Wednesday, 27 February 2013

George Washington

George Washington.
Died: 1799.
Truly a great man. He was a Military leader and a Politician.
The first President of America.

He led the American army against the British defeating them in 1781.

It's been reported that he said:

"A free people aught not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should make sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a state of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government".

I wonder what he saw during his term in the Military and the Government?
Did he notice a feeling of malevolence walking the corridors of power, that could  lead to self serving corruption?  that would make him say this to the American people? He was partly right there.

Could he have done something more? or was he just sick of it all and left leaving his famous warning.

For me, this means, "Be armed and ready to protect yourselves from your own government." an alarming conclusion.

If he could come back  and walk the streets now!
I wonder what he would say?  do you think he would change his statement? when he sees the turmoil and pain it seems to have created.
Splitting the country down the middle  with the hundreds of children killed at schools every year.
Most civilised countries of the world do not accept these deaths by guns and are passing laws to ban or seriously restrict them, their average deaths are around 100 per year by guns.
A man with a gun can easily kill groups of people, so lets remove it from his reach.
But in the land of the brave they are leading the world with over 10.000 killed every year, not a record to be proud of.

The great American dream has created the greatest entrepreneurs making the country wealthy and a leader in most fields of human endeavour, but it has also created a three tier society, that is selfish and uncaring towards those who didn't make it, but did there share in creating it,
The wealthy cry poor when asked to share,
Claiming to be God fearing Christians, using his name in most of their speechified oratory
Not a lot of the counties wealth filter down to the poorer levels of society, the lower levels are below third world  levels standards.
Not a record to be proud of.

This is a political problem and it will not improve until all the people vote for change, that will change the will of the politician,so they represent the people, not their own agenda,
Such a vote may prove G Washington right.

Let me leave you with another saying of G Washington's .

" I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue
enough to maintain, what I consider the most enviable
of all titles.
The character of an honest man"


Thursday, 14 February 2013

Little Fairies in the trees.

From Grand-dad.

Alice and Mathew

Did you know? or can you see? that you have Fairies in your trees.

The last time I was at your place, I saw the signs of a Fairies place.

But woe is me for the little Fairies I can no longer see, The Fairies magic spell is on my adult face, so I can't see the Fairies living at your place.

When I was a little boy I could see the Fairies to my joy, and on a moonlit night I would go and see, the little fairies in the trees.

A million Fairies came to see me, sitting underneath their tree.
I'd watch in awe as through the moon beams they did fly, way up high, up in the sky.

I was their friend, and they talked to me,
Those little Fairies in the trees.
They asked me "to promise not to tell?" cross my heart and hope to die, if I should tell, I saw them fly.

I met the Tooth Fairy late one night, she gave me just a little fright, she flew down and sat upon my knee and started counting all her money.
She leaves a  silver sixpence underneath the pillow, for the children that are fast asleep, taking their baby tooth away and sending it off to Fairy land this very today.

I also met the Dew Fairy and she was in a tizzy, her job is so very very busy, to place a dew drop on every flower, she couldn't afford to waste an hour.

A million little Fairies too small for me to see are out there spreading dew drop on every flower they see.
The flowers in the fields see them fly about and close their petals tight to keep the dew drops out.

Oh dear this is becoming far to long! I'll just finish it with a song.

Oh My ole man's a dustman, he wears a dustmans hat, he wears goolblimie trouser and what do think of that?
Night Night sleep tight ,don't let the bed bugs bite and if they do? get your shoe and smash'em till their black and blue.

Your grand-dad loves you xx


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Our Feline Friend

It's a funny world, For some reason we go on letting things happen, that directly effect our healths, our way of life and our planet, and we don't seem to have the will to correct the problem.
Nearly every spring, you hear people saying "where are all the birds"? and to me a great part of the answer is simply Cat's ! yes Cat's !
To give you some idea why I think this, apart from watching them on their killing sprees of young birds in their nest and seed eating birds in my garden and my local area.

The county I live in is about 40 miles by 40 miles not a large area but as far as cat's are concerned, there must be over 20 thousand of these murderous carnivores. Under natural conditions there would only about 6 females and 10 males in this area and they would live a  life which would be  hard and hungry,  keeping their numbers under control naturally, including the birds, young Rabbits, field Mice. Hedge hogs, Badgers and many other small wild life.
Which are being wiped out by the cats population.

How to get to Heaven from Scotland

How to get to Heaven,
From Scotland.

A Sunday school teacher was testing children at his Glasgow Sunday school class, to see if they understood the concept of getting to heaven.

He asked them, " If I sold my house and my car and had a big jumble sale and gave all my money to the church, would that get me into Heaven?"  "No!" the children answered.

"If I cleaned the church every day, mowed the lawns and kept the gardens tidy, would that get me into heaven?"
"No!" cried the children.

By now the teacher was starting to smile.

" Well then, if I was kind to animals, gave sweeties to all the children, and loved my family,
Would that get me into Heaven?"

Again the answer was a resounding "No!"

By now the teacher was bursting with pride in his brood, and continued, "Well then! how can I get into heaven?"

On the top of his voice a wee laddie cried oot,

" Yuv goat tae be fukin' Deid"

It may be a wee bit naughty!
but it surely brings a wee tear tae yir e'e

This came to me by way of an e-mail a couple of years ago, I like to think I improved it a wee bit!


Sunday, 10 February 2013

A Scot A poet And a Man

This Gentleman was truly a great Scot and Poet.
He was born in Ayrshire in Scotland, in 1865 and died in Hamilton
Scotland in 1918.
Many of you will not remember or even know him, He spent his life as Husband, and a School-master writing poems.
School children for over a century have been taught his poetry, and were required to learn it by heart and repeat it aloud to the rest of their class.
Please let me jog your memory or introduce you to a talent by repeating one of his poems.

The Sair Finger.

You've hurt your finger? puir wee man!
Your Pinkie? Deary me!
Noo, juist you haud it that wey till
I get my specs and see!

My,so it is-and there's the skelf!
Noo dinna greet nae mair.
See there-my needle's gotten't out!
I'm sure that wasna sair?

And noo,to make it hale the morn,
Put on a wee bit saw,
And tie a Bonnie hankie roun't
Noo, there na-rin awa!

Your finger sair ana? Ye Rogue,
You're only letting on.
Weel,weel, then-see noo, there ye are,
Row'd up the same as John.

this may help!

Skelf: is a splinter of wood.
Saw:   is a salve.
row'd up: is wrapped up.

I heard this poetry repeated in a Bush Pub in Queensland Australia, by a Scot who remembered it from his school-days, he must have thought it was time to give us rough Aussies a bit of culture, In a bush pub! oh yes; you could hear a pin drop, I made a point of scribbling the name down and have only just got around to researching it.
Hope you enjoyed it.


Friday, 1 February 2013

The Horror of war "Semper Fidelas"

It's late at night and you're sleeping, no matter what your nationality! or where you are in the world, some where, some how, there is a marine squad indirectly looking out for you and your family and you may have no idea.

I'm working, It's a strange night I've been having my doubts,
maybe I've been here to long? maybe I'm losing my grip! I'm beginning to think too much, maybe it's time to move on?
It's dark, I'm just climbing out of base camp with two tree looking guys with long rifles, the feeling in the cockpit is electric,
we are all lost in our own thoughts, possibly wondering what will happen to us in the next 30 minutes or so?
18 minutes later I'm sinking down closer to the canopy for a one way landing onto this field, it's all mechanical.

but my mind is racing , is the site booby trapped? is there wire strung across the strip? is the strip mined or worse still, a squad of VC waiting for us.
These are things that never entered my mind before of course they were there but not in the front of my mind as now.

What do?  If it all goes to worms in the next minute, will I have the courage to pull the pin and end it all if I find myself trapped.
 Who knows?

I leave the trees and full flap comes into play and contact with the ground is now! props to full fine, on the ground I dump the flaps forcing me firmly onto the ground, no catch cable ! good.