Monday, 20 August 2012

Gossip from the street

short landing Pawnee 235.
Just to make you smile.

If  lawyers are disbarred and clergymen defrocked, then doesn't it follow that electricians can be delighted, musicians denoted,  cowboys derange,
models deposed, tree surgeons debarked, and dry cleaners depressed?

Why is a person who plays the piano called a pianist, but a person who drives a racecar is not called a racist?

Be happy in your world.


Sunday, 19 August 2012

What's in a name: JEREMIAH


Have you ever thought to yourself ? What if anything, does your name mean?
How does it sound to others who use it ? or hear it? even what it suggest are  important  considerations! possibly influencing your future. and just maybe your families.

"Jeremiahs" from Hebrew "Yirmiyahu" his   fathers name was Hilkian and he was born in the village of Anothoth.
His name is biblical "The weeping prophet!" "Uplifted" A priest of Anothoth. A major prophet in the Hebrew Bible,
It's written that he lived to see the destruction of  Solomons Temple and the fall of Jerusalem.

There is a famous painting by "Rembrand Van Rijn" depicting "Jeremiah" lamenting the destruction of Jerusalem.

This name was given to my Father by his father.
I am Terence third son of Jeremiah,  he also has brothers: Paul, Martin, Joseph, Thomas, (my uncles I'm proud to say?)  there is also  another uncle! who's name escapes my mind for now.(to my shame) but I'm sure it will come to me. Uncle Pat the oldest.
Their memory is never more than a heartbeat away.

It's amazing just how far you can go when you ask "What's in a name"?

Credit must go to Elizabeth Balmer for her Photo from her book
Birds of the British Isles, it's a beautiful bird!


Carnation Milk

 I just thought this add deserved another airing? Apparently this add was submitted in a competition! for the best add, by a lady, many years ago?
It may be a wee bit? naughty!
But didn't she do well? maybe she worked in a dairy?
I believe she was praised by the company but unfortunately, the content put it on the shelf.


Friday, 17 August 2012

Integrity Crisis

I read in a local paper the other day, that British people are becoming less honest! a general moral decline they say.
What they should have said "was the whole western worlds are in moral decline!"
They went on to say that, Lying! adultery! breaking the speed limits! drink driving! handling stolen goods! trying to avoid your fare on the bus or train! being generally dishonest and many more things that would have been frowned on, in  the past.
Their reason,  they say! is that the role models like footballers who cheat on their wives and don't pay their taxes and the journalist who hack into other peoples phones just for a story, are setting bad examples
It would seem, they have forgotten? the other role models!

Our leaders.
Politician's, Solicitors Senior Council workers, Banks? and most large  super markets, and Train companies. The list is truly endless.
They all fiddle their expenses! Take large payments, regardless of their poor performance and regardless how much damage they do to the country with impunity.
Regardless of us and our country, they all deal with counties that are unfriendly to-wards us! and mean us harm! just so they can sell their wares! that include weapons? that end up being use against innocent people and our own service men!
It's not possible for them to pretend they are interested in their countries welfare.
They are just self serving, disloyal, feeling less, greedy bastards!

When you have so many dishonest leaders at the top of your society, how can you blame people who are just getting by with life, if they are a little dishonest!
I do-not believe people are as dishonest as our world leaders!
For me they have opportunity and motive and they are using it to there full advantage regardless of us.


Monday, 6 August 2012

Just Another Dream

Natures beauty

I dreamed of you again last night. You seem to come from no-where seeping into
my unconscious mind! and then! there you are laying beside me .just looking at me. 
I thought to my-self, What are you doing in my bed, We just looked at each other! your hair was long and you had an inviting smile with dark eyes, no words were spoken between us! words have no place in my dream world.
In the silence of my dream! if time had stood still right  there and then ? I would have been happy to live on within this precious moment .
You turned towards me, moving closer I inhaled deeply in anticipation of your kiss and moved towards you eager to embrace you.
Then! I'm awake! and alone,  desperate with a desire to return to sleep to find you and be near you, but this never happens, much is the pity .  I'm a Shy Guy.


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Baby humour No 2 .

Baby Humour

I was driving with my children one warm summer evening, when a woman in a convertible ahead of us, stood up and waved, she was stark naked! as I was reeling with shock I heard my 5 year old son, shout from the back seat " Dad that lady isn't wearing a seat belt"
Don't you just love them?


Friday, 3 August 2012

It's Just a dream

I know its just a dream.

It comes to me as it always has, seeping into me.
Like an echo of a memory, little whispers just beyond my reach.
My sense of anticipation is heightened and I can feel you near me, A feeling I relish.
I know I'm dreaming, but we still fall bodies intertwined closely together as one. 
I kiss you as I sleep, at that fleeting moment of our embrace! I begin to awaken,
Not now lord please? 
There seems to be a whisper of " good-bye" and your gone.  
and once again I'm just a Shy Guy.


H.M.S. Temeraire

This great ship was launched from Chatham in 1798 as a second rate 98 gun ship.

She became famous after Nelson ordered her Captain Eliab Harvey to follow him into the attack at Trafalgar, together they attacked the French ship "Redouble" under the command of Captain Lucas who accepted defeat after heavy damage and loss of life!  stuck his colours to the Victor. 
The Temeraire went on to engage the French ship  "Fougeux" under Captain Buadin, defeating her and giving herself and crew a rightful place in navel history, earning her the name "The fighting Temeraire"
She was broken up at Rotherhithe in 1838 after 40 years service.

For me? this is my favourite sailing ship of this era, there's just something about her that rings all my bells raising my emotions  with great respect for their valour, they did us proud! can't you just smell the gunpowder, the screaming and carnage and fear and noise that was all around them. How did they do it?
I seem to remember reading somewhere a quote? that seems fitting here, between both sides! " These were Men of Men"

Again I must give all credit to the book "The Nautical Odyssey" an Illustrated Maritime History, from (Cook to Shackleton,) Written and Illustrated by  David C Bell  for the pictures I used.

I received this book as a present.
It is a work of art and that stands on it own, full of beautiful drawings supported by an informative narrative.
Anybody interested in this subject will love it.


Definition of Political Correctness

Political Correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional and illogical minority rapidly promoted by mainstream media , which holds forth the proposition! that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end.

The "Battle of Trafalgar" fought on the 21st of October 1805. and
was a Victory for the English, ending Napoleon's plans to invade England.

Another great drawing by "David C Bell"of the Marine and Wildlife Studio Lincoln.



Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Cartoon truth

 This cartoon is funny! but so very close to the truth,
It sort of makes you want to look over your shoulder. 

Stand-by Pilot

This is a short story, about one small part of a day, in the life of a Charter Pilot.

The place is Hobart Tasmania in the early 1960's.

The aircraft is a Cessna 206, a single engine, 6 seater.
Stand-by Pilot for the weekend.
The time is 0330 am.

I'm sleeping and the phones ringing! an ringing! so I grab it "good morning,  Tasair, how may I help you?"
Its the nurse on Bruny Island!

She has a wee girl of two years of age with a serious bout of whooping cough and she is not responding to treatment and needs immediate pick up, for the Hospital in Hobart! and "she" would not be held responsible! for what may happen! if she is not picked up immediately.

Of course ! I've heard this story before, many times, from this particular  nurse?
She has always  life or death situations, laying a guilt trip onto the pilot to get her own way, and it always seems to be in bad weather! I told her " I would call her from the airport" and I put the phone down before she could create more nagging guilt!

Well I climbed out of my cot, dressed and headed for the door, climbing into my car I started out for the airport, (about a 30 minute run)  it was blowing a south westerly with rain squalls, low cloud and dark!
My mind was already going through the legal weather! to undertake this flight under Visual flight rules and at the present time it was definitely not legal.
I also had to consider the company operations manual, which also lays down the rules regarding visual flight, which I had to sign? and adhere to.
All things considered the flight under the present weather was a legal! No go.

I told myself, I would check the weather when I get to the airport and if its still bad! I will Phone the nurse and tell  her"I would arrive as soon as the weather improves"
Already my mind is making up pictures of the nurses reply! " You will be two late! you're this baby girls only chance"? then there will be a long silence to let the guilt sink in, Oh yes! she was really good at this.

I have been up in front of the Chief Pilot and the Civil Aviation Authority a couple of times, for stretching the rules to suit myself and you might say, I'm close to a last warning and this bloody nurse is making me feel guilty, before I have even spoken to her?

I arrive at the airport and check that the aircraft is secure and ready for flight, its just tied down outside the office, and  the weather is passing through in pulses, as they strike the aircraft, it bucks and shudders on its tie down ropes.
" Ain't no way I'm going out in that" passes through my mind, its still quite dark I would expect dawn around 0510 am, I'll wait and see what it brings?

I go into the office and put the coffee on and a phone call to the Met office, the forecast for this area is bad, with no improvement expected until later in the day, after the active front that is effecting us now, moves through and the Met boffins say" wind and rain is likely to worsen as the front passes with wind gust up to 50 mph, visibility in rain down to 200 metres"!

Well that's that, I will have to wait for an improvement regardless of what the nurse says.
I have a picture in my mind of the approach to Bruny Island under these conditions, no lights, wet grass and rain and a big wind on my port side quarter. Its only a short 15 minute flight on a good day, but in the dark, with the head wind component maybe 20 minutes.
I would expect the wind to be across the strip and a northern approach with use of the VAR aid in daylight, it could be possible, I would at least, see the runway before committing myself to a landing!
Coming in, hanging on full power and full flap, full fine prop, with the nose and aileron cocked into wind, if sighted!  it's reduce the power, steep decent, and just before contact with ground straighten the aircraft up with the runway, using the rudder and reduce the power and dump the flaps and hold the nose on the ground as the speed bleeds off,
But if I do not recognise the field? it's full power and nose up,and awaiting for climbing speed to build up, then climbing away reducing the flaps slowly, go up to 500 feet and fly around for another try after getting my heading settled on the VAR aid.
But as I said "I am not going under these conditions."