Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Our Feline Friend

It's a funny world, For some reason we go on letting things happen, that directly effect our healths, our way of life and our planet, and we don't seem to have the will to correct the problem.
Nearly every spring, you hear people saying "where are all the birds"? and to me a great part of the answer is simply Cat's ! yes Cat's !
To give you some idea why I think this, apart from watching them on their killing sprees of young birds in their nest and seed eating birds in my garden and my local area.

The county I live in is about 40 miles by 40 miles not a large area but as far as cat's are concerned, there must be over 20 thousand of these murderous carnivores. Under natural conditions there would only about 6 females and 10 males in this area and they would live a  life which would be  hard and hungry,  keeping their numbers under control naturally, including the birds, young Rabbits, field Mice. Hedge hogs, Badgers and many other small wild life.
Which are being wiped out by the cats population.

The cats that live within our communities are regularly fed, good food and have a safe place to sleep,
What do they give back? not a lot.
They stay with you as long as they want, but only on their terms, there is no loyalty! they do what they want, when they want, and how they want, and yet! we seem to revel and brag to our friends about the way they ignore us, we seemed to be proud of them, even though they at times wreck our furniture with their constant scratching, and make your house smell.

If you have a house cat that never go's out, then it is innocent of these attacks, but make no mistake given the chance he would!  after all, it is a carnivore, a meat eating predator and it may take thousands of years to change his nature.

Let me tell you about what could happen on it's day or night out, it will wonder off to it's favourite hunting place and wait for prey, they don't get hungry waiting it's had a  meal, so there's no pressure, it can wait, so it does, it's a one sided killing, the prey has no chance, and is normally left where he is killed, because the cat isn't hungry it just needs to stalk and kill it's prey, it even plays with it getting, blood and possible diseases and bacteria on it's claws and if it's travels take it through gardens and fields that have been sprayed with "Chemicals?"
It returns to your home walks in and if its in the mood, it will rub it's self up against you, or your children or your baby leaving a smear on you or your carpet or furniture and your  family from its activities.

Who knows? how many people get ill and even die from this unknown source, many have unexplained allergies.
We human beings are a strange lot, most of the things that effect us, we know about, the information is all around us and yet most of us do nothing.
Just a small example, I was watching the television  the other night and I picked up on a pet food commercial for Cats, they showed a Cat stalking near a bird box, and the Cat Say's "Do I look like I'm stalking vegetables" another one said "These teeth are made for meat"  "I'm a carnivore." " Do I look like a vegetarian"? 
That is basically the way the commercial go's and the pet food company project an image of this  meat eating predator, they seem to be proud of their portrayal of  their product for cats. 
But for me, it tells me that the cat is all they claim them to be, and that to many of them are walking and killing! for killing sake on our planet.

The next time your watching a Nature program on the television about the Sea being plundered by the fishermen, rare birds and animals dying out. look across to your Cat laying stretched out on its pillow without a care in the world, when you let it out  for a bit of a exercise ! do you know where it go's? Out of sight is out of mind,
Of course you realise you are morally responsible for what it gets up to!  all though you have no control. It would also seem that the law is on their side.
But you do give bed and breakfast to this meat eating carnivore, you are giving this predator an unnatural advantage against it's prey. 
It could be said you are directly responsible for the decline of wildlife in your area, and you have interfered in Natures grand plan it has for the planet! A balance between species.

What to do? Well don't let it out, keep  it in a cage and when they die don't get another one, do your bit for the planet.

It may take a month or so but your home will smell so much nicer.

Oh dear! there's the cat coming back down the lane with a live field mouse in his mouth, which he drops at the door, you off course, don't let him bring it in, It may be contaminated ?
Now don't misunderstand me, I'm not blaming the cat, it's not the cats fault it's just doing what it is born to do, it's our fault .

Have you ever noticed how a dog can look guilty with his eyes, a cat doesn't feel guilt, it's eyes give nothing away. 

Agman .


  1. Cats are different, alright, and quite the hunters. They'd hunt us if they could. But I have a poodle that loves to grab birds when they fly by too. What can we say? Animals are animals, and they're proud of it, especially cats.

  2. What you say is true, and I like cats. My concern is with the balance of numbers, between it and it's prey, for me,It's a wee bit against Natural law
    thanks Donna be well.


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