Thursday, 21 June 2012

What's in your name Alice


Have you ever thought to yourself ? what your name means to others ?
How it sounds to them ? even what it suggest are important considerations.
Influencing your future.

"Alice" taken from old German.
She is an active and sensitive person, with a strong will to succeed
Meaning "Nobility". 
They seem to have missed the bit,  where she puts her hands on her hips, stamps her feet, pushing out her chin in temper, she is just so sweet ! as my first born Granddaughter, what else would I say ? she's my princess.

What does your name mean ? please tell me? Before eternity stops you commenting and I will never know?

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Death of an Agpilot

F.U. 24 Fletcher

Bobs Death.

I Should have wrote this blog, before the "Gippsland duty" blog I wrote in March. Where I mentioned Bob as the principal subject. But it was not so easy for me.

I first met Bob when he was a loader driver in Gippsland Victoria Australia and I was the regular (season only) contract pilot. The company had 5 regular full time pilots, Bob just lived on a small farm of his own, just 20 miles down the road with his wife and family.
He loved to Fly and over the years went on to get his Private Pilots Licence and carried on to get his Commercial Pilots Licence, followed closely by his Class two Agricultural Rating, after that he spent 3 months with an experience pilot apply gypsum to the edges of a dam just north of Melbourne, it settled the mud as the dam filled, it was a good safe area no obstacles to strike, long wide runways, and a good aircraft? a good place for a sprog to get some valuable cockpit time! On completion of the contract he returned to the company, where he was to fly with all the other company Pilots, to gain experience, before being tested for his Class one Ag-rating.

That evening after his return, the Chief Pilot asked me to take Bob up country with me and let him work with me and if I feel he is ready? let him go on to the next job on his own, as an Class One Ag-pilot, but to be sure to bring him back on Friday night for the celebration at the pub for Bob! every-body will be there.

The next morning as we were preparing to leave for a strip 80 miles over the mountain range to the north,
I briefed Bob as to where we were going and gave him the strip details and told him to get going, I will be behind him. I watched as Bob prepared for flight, saw him visually  check "prop clear" before starting his engine, he ran his engine into the green range, pulled on his crash helmet and  closing the cockpit he departed
As I climbed into my cockpit, my friend Jan came over to me and looked at me through his piecing blue eyes and said "see you Friday we will drink together" I gave him the thumbs up and departed.

Friday, 15 June 2012

What's in your name Mathew

Have you ever thought to yourself ?
What your name means to others ? how it sounds to them ? even what it suggest are important considerations, and may influence your future.

My no1 Grandson  Mathew is taken from Hebrew, It's said he is a communicative person, compassionate and emotional,with lightening fast reactions.
Meaning " Gift from God ". 
and believe me when I say "he is". and now he is a
Which you could say is an ancient blessing?

What does your name mean ? please tell me. I sit on the edge of time waiting?


Thursday, 14 June 2012

Police Informant

Callair A9A

Informant !

Have you any idea, what this means? What does it conjure up in your mind ?  Have you a preconceived idea? introduced to you from your television of what it means?
Do you immediately ? think of a person informing on his own friends to get a reduced sentence? or are they doing it just for the money? Does the word "Informant" actually mean a criminal to you ?

Detective programs on our televisions are constantly referring to "Informants" using terms like, "Stool Pigeon"! "A Spy"! "A Low Life"! or "A Snitch"! "A Coppers Nark"! a "Grass"! and oh yes a "Super Grass" plus the kindest comment of all, an "Asset".  They are spreading this attitude against innocent people and grouping them as villains, when they are only trying to help out society.

I am reliable informed! from my "Informant" among the rank and file "Coppers", that these derogatory terms are still alive and well!  and in full use, within the ranks.

What would you think ?  if I was to suggest that this may not be true  It may be that the "Informant" is just a ordinary citizen, that may or may not have seen something and just thinks the Police should know.
It may even be, he has been approached ? because of his job.Who knows?

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

What's in your Name "Rupert"


Have you ever thought to yourself what your name means to others?
How it sounds to them? even what it suggests are important considerations, and may influence your future.

My grandson no 2, Rupert is  from German, Ruprecht after a kings son, born in Prague.
The name was Anglicised by the round heads to Robert,
but the French hung on to it, maybe? because they have a few saints of the same name plus a King Pios the second of the Parisian dynasty with a son Ruprecht.

His name means "Bright Flame" and the little stinker is certainly all of that, my Bright Star.

What does your name mean? tell me ? Tell me? before the universe ends.