Friday, 17 August 2012

Integrity Crisis

I read in a local paper the other day, that British people are becoming less honest! a general moral decline they say.
What they should have said "was the whole western worlds are in moral decline!"
They went on to say that, Lying! adultery! breaking the speed limits! drink driving! handling stolen goods! trying to avoid your fare on the bus or train! being generally dishonest and many more things that would have been frowned on, in  the past.
Their reason,  they say! is that the role models like footballers who cheat on their wives and don't pay their taxes and the journalist who hack into other peoples phones just for a story, are setting bad examples
It would seem, they have forgotten? the other role models!

Our leaders.
Politician's, Solicitors Senior Council workers, Banks? and most large  super markets, and Train companies. The list is truly endless.
They all fiddle their expenses! Take large payments, regardless of their poor performance and regardless how much damage they do to the country with impunity.
Regardless of us and our country, they all deal with counties that are unfriendly to-wards us! and mean us harm! just so they can sell their wares! that include weapons? that end up being use against innocent people and our own service men!
It's not possible for them to pretend they are interested in their countries welfare.
They are just self serving, disloyal, feeling less, greedy bastards!

When you have so many dishonest leaders at the top of your society, how can you blame people who are just getting by with life, if they are a little dishonest!
I do-not believe people are as dishonest as our world leaders!
For me they have opportunity and motive and they are using it to there full advantage regardless of us.


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  1. Let us also not forget dishonest parents who teach their children these ways. I agree. Even in shows, dishonesty is often admired. Sad, really.


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