Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Lost memory in the wheat country.

Wheat Spraying 

Piper Pawnee 260 hp

Lost memory in the wheat country,

Winter Spraying West Australia.

19 68/70.?

I had a wee Blue with my lady before leaving Melbourne for the winter spraying.!
She said: "I was besotted by my flying and thought about nothing else" and another few home truths! and "not to bother coming back" was  thrown in as well!
Which I never paid a great deal of attention to at the time, as I went out the door with my flight bag in hand and the flight across the Nullarbor track in my mind,

Now I'm in West Australia 3000 miles away from my lady, and it's about 3:00 am in the morning, I'm looking out across a field of wheat about 3000 acres, the plan is to spray it tomorrow, starting around 04:15 am, It's going to be a long day, I can hear and feel the wind, a warm gentle breeze moving it's way through the wheat.

My mind wondered back to my leaving and to how I was going to fix this balls up I had made?
Most of what Josephine said was true, she has always been my brick, so I must fix this ,

Just in that moment the wind dropped off and it became quite and calm, I half expected the wind to go round to the south west, but no, it remand calm, I turned  to return to my caravan.

When from out of the darkness:
"I thought I heard you call my name" ?

I should have begged you to stay.
But now I have this strong feeling your going away, to stay away from me?
You are an important part of me.
I will miss you more than I can say.

But when I fly low and under the cables and round the tree's.
I can't allow your memory to follow and take from me all you have so far given me, my life.


Saturday, 7 February 2015

Comedian ? I don't think so.

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Keith Lemon , a comedian?
I doubt it,
I do believe he is a person who considers himself famous enough to make remarks about anybody, especially the ones who are unable to defend themselves!

Lemons remarks about the Plane crash in Taiwan were childish and stupid,
I wonder what he would have thought, if he had been  strapped in a seat beside the other passengers, as that  aircraft rolled to-wards it's doom.
What ever was the BBC thinking of?
Using a dick like that, mind you they also seem to make loads of boo boos.
Hiding in their board rooms.
Of Course the BBC have posted a " Sorry if we Offended anybody apology".
But we all Know  that an apology from the BBC is about as useless as tits on a donkey.

Why don't they just stop employing people or sack them, who believe, they are so famous, they can say, what they like, when they like and we the long suffering public stand by with red faces.

Famous to me ! means a person who has done some good for society, which drops Lemon out the bottom of the pile.
But I do believe he is well known? as a big mouth!

Wouldn't it be oh so sweet, if the next Hosty he has a chance  to meet! were to drop his hot coffee in his lap.
Just to remind him he's such a sap!

If I was to say there is a line with a Famous entree on one side and a crude loud mouth entree on the other, could you tell  which ? is which? 
Come fellow bloggers tell me true? what side of the line do you want to represent you.