Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Dope Money out of Dallas Texas


I don't know where this all started.
It came out of the blue, a briefing to return to the USA, no info! I just thought it was a political decision.

So I was sent back to Texas to renew my senior Airline Transport licence and return as soon as possible and use my Australian Passport? on entry! That was a bit strange.

All I was given was the name of the FAA testing officer at Fort Worth, one other thing that was wee bit strange, the testing officers last name was the same as my mothers maiden name! and it was a very uncommon name?
So here I am walking into the FAA building at Fort Worth flight operations.

I ask to see the testing officer to make an appointment for a flight test, ATR/ IR. No problems I was booked for a test in a couple of days.
I had to go and arrange an aircraft for the test which also was not a problem.
I got a Piper Apache twin engine (test approved) from one of the many Flight schools.

Fort Worth airport was  running two active runways at the same time and was one of the biggest flight training places in the world, people would come here from all over the world.
All they needed was the cash and they would be guarantee to get a licence, but they still had to pass the exams and flight test.
The new students (which were mainly Arabs) spent months in class rooms doing multi choice exams until they got a pass rate of  over 80%, then they went up to the FAA testing exam room and completed their exam, if they failed! it was back to the class room. or they moved on to the flight training section.

Your first visit.

legal system

Maybe I should call this your first encounter with the following :
                                                     Lawyers, Solicitors, Attorneys or Barristers

Generally your there for some advice! on where you stand in regards to your treatment by an employer or a large corporation. If your there because you have committed a crime that's a different story and something I cannot comment on, as I have no experience.
As its your first time your very nervous and hoping the advise you get will allay your fears.
Let use stick with the Employer theme, (basically the whole thing is the same).
To a layman  the office scene is intimidating,  a large desk in a book filled room, the man sitting behind the desk has an expensive suit and shirt and tie, the feeling of being inside a too expensive shop comes to mind.
After the introductions it's down to business
He listen to your complaint and when you have finished, he offers his advice , it may range from a letter, or to a tribunal hearing, he would point out that the employer may not be influenced by a letter and that the tribunal may be the route to go!
Now you must remember, your in a commercial establishment and
It has to pay its way. so any advice will be centred around that principle
He may go on and say the tribunal was specifically set up! to protect people like you! from this type of abuse of the law.
All of a sudden your tummy butterfly's have settled and you ask  "If I go to the tribunal how much would it cost"? He will tell you that their conduct and charges are set and governed by an independent body, and he hands you a schedule of their charges.
He also gos on to point out, that the employer would have to pay all the charges incurred should they lose and do not forget the law is on your side.
(He doesn't mention that you could go to a tribunal for free)
So you go ahead with the tribunal advice, thinking to your self the advice was, "you will Win". Over the next few weeks the tribunal hearing is at the front of your mind! and you end up talking about it with friends and they relay their experiences to you and over time your mind is full of doubt, most of the stories told to you make you feel your dealing with a crooked person and the quote that springs to mind is:  "There's no smoke without fire".
You receive a  letter to go into the Solicitors the morning of the tribunal  and at that meeting, you speak of your doubts he advises you not to listen to gossip, "we have a good case and the law is on your side" then he hands you an invoice for his charges and request you pay them as it's their companies policies to have all payments before the tribunal or court hearing!
(A bell rings in your mind)!
You leave to go to the tribunal, your tummy's butterfly's are back.
The tribunal was frightening just one big blur they didn't seemed to be talking in English, when your asked to speak, you were so green and nervous, the only point you make was "why would an honest man require a Barrister at tribunal hearing"? and it's a good point.
Your solicitor was made to look like a schoolboy, in the presents of the Barrister who bullied the court, arguing that his client had done no wrong and that it was a unbelievable that this case was bought to a tribunal.
Anyway It was lost.
The solicitors only comment was to say he was "sorry he was at a loss to say why the tribunal took the view that they did." and that's the end of the matter as far as he is concerned. trying to take it further was a waste of  your money.
You go away feeling gutted, your solicitors advice had cost you a four figure sum and months of sickening sleepless nights.
You think to yourself, this can't be right! you only went ahead with the case on the solicitors advice!  but what to do? well you could make a complaint to the independent body! but! good luck with that it's another long road, with usually a bad result.

What I would do  (after a couple of solicitor  nightmares.)
I would say remain clear of these people if at all possible! they seems to have a thread of Machiavellianism within their ranks when it comes to getting your business, which frightens me.

My father told me that when he was young, solicitors went to work on a bus with their briefcase on their arm, there was not a lot of money about then, so any advise given would normally be good, as there was no desperate need to support a fancy life style, they needed you to come back and also tell your friends about them and now they sit in plush offices and drive fancy cars and own big homes, often two houses, and spend holidays in exotic places, and all from "sitting at a desk giving honest advice!" No way !

This is a small list I have now for my visits to lawyers and others!
Firstly I have a concealed mini tape recorder.
Then I ask  "does he have any conflicting cases that may pop up along the road being damaging to this case? "believe me this happens."
"Does he feel his advise of a "good result" is realistic"?
and does he feel his payment up front on court day is morally justified? then I ask as many relevant questions that come to mind on the day.
In the UK the solicitors offer a free time period to talk over your problems and get advice; its only for about 20 minutes but its a good service they get paid by the government If you take your little tape recorder and visit a couple of these legal aid  offices, you will be amazed an the different advise you will get.

Some how I've lost my way.


Sunday, 28 October 2012

Whats in your name Michael

Piper Pawnee 26

Have you ever thought to your-self what your name means? What it may mean to others? even what it suggest are important considerations influencing your future.

My Uncle Michael's name is from Old Hebrew " Mikha'el, meaning: "he who is like God".
Michael is one of the seven archangels, a leader of Heavens Armies, so he has the name as "Patron Saint of Soldiers".

All of us have Aunties and Uncles who helped us through life and they have a special place in our memories that linger on.
My uncle Michael was such a man for me, as my Mothers brother I lived at his house in Melbourne Australia, as a lad of 15 years of age.
I always felt he was an old sage! a Font of wisdom and good sense.
He was a quite man, a maintenance carpenter for the Victorian Railways housing estate, he would leave the house every morning at 0730 am, off to work on his push bike wearing a clean shirt and a bow tie and a bib and brace pair of overalls, with polished shoes, and a tool bag.
He never had a lot of time for gossip and one night when he came home I was bursting to tell him about our neighbour crashing his car into his refuse bin and denting his car! he stopped me and said, "Is what, has happened true? are you going to say anything good about out neighbour and will it be helpful to us".
My enthusiasm for gossip died that day.
He was a religious person attending the church, but not regularly. When I asked him about his faith he told me "not to be in such a hurry! you will find your own".

When he discovered that my reading was not at a level, he would like, he made a plan.
One evening he asked me to read the news paper to him, as he felt tired and as I did so, he asked me to explain what was meant by what I had read, It became a nightly event which I dreaded at first but grew to love as time went by.
So with his guidance and over the next year I leaned and understood the written word to a high level, and a new world opened up to me, It was amazing, I could just about understand most studies that I undertook, and I started reading books.
My Uncle Michael gave me the greatest gift that one family member can give to another.
He had given me the opportunity to explore life to the full .

This wee story is a small way of remembering and showing my respect for my Uncle Michael.
To all you blog readers out there, spare a thought for your Uncles and Aunties who gave you a helping hand along life's way, We are so lucky.


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Just a Wee Girl from 5000 years ago



Spraying: Cotton, Rice and Mealies, and what ever else they came up with.
Within the Nile Flood Area.

I was flying from this grass strip close to the Nile and it felt like on the odd occasion it was moving, so I reckon it was partially floating when the Nile flood was high.
Usually my day started  after eggs on toast and coffee, then as I walked out of the Hotel, one of the staff was there to hand me a lunch pack in a white square cardboard box, which I usually threw into the back of the plane and discarded during the day,
after eating them last year I was permanently sick, the pack consisted of a piece of cheese, bread, tomatoes, apple, banana, not bad really,
but every thing had been exposed to insects and sun making it unpalatable for me, even the fruit was over ripe.
I used to think that it would take a few seasons for my tummy to produce a bacteria that could combat the sickness!
so I didn't try eating them again.

The trip out to the strip was about 35 minutes with eight of us in a 6 seat  4x4,
The driver never seemed to stop talking and never seemed to watch where he was going either, it was like being stuck in a chicken coop,
Our arrival was always the same a series of hand shaking and Arab coffee, the fellow who I thought was in charge greeted everybody painfully slow! it used to drive me crazy he was my loader driver,
I had worked with him last year so I knew what he was like, I didn't know what the other guys did!
But the were there every day all day and went home in the evening after work finish.
My loader driver would brief me on the work whilst all these other guys were talking pointing and generally butting in,
I just ignored them I had trained my man to place the amounts of chemical being used per load, by placing the empty containers on the ground where I could see them, so I would know what I was carrying and how in much each load.
A couple of times a day I would jump out and check the contents of the containers and how many were left,
So that's how the season went, me flying all day, them doing nothing, I knew at the end of the season they would all expect a cash tip from me, which I always paid because  I didn't want to have any problems.
Now you know where I am! let me tell my story:

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Be Warned

My first Toy

For those of you who put off doing something! or going some where! even speaking your mind to a loved one.
be warned by this wee quote
I found this in an old book of mine, I had used it as a book mark.

"The clock of life is wound just once, and no person has the power to tell just where the hands will stop, At a late or early hour.
To lose ones wealth is sad indeed.
To lose ones health is more.
To lose ones soul is such a loss, as no person can restore.
The Present only is our own, live, love,Toil with a will.
Place no faith in  "Tomorrow" for the clock may then be still."

I have no name to add to this quote, but I'm sure they are/were a deep thinker with talent.
So be warned! get done today what needs to be done and said.


Thursday, 18 October 2012

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Area of Australia

 For those of you who have no idea of how big Aussie is? Check it out It shows the whole of Europe  pictured within it's boundaries.


The Acid Pen


I found this piece in one of my old log books, from my Australia youth.
I'm not sure who wrote it or why! my bias tells me its either to or from a politician.
Is it a bit of humour? or just down right rude! you decide for yourself.
I must have thought it had some merit, when I copied it into the notes page of my log book all those years ago and I still think it deserves re-airing before it fades away into history, so here go's.

"He writes the worst English that I have ever encountered.
It reminds me of a string of wet sponges; it reminds me of tattered washing on the line; it reminds me of stale bean soup,of college yells, of dogs barking idiotically through endless nights.
It is so bad that a sort of grandeur creeps into it.
It drags itself out of a dark abyss of pish, and crawls insanely up the topmost pinnacle of posh. It is rumble and bumble.
It is flap and doodle. It is Balder dash.!"

Please don't say it describes my blog! I just think its so cool.


Monday, 15 October 2012

Those Pearly Gates

 Those Pearly Gates:

It's strange how we all have our own idea's of what will happen when we die. People of faith believe they join all their loved ones in Heaven and that's fine and it seems to be the general idea amongst most religious groups. 
But not me! I look on death as another adventure, and I have no idea what will happen. Oh Yes! I expect to tumble into the next world, when I leave this mortal plane, one way or the other, and hopefully I will end up in the queue at the Pearly Gates!

Now I don't know if the Pearly Gates are a place you enter heaven or a place where you get a job, which will befit your earthly accomplishments,I'm just guessing,I have no idea! 
I'm looking about for a familiar face, but no luck yet. 
As I get to the front of the queue a rather large white bearded man steps out to Bar my way, he placed his hand on my chest and  said "You are not welcome here, you have broken most of Heavens Commandments, now go"!

"Go! Go where" I say.
I stand my ground and decide it's time for a few home truths! 
"Yes I may have broke a few of the commandments! but the world is different now since you first made it, it's full of Lie's and deceit, Corruption is just about accepted as part of life here now,
if you confess to believing in truth and fairness! which I do by the way!
You get laughed at even considered a fool, peoples morals have deteriorated even decayed, and this is the world you expected me to live in? 
Firstly you didn't play fair with me! you never gave me any proof that you actually existed! no real proof anyway! 
You left me with the words "Faith have Faith"
I know millions who followed the Faith and good luck to them"
"I never got the message! OK!

You made me as I am and I did my best with what I had to work with, so I got a little dirty on the way and broke a few of your out of date rules, Surly you must shoulder some of the blame?"
"Now you must listen to me? reconsider your decision, I'm sure I can be of some use to you, I'm a talented guy"!
"Anyway God will forgive me? it's what he does!"
With that,St Peter stepped forward and this 5 thousand year old man gave me a shove and I tumbled end over end backwoods and found myself laying on the ground in my garden.
I have a wee trickle of blood from a cut on my forehead which may require a stitch or two? 
Maybe I got that for my cheek.

That didn't go so well, next time I'll have a better plan?

See told you life is just an adventure,looks like death is as well?

Who is this man on this dark and silent day,
When I have wandered all my ways.

He stands and bares my way,
and ends the stories of my days,
and offers me no hint of praise,
and so I moan,

I really am alone.


Friday, 12 October 2012

Our World


The way our world is going.

The lies and deceit from our world rulers, feathering of their own beds, with their dishonesty.
The world makes me feel weak with despair and a feeling of helplessness, for being unable to change things for the better.
The world  also makes me feel shame, because of the way its going!
I love people and life.
I must admit I cry when I feel sad.


Just A Wee Giggle

Callair A9A

My housework challenged friend decided to wash his sweat shirt.

Shortly after he went into the laundry, he called to his wife " what setting do I use on the washing machine?" "It depends" she replied.
"What does it say on your sweater?" He yelled back "Liverpool"
and they say "Blonde's are Dumb".

Be kinder than necessary, for every one you meet is fighting some kind of battle of their own.
Be well:


Thursday, 11 October 2012

A Field of Poppy Plants

Turbine thrush.

The mid 1980s
Spraying to wipe out the poppy crops.

I'm just landing onto a forward operational strip which will allow me to get within striking distance of a large field of poppy plants it's twice the normal size.
It's just on dawn and the sun is sitting on the horizon Red like a round ball of molten iron, beautiful.
I just love flying in this sort of country,over jungle, steep hills, with dead trees that stick up high above the canopy, giving you the occasional fright but  keeping your mind on the job.
And I do believe in the job, one of my basic requirements before I under take a job that may cause harm or death to others, is I have to believe it's right
Drugs are a scourge on our way of life, this drug is particularly addictive, causing loss of pride and death, mostly amongst the younger members of our society, so I have no problems destroying it.

I've Forgotten Something.

Senior Moments

I just awoke! after a wee nap in my chair, To an awfully evil, foreboding, feeling.

It's a feeling as if I have lost something, misplaced or not completed an important job!
I'm sure it must have happened to you?
But what is it?

It's driving me crazy not knowing.
I walk around my home checking that all is normal, even checking that the lights, which don't seem to be working.
I even open the fridge freezer to prove it is working! and it's not! the power must be off.
I go to the front window to look out on my car, it's there, shining like a new shilling after being cleaned yesterday, the keys are on their hook.

Yes! this driving me crazy.
I go outside to look about my garden, nothing seems out of the ordinary, I wander over to my chicken coop, they are down the field somewhere, out of my sight.

I just don't seem to know what is wrong, but there is something!
I go and sit on my garden bench and just look around,
I notice my bird food trays are untouched, that's strange!
But then, I don't see or hear any birds at all, that's really strange!
Then I realise there is no sound at all, not a whisper, nothing.
I can't hear or feel or see any living thing.

I am very much alone.
I return to my back door to go back inside, as I approach the door I notice it was closed, strange really? I usually leave the doors open behind me, unless it's after dark!
as I take the handle of the door to open it, the whole thing became surreal, the door was opening to let me past, but was still closed at the same time and I was passing through it?  Oh Shit!

Dare I say it or even think it? I'm dead, now what?


Monday, 1 October 2012

11 wee puppies.

I just drove down south to see my grand children and was greeted by this scene.
They are of course driving their mother a Hungarian Vizsla crazy. thought it was worth a wee post.