?
The next minute or so, I smelt the most beautiful perfume, it surround me as if I had just entered a rose garden, intoxicating!
I turned around and a waitress was standing with her tray, she said "your meal is on the table please follow me" I was so stunned by her beauty, some of the locals laughed at me and gave me a push.
I had been looking unashamedly directly at her face making her blush just a little and smile back at me. She had long curly black hair, green green eyes, smooth smooth skin, pink to red lips, her teeth were chrystal white and her mouth was the sweetest pink. What a beauty!
She looked directly into my eyes and turned and led me away to my table.
I followed her across  the room she had a figure to suit the rest of her beauty,
I could feel the crowd watching me, I must have looked like a little puppy dog following her, anyway by the time I reached the table I had recovered my cool and most of my control.
I ate my meal and finished it off with a bowl of Goats yogurt, she came and cleared my table.

I was playing it real cool, I only looked at her when she walk away from me, but her perfume stayed just to tease me, and it was doing a good job?
After a short while she bought a liquor glass of cold peppermint, very nice.
I decided to return to the bar when I noticed a couple of ladies dancing and decided to join them, they were very gracious and showed me their version of Rock and Roll , Elvis was still rocking!
The waitress moved pass me a few times, but not close enough for me to speak to her. I just so desperately needed to dance with her.

I was just on the point of giving up, thinking to myself she already had a man and I was just dreaming dreams that weren't to be, plus too much booze?
Near the end of the evening a large portion of the crowd had departed and the dance floor was heaving to the sound of slow music and cuddling couples.

I was back at the bar when I smelt that perfume again, I turned she held her hand out and said " Come let dance" I followed her to the dance floor, feeling like a little puppy, (feeling 10 feet tall as well) do you know that feeling?

We danced around the floor, her hand in mine, with her other hand on my shoulder, with my other hand in the small of her back.
We glided around captivated by the music and each other, she placed her head on my chest, I leaned forward to whisper in her ear, "Princess you Stink   (pause)   lovely" her hand quickly came up to slap me and just stopped in time to change it into a playful slap with a warm smile.
Waving her finger she said "you are cheeky!" then she gentle leaned into me and kissed me, I can still taste her memory on my lips.
Of course I was at the bar every night after that, we made each other very happy.
I received a few messages to say my aircraft was ready and waiting and to contact base, which I never did, I thought they would not send the marines in before the weekend, so I stayed for the full week, after Vietnam this was so wonderful, she was wonderful.

It was my time to leave, I went down to the bar shook hands with the barman and gave him enough dollars to buy all my cronies a drink, then I went to find my lady she was in the kitchen I lifted her off her feet and kissed her goodbye, saying "I'll be back"  she smiled and gave me a gentle kiss on my cheek, and I was gone.

With all my white lies, I don't regret it, I hadn't been as happy for a long time.

Love is so lawless?

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Its Just A Tuesday

Quite day.

It's just a Tuesday?

In May 2014.

I searched my plane the other day,
Looking for something,
I could not find.
Maybe it's lost, deep within my mind.

So I searched my car instead,
Finding nothing of what I seek,
Only old papers and a receipt,
No message was left there for me,
So I continued searching,
For the thing I seek.

I checked out my pants back and front,
Even checked my shirt and coat.

Finding it will be far too remote for me,
So I will have agree,
It's true, what they say about me?

There's just no regret to be found in me.

How lucky is that?
Would you not agree?

I made a bucketful of mistakes.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Could this be, Just a Ghostly Coincidence?

I'm not really sure if I believe in things that happen due to coincidence?

Even bumps? in the night, that gives a person, just a wee fright !

What do you think? a whole life within a minuscule of memory?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog about me striking the ground! after jumping out of an aircraft, many, many, Moons ago, duffing up my ankle for a while!

I made the comment on my blog, "that on the odd occasions! a slight pain in my ankle reminds me of the incident".
The memory, of which had faded away, many years ago.

Which leads me too :-   Is this just Coincidental?

About a week after writing my blog,
I was getting out of my car when I felt a slight pain in my left ankle?
I had actually forgotten which foot I had broke? as you do?
Which was amazing really, when you consider I took a 9mm friendly to my shin! in the forces, same leg, which also hurt by the way.
The blog was still fresh in my mind and it amused me to feel the wee pain and then it was forgotten!

A couple of days later stepping out of the shower my ankle collapsed under me, sending me crashing to the floor, into a pool of mind blowing pain!
After a while, about an hour, maybe?
I sorted myself out and rolled onto my back and got myself into a sitting position against the wall, the pain was making me dizzy and my mind was swirling around in the pain and I felt cold.

I had no idea? how long I had been down.
But I was sure of one thing, shock was setting in and could cost me my life!
so I had to do something,  I bum walked my way to the phone table, dragging my leg behind me, some where along that long journey, swimming in my bubble of pain, I found myself floating, above a theatre in a military hospital.
I was looking down on a pilot, who was having his clothes cut off and crying with the pain! something about his foot? Whinger !
Shit! that's me, I'm so young?
More pain and I come crashing back to reality.
Somehow now! I'm in my local hospital and they are crawling over me like ants on a sugar cube.

I'm connected up to a heart monitor, they must think I've had a heart attack, they keep looking into my eyes, "his hearts seems fine". "he seems to be awake!"
"But there doesn't seem to be any recent damage to his body? that I can see". "no cuts or bruises".
but he has his share of scars?  "He's not talking ? maybe, he is deep in pain?"
Somebody looked into my eyes again and a voice said " He's heading for a coma due to shock, we can't seem to find what's wrong?"
A voice spoke to me, "What's your name?
What's happened to you? There was a barrier of pain between me and my speech, I was helpless.

One minute I'm laying on the bed in pain, next I'm floating around above, in a tunnel of bright light? looking down on myself, no pain, nothing, it seemed to me I was pulsing between the two worlds of pain and floating without pain?
Whilst I was floating, there seemed to be a tunnel of bright light above me, calling to me to come and follow the light, my Ka wanted to leave this adventure with pain and move on into the light?
Just then somebody touched my left leg I screamed and in a flash I was back in the bed.
A doctor sat near me and he said "hello, how do you feel? are you in pain?" I said "No! or at least I don't think so, my whole body seems to be buzzing, tingling?" he said, "don't worry that's your med's, we haven't got the amount right yet, we will".

"you seem to have a very unusual fracture to you left ankle, from the scans we have taken, your ankle seems to have suffered a serious blow, collapsing the inner bone structure, something we might expect from a blow from a large hammer." You don't seem to have any bruising or any marks for that matter that we would expect from such a incident, it seems very strange?"

"Tell me what happened ?"
So I explained to the doctor that I have not had any problems with my ankle for years, until this incident! he said "he thought my story was unfeasible! and it is was unrealistic for me to say, I had not damaged my ankle in the last couple of days?" it's beginning to turn blue and red.

So I went on to tell him my left ankles life story! from my taking a friendly shot to the shin, by some training Aussie with a 9mm Owen gun! right down to the parachute cock up in South Australia.
He said "OK" he obviously didn't believe me.

He went on to explain what they may be able to do for me.
But before anything happens, "we will have to stabilise you,
then we will try to reconstruct your ankle and remove bone from where-ever? and graft it together with steel pins and hope it works?" "We can not guarantee success  due to the nature of the wound, your choices are not good.
"You will be off your foot for 10 weeks or more it may even take you over a year before you walk again! and just so you know!"
"If the grafts don't take? we will remove you leg! just below the knee!
How do you feel about that?"
I never spoke,
Well I'm beginning to wish I'd listen to my spirit and walked off into the light!
If  this is a dream, that started following my striking the ground all those years ago and my whole life has been lived in the following minuscule seconds within the pain.
I have a ribbon of  questions that I don't understand, can this dream actually be my life.
Have I really lived my whole life in a wee dream? that's crazy!.
I will just have to wait and see, what the Universe has in store for me.

There has got to be another adventure out-there for me.

I am a Pilot?  That's what I Do. That's what I am.


Friday, 9 May 2014



We used to be lovers.

If I met you in the street now, would you greet me?

If I told you my stories and I stayed just that little bit longer,
Would you listen to my heart ?

If I came to you again,
would you send me away ?
How would you respond if I tried to touch you ?

If I tried to kiss you, would you push me away ?

If I went away, would you miss me ? would you come with me,
if I asked you ? and said "I am sorry".

Don't let me touch you if you have forgotten and don't love me.



Saturday, 19 April 2014

Remember the Red Baron

A piece of the Barons aircraft

Remember the

Red Baron.

Died 21st April


An  Ace amongst


Manfred  Albrecht  Freiherr  Richthofen.

Not forgotten.


Saturday, 12 April 2014

Sweet Heart

on the Victorian and NSW border.

A fruit growing area in the late 1968.

Aircraft Cessna  206.

It's really strange how some memories come back to you and are clear in your mind, as if it was yesterday, well that's how this memory comes back to me.

I was delivering this new Cessna 206 to a cattle station 300 miles north of Mildura which was 3-4 hundred miles north of Melbourne.

I decided to stay over night in Mildura.
The flight north was uneventful and I arrived over Mildura at around 16-00 hours on Saturday.
I gave Melbourne air traffic my arrival call and proceeded to land on Mildura a Sheep track of a runway!

I had decided to stay the night and depart at first light for the cattle station, putting me over the top of the station about lunch time.
As I taxied up to the fuel shed, to take on fuel from a barrel, (hand pumped!) that's the way it was.
luckily for me a fellow drove up and started to get the fuelling gear out of the shed, apparently this guy was a farmer who looked after the airfield, (on a small retainer) I signed for 35 gallons in the book and we replaced the fuelling gear and closed the shed, it wasn't locked ( changed day's?)
I got my flight bag and sleeping bag out of the plane and closed it up.
The farmer said "I was welcome to sleep on his stoop and not to worry about the aircraft as the field is well fenced, also I could use his outdoor shower," which I gratefully accepted, on the way back to his place he told me that there was a talent show in Mildura tonight and if I wanted to go in, he would be leaving about
18-00 hours, sounded good to me, so I said "thank you I'm in".

Well what can I say about Mildura? on a Saturday night! it was wild.
During the fruit picking season, people came from all over Australia to pick fruit, the work was hard with long hours, but good money.
The local police force doubled in size!
Such a mixed gang of people from all over the country after a few beers, all they could do is fight, many ended up in the local lock up and when it was full the police put them in a lock up barn.
They were all let out by the time the church bell started wringing on Sunday and very rarely were any charged.

By the time we arrived at the talent show, which was outside in the street, a bring your own seat affair! it was in full swing, gangs of drunken men were singing their hearts out, falling over then staggering away to the pub.
Then the show started for real.
Now here's the memory that has taken me so long to get too.

A young Australian farm girl stood in front of the crowd, around 15 to 17 years of age, no shoes, baggy trousers, checked shirt, and her hair held, what looked like a rubber band and she started to sing this song

I'm not sure of it's name so I'll just call it.


You hand is like a torch, each time you touch me.
The look in your eyes pulls me apart,
Don't open the door to heaven, if I can't come in, don't touch me, if you don't love me, 

Your kiss is like a drink when I'm thirsty and I'm thirsty for you with all my heart.

But don't love me, then act as if you have never kissed me,
Don't touch me if you don't love me, sweetheart!

Don't give me something that you might take away, to loose you wouldn't be smart on my part.
Don't open the door to heaven, if I can't come in.

Don't touch me if you don't love me,
No! don't touch me if you don't love me


I never heard that song again, or saw the girl, seems she sang in every talent show they had in Mildura, she was star struck!
I felt it was a country song, and it took weeks to get it out of my mind, I wonder if she ever made it and took her song with her?

I would like to think she made it.
Does it jog any memories with you? let me know


Friday, 4 April 2014

Out on The Nullarbor track. Australia.

land of no trees

Ferry from Moorabin Airport Victoria, to Western Australia.
To engage in the winter wheat spraying.

A ferry of about 1500 miles.

Aircraft: Cessna 180, in spraying configuration. ( slow)

Mid 1960. winter.

My plan was to fly into South Australia, refuel and intercept the Nullarbor track, as there where no radio aids  and follow it across to the wheat fields of Western Australia. At 3000 feet.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Butterfly babies are just So-So Sweet.

So So Sweet

Louisa May Alcott.
You passed away.
March 6th 1888.
Your poem "the Fairy song" is the best for me, followed closely by the " the little shadows" your talent inspires .

Shadows dancing on my wall.
There  is no sound, from just bare feet.
Butterfly babies are just so-sooo sweet
Doesn't it just make you want,
to tickle those tiny little feet?
because those butterfly babies are so-soo sweet
My little princess is 16 years of age now 
and still so-soo sweet, and rather likes her grand-dad tickling,
Her not so little feet. 
Butterfly babies pictured up above? are truly sweet,
I borrowed from Barbara Fisher of March House books,
Also a lady who is Oh, so sweet.
: Agman                                                   

Taken from the short Story:
Shadow Children.
Louisa May. Alcott

Little shadows little shadows,
Dancing on the chamber wall.
Whilst I sit beside the hearthstone,
Where the red flames rise and fall.
Caps and night gowns, caps and night gowns,
My two antics shadows wear;
And no sound they make in playing,
For the four small feet are bare.

Dancing gayley, Dancing gayley,
To and fro all together,
like a family of daisies
blown about in windy weather.
Nimble fairies, nimble fairies
playing pranks in the warm glow,
Whilst I sing the nursery ditties
Childish phantoms love and know.

Now what happens, now what happens?
One small shadow tumbled down,
I can see it on the carpet,
softly rubbing it's hurt crown.
No one whimpers no one whimpers,
A brave hearted sprite is this,
See the other offers comfort,
In a silent shadowy kiss.

Hush they are creeping, hush they are creeping,
Up about my rocking chair.
I can feel their loving fingers clasp my neck and touch my hair,
Little shadows, little shadows.
Take me captive hold me tight,
As they climb and cling and whisper,
"Mother dear, good night good night.

L.M.Alcott. (American Author )

How sweet it is to love someone.
Be well  Agman.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Bullet of life.

A lifetime.
Some how in my lifetime! some one or thing, has always looked out for me, keeping me safe,
I all-ways seemed to dodge the bullet.
I wonder why?
Do you know?

I believe in love even when at times I don't feel it, I just know it's there,
Can you feel it too?

I owe a large debt to life and it would seem it's my time to pay the piper? how do I do that? Do you know?
It would seem? If I was to  just fade away and leave my debt for someone else to pay. Would this be wrong of me? can you tell me please?


Monday, 17 March 2014

good old Friday


South Australia
Mid 1970s

Yippee its Friday.

The weekend at last.

I have a date in Melbourne tonight, with a sweet lady,
whom I have made a few dates with before, but was unable to keep them due to flight commitments.

I think she thought I was giving her the run around, so this week-end I will be on my best behaviour.
But this time is different! I'm all organised, nothing can stop me now?
I feel really happy that finally its going to happen, my first leave in 10 weeks.

I'm at 7500 feet in a Hercules and I'm preparing to jump out the back and parachute on to an RAAF base, as part of my training to keep my parachute wings and then I get a ride to Melbourne in a vampire training jet to Laverton airport in Victoria, how cool is that? then it's shower, clean uniform, into a cab and on to Melbourne. beauty! isn't dating so cool?

The noise levels inside the Hercules are unbearable without protection, so I'm wearing ear muffs.
I notice the caution lights coming on and I look forward to the cockpit, my mate was waving through the curtain at me.
I stand up to have my kit  fully checked, by the load master, I hook my rip cord on and stand ready,

There are 7 SAS guys also standing ready  they are going out about 3 minutes after me and they will land  about 9 miles from the base and have to force march back, they were laughing and joking that they would beat me back to the shower block (tough bastards).

It's crazy really here I am standing at the door of the Hercules ready to jump out! normally this would give me such a buzz, but no! all I can think of is my weekend in Melbourne.
I get the green light and I launch myself out into the blue sky, I felt the tug of my rip cord and my chute started to deploy.

Out side temperature was around 23C, that would make it about 30C on the ground, just nice.
I look around there isn't a cloud to be seen, I see the airfield below me, and I spill a little air from my chute putting me right over the field, I have a quick check of my kit, all's well, so I start to play about, going round in circle slowing down speeding up, swinging like a pendulum, it certainly was a lovely day.

At 80 feet I look towards the wind sock so I could set my self up for an into wind contact with the ground,
Shit! I had forgotten the sea breeze that visits this airfield most sunny days, the wind sock filled and indicated a least 30 mph, more than I would have expected or liked, I'd better get her on the ground quickly, as I got lower I noticed alarmingly that I was going down wind a good rate of knots and  approaching the perimeter of the field, I quickly turned into wind, the violence of the manoeuvre nearly turned me upside down, swinging back down I made contact with the ground, next I was being dragged along by my chute and I was struggling to collapse it, as I released it, and it just blew away.
I just lay there thinking to myself, what a balls up I made of the landing.

Trying to move I felt a sharp pain in my left ankle,which only got more intense as I lay there, I was unable to get up, in fact my mind was swimming in a pool of pain! so I decided to just wait,

I won't bore you with all the details! about dope! ambulances! medi-vac to a main hospital and all that?
needless to say when I came too 3 days later, I was feeling quite sorry for myself, and all my efforts to contact my lady, didn't work, my letters! phone calls! all no good? seems she has had enough  of pilots for now?
Me? well I will be flying a desk for a few months,

She was a sweet thing?
You Know? sods law is such a bitch?
Just when you think it will never get any worse, it does and when you think it never get any better, it does.

Sometimes when I dismount from my aircraft, a tiny wee pain in my ankle reminds me of the day, I let this lady slip away.

Laying outside at night, beneath the stars, I and listen expanding my senses and try to remember her face and recall her last words to me.
But alas the Universe, will not share this moment with me.


Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Give Your Love Away.

Do you think that this is the trick?
to give your love away
Before you pass away.

It may not be so easy to do?
so Ill leave that part of the trick to you.

Love can be all things, a touch, a quick glance, a knowing  smile, a wee message written on a scrap of paper.( works for me)
That bubbling up in your chest when you realise they are the best.

So come now? lets get started this very day,
Start to give your love away,
I'm sure you'll have a pleasant day.
You never know when you may pass away?

Be well  Agman

Monday, 3 March 2014

Man Kills Girlfriend tragic Accident

Splash down.

You are all aware of the story about the Johannesburg shooting tragedy.

Oscar Pistorius ?

Before you judge this man, let me tell you what happened to me,in early 1970.

I was staying in a similar type of house in jo-burg.
During the middle of the night, shots rang out within the house, my bedroom walls developed three bullet holes, not a good sight to see in the middle of the night.

I pick up my hand gun in fear, cocked it and called out, as everybody in the house did, after a quick check my friend said "his mother had not replied" so we all rushed to her room, she was standing in the middle of the room crying with a hand gun and a black man was laying on her bed dead, from a gunshot wound to the head. She had survived what you could only call her lifetime nightmare.
She had fired at him through the bathroom door, not so different to this case? Her bullets passing through the building could have killed any of us?

Now I don't know if this is murder or a tragic accident. Who does? before the trial?

But to the closed minds of the world press, who have made up their own minds and see this as a good opportunity to put the South African Courts under pressure, voicing their own opinions laced with their racial undertones.and unwarranted pressures and possible corrupting a fair judgement.

Johannesburg has had the highest murder rate in the world for many years now, and more than likely still has?
So  if you're a Black or White person and you work in jo-burg,
You're going to have a house with bars and walls around it and still have a high chance of being burgled and violently assaulted.

They always seem to find a way in! and on the average the women are raped and cruelly murdered.

Can you imagine living your whole life with that fear in your mind, in your own home? with your children? I think not?

It's the same fear that has created Safe rooms in some places in the rest of the world

All I say is: keep an open mind.

be well Agman

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Timothy Napier Moxon

                                 Timothy Napier Moxon ( 002)
                                 Born 2nd June 1924.Kent
                                 Died 5th  Dec  2006.Jamaica.

How does it feel to be on a blog ? you always loved the limelight.
I transferred you over from my flight log, (you will excuse my not getting the dates right) next time OK.!

I will always remember you saying to me, as you danced out the door, (when we worked at Crop Culture Jamaica) you said "Donnelly stop writing and come drink with me"?
Good times, I will blog you one day, mind you, it may have to look like edit! edit! edit!. rest in peace old friend, I remember you.
One Agman to another!
Well you were the film star so you're one up on me.


Wednesday, 8 January 2014

About nothing at all

This is just a poem by that guy you know,

Who gave rhyme to his thoughts, then put them on show,
And if you've read this far! Chances are?
you'll go all the way to the end,

As you have probably done before,
But here is the thing, that you really ought to know,
with only a few lines left, there is precious little to show,
Of the thought and time he's put into this rhyme,
Of the stolen moments he took to refine,
And the recesses of his mind he chose to trawl.

To essentially write a poem about nothing at all.

Bletherskite 2014