Thursday, 11 October 2012

I've Forgotten Something.

Senior Moments

I just awoke! after a wee nap in my chair, To an awfully evil, foreboding, feeling.

It's a feeling as if I have lost something, misplaced or not completed an important job!
I'm sure it must have happened to you?
But what is it?

It's driving me crazy not knowing.
I walk around my home checking that all is normal, even checking that the lights, which don't seem to be working.
I even open the fridge freezer to prove it is working! and it's not! the power must be off.
I go to the front window to look out on my car, it's there, shining like a new shilling after being cleaned yesterday, the keys are on their hook.

Yes! this driving me crazy.
I go outside to look about my garden, nothing seems out of the ordinary, I wander over to my chicken coop, they are down the field somewhere, out of my sight.

I just don't seem to know what is wrong, but there is something!
I go and sit on my garden bench and just look around,
I notice my bird food trays are untouched, that's strange!
But then, I don't see or hear any birds at all, that's really strange!
Then I realise there is no sound at all, not a whisper, nothing.
I can't hear or feel or see any living thing.

I am very much alone.
I return to my back door to go back inside, as I approach the door I notice it was closed, strange really? I usually leave the doors open behind me, unless it's after dark!
as I take the handle of the door to open it, the whole thing became surreal, the door was opening to let me past, but was still closed at the same time and I was passing through it?  Oh Shit!

Dare I say it or even think it? I'm dead, now what?


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