Friday, 3 August 2012

H.M.S. Temeraire

This great ship was launched from Chatham in 1798 as a second rate 98 gun ship.

She became famous after Nelson ordered her Captain Eliab Harvey to follow him into the attack at Trafalgar, together they attacked the French ship "Redouble" under the command of Captain Lucas who accepted defeat after heavy damage and loss of life!  stuck his colours to the Victor. 
The Temeraire went on to engage the French ship  "Fougeux" under Captain Buadin, defeating her and giving herself and crew a rightful place in navel history, earning her the name "The fighting Temeraire"
She was broken up at Rotherhithe in 1838 after 40 years service.

For me? this is my favourite sailing ship of this era, there's just something about her that rings all my bells raising my emotions  with great respect for their valour, they did us proud! can't you just smell the gunpowder, the screaming and carnage and fear and noise that was all around them. How did they do it?
I seem to remember reading somewhere a quote? that seems fitting here, between both sides! " These were Men of Men"

Again I must give all credit to the book "The Nautical Odyssey" an Illustrated Maritime History, from (Cook to Shackleton,) Written and Illustrated by  David C Bell  for the pictures I used.

I received this book as a present.
It is a work of art and that stands on it own, full of beautiful drawings supported by an informative narrative.
Anybody interested in this subject will love it.



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