Tuesday, 12 June 2012

What's in your Name "Rupert"


Have you ever thought to yourself what your name means to others?
How it sounds to them? even what it suggests are important considerations, and may influence your future.

My grandson no 2, Rupert is  from German, Ruprecht after a kings son, born in Prague.
The name was Anglicised by the round heads to Robert,
but the French hung on to it, maybe? because they have a few saints of the same name plus a King Pios the second of the Parisian dynasty with a son Ruprecht.

His name means "Bright Flame" and the little stinker is certainly all of that, my Bright Star.

What does your name mean? tell me ? Tell me? before the universe ends.



  1. My name UGOCHI which literally means Eagle of God which means the strength and Glory of God. Names and their meanings are important, many times people live out their names.
    By the way your grandson is a cutie. I feel like giving him a hug from the internet land.

    1. Thank you for your comment "Eagle of God" and I see from your blog that you are putting the meaning to full use, as it should be. be well


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