Saturday, 15 December 2012

Connecticut 27 school children dead

In Memory

Just before Christmas
27 young children and a couple of adults were shot to death in a school area.
It's unbelievable, but it happens far to often.
Something has to be done about it, at the very least  something is better than nothing!
I saw figures  showing that the average death by hand guns is below 100 per year in countries of the civilised world.
In the United States the amount go's up to 10.700 per year,  about 30 people a day ! something is wrong? how can this be aloud to continue.
It would seem that the politicians have been struggling to come up with a workable answer to this problems for years, to no avail.
I wish I had  answer that would work but I haven't.
What I will say is! " if there are no hand guns, nobody would get shot by hand guns"
America has a wonderful record for it'd achievements in making the world a better place, but this hand gun business is one big stain on a society the world looks up to, but is rapidly loosing respect for.

Get it fixed!


Thursday, 13 December 2012

Thank you.

I would just Like to say thank you, to all  readers of my blog.

Harry Trueman a different kind of President.

During the last couple of weeks, it has started to climb on it's way to becoming my most read blog.
For me; he was a fine decent man and I hope readers of this will think the same. Thank You.

Just a wee fantasy  of mine!

That my blog is being read by politicians and they are having second thoughts  and have decided to copy his ways? giving Honest and decent representation to all.
Just think? in 100 years time people may say" that Agmans blog started the butterfly effect leading to a better life for us all".

I said it was my fantasy! a guy can dream can't he?


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

£ 1:2 Billion

£ 1.2 Billion or if you prefer $1.9 Billion

is a lot of money in any bodies pocket?

The British Bank HSBC is paying this amount to the Federal Government as a settlement!   
to cover its spoor of it's crooked dealings and money laundering, and in an effort to stop the investigation.

After the cheque is cleared I'm sure both sides will retire to a plush restaurant and have a wee toast to celebrate dodging the bullet.
Oh am I being unkind?

They should be named and shamed and then Jailed.

But! They will all get their bonuses, and continue, with no feeling's of guilt.

Don't that make you bite your lip?

don't you just wonder how much they got away with?
Just think how that much money would have helped our economy.

Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. (Lord Acton)


Sunday, 9 December 2012

Mistletoe kisses

                     Just a wee moment

I sent this wee note to my four grandchildren, in jiffy bags with chocolates in. I headed them. Alice and Mathew. and Rupert and Monty.

I enclosed a picture of each other in the note.

Alice and Mathew or Rupert and Monty.

Just a wee picture for you to to see,
I wonder if you can guess who they may be?

Oh Golly Gee! Here's some sweeties for your tree.

Hang them high,so they don't fall!
you know your dogs will scoff them all.

I know it's not a proper treat,
unless you get something nice to eat.
So just for a further treat I enclose 
Mistletoe Kisses, for you to eat.

GT xxxx


A Little -Light at the End of the Tunnel


Yes I agree it is a very small light on the horizon.
But it is there and it should give us hope.

over the years there has been a noticeable improvement in our lives, its been led of course by a greater improvement in the lives of the well off  in our societies.
These leaders in Industry identified our greatest weakness? which we struggle to control  ADDICTION .
They have ruthlessly exploited it over the years knowing it was poison to most humans in some way, Tobacco being one example.
The super markets exploit our addiction to brand names, hundreds of them, shamelessly.
We come away from these markets laden down with produce that has been designed with our addiction in mind, most of these are completely useless to our well being and may in fact be harmful even to the point that they are not food at all. Just a blind waste.
They even have got us to pay for parking! so we can go into their stores to buy their produces.
Every day of our lives we buy useless produce, just to line the pockets of the rich.
At least a third of our weekly shop is just rubbish  and we are willing to pay extra for a brand name! which we are led to believe is better! we are being led  by a clever manipulating campaign of advertising, on Television and flashy posters everywhere!
There's no escape from the exposure to their adds, it's entrenched in our way of life, we hardly notice it, possible some of us think it's normal and they like, it makes them feel good about them selves.
The Corporate lawyers with there pockets laden with company shares find ways of protecting their clients from the exposure that their products may do to the public and give advice on what may be called acceptable levels of the problems, which mean " how many of us die before they decide to drop the product, or just change it's name.
If it's just a Fad they don't even bother to cover it!  believing that by the time any harm is discovered, the evidence will be easily discredited in a court.
I will not try to list all these product but you can bet, if it comes from a large retailer, your not being charged a fair price.

Well as I said I believe there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon and this is it!
They made a fatal mistake, they introduced a   Must have produced! and it made them more money than any product (short term) than they could ever imagine.
I'm sure there was lots of back slapping in the board room over it. Home Computers leading to the Internet and their Holy grail the Mobile Phone.

Of course after a few guys started hacking into their corporate files and exposing their dirty deeds on the Internet and texting them all over the world.

Nearly all levels of Government were also hacked, shocking the general public on what they got up.
There has been a revolution in information crossing the world exposing the wrong doing of those in power and the industrialist on all sides of the world.( Has to be a good thing.)
Governments came under pressure from the Industrialist to clamp down on hacking and a few hackers have been put in jail after being chased all over the world and still are:!
"Corporate enemy" number one! for exposing the truth!
British Banks are under a lot of pressure to " change their Culture" in regards to their bonus pot, and there is even talk? of clawing back some of the bonuses paid to major investment Bankers, who  (Miss-selling) never performed up to the standards expected.
Politicians have be openly exposed to fraud regarding their expenses!
the list go's on, it's endless, and all because of the Internet and mobile phones. the Lie's about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq causing the death of hundreds of NATO troops and now they are trying to get us to believe the same story about  Syria.
I believe  there will be an effort by governments to take control of this media phenomena!  ( No conspiracy theory please)
In fact their is a move to control the press in the UK right now, it's the thin edge of the wedge and is not in the public interest.
We must not allow the Government to use a terrible tragedy (in the use of phone hacking) by a few reporters to to stop the freedom of the press.
Yes, hacking is arguably the down side of this.
But it is also the strongest side as well, none of what is taking place now! all the information! would never  have happened if it wasn't for the new media. a lot of things unknown to us are now out in the open, and there is more to come. I think it's fair to say that  greed opened Pandora's box, and now it will never be the same.

Let me just have my fantasy:
The controlling members of our society are out in the daylight of media now, and it's not so easy to be a crook when the  media as  watching, they are no longer safe from their own employees (whistle blowers god bless them) somebody will text it.
So I believe things will get better, slowly yes.
you know what kills a skunk?  its own publicity, and I believe this to be true, we are all watching now.


Friday, 7 December 2012

Alice this wee story is for you and your brother Mathew

Alice & Mathew.

Love you.

I do hope you enjoy this, it's a different way of looking at      
Here Go's.

This famous wicked tale, should never have been put on sale! it's a mystery to me why loving parents cannot see, that this is actually a book about, 

"A Brazen Little Crook"

Now just imagine how you'd feel, if you had cooked a lovely meal, delicious porridge,steaming hot,fresh coffee in the coffee pot, maybe toast with marmalade and the table beautifully laid.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Drought Victoria Australia

The bush

This is Johns Story.

Victoria Australia.
In some countries of the world they call it a drought, if it hasn't rained for 15 days!

As I stand here on my stoop watching for the sunrise,
it's been two years since any meaning-full rain has fallen, two years since we have been awakened by the soothing patter of rain on our roof,
now we just have the unfriendly cracking noises from the roof shrinking after a day of merciless sun, taking the temperature over 120 degrees F.

This will be my last morning on the stoop for a while.
My wife and I are leaving the property and heading down to Melbourne, where I have a job as a labourer.
The drought has finally beaten me, it has destroyed every living thing green on our land.

It has been months since I've heard any birds or seen  any bush wildlife coming out from the bush, at the top of our property.
Normally dawn was heralded with a chorus of birds,
we would see wombats and Kangaroos and rabbits crossing our homestead, but no more, the sun has scorched every living thing and like me they are all leaving or have already left, to return hopefully when the drought breaks?

Monday, 3 December 2012

Honesty is Fine; But very much out of Fashion.

Unbelievable but true. Thought you might find this interesting ?

Can you imagine working for a company that has only 635 employees, but has the following Employee Statistics.

29 have been accused of  abuse of their wife's.
7 have been arrested of fraud.
9 have been accused of writing bad checks.
17 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses.
3 have done time for assault.
71 cannot get a credit card due to back credit.
14 have been arrested on drug-related charges.
8 have been arrested for shoplifting.
21 are currently defendants in lawsuits.
 and the last but not least!
84 have been arrested for drink driving in the last year.

Collectively these fine upstanding members of the British community, have cost the British Tax payer: £92,993,748 in expenses.

who are these pack of crooks? you may ask?

They are the 635 members of the House of Commons.

And now the only group that had any hope of keeping an eye ( be it on one eye) on them, the Free Press! is having it's wings clipped.

This group of crooks introduce new laws each year to keep us all in line.

On top of all of this! they receive one the best pension schemes in the country, whilst trying to ensure  that the working man has the worst!

These are of course British Politicians.
Do you think they are any different to the rest in the world? I doubt it! But that's for you to judge.

I leave you with this wee bit of advice;

Better Known than Trusted.


Saturday, 24 November 2012

This Story is for you.Rupert

I found this single page laying on a window ledge on the waterfront, at the isle of Mann. I was down there for the TT meeting, I sail down every year with my mate.

I thought to myself I would keep it and read it to my grand children, I felt it had a special quality about it, which they would enjoy, so I took it on-board and placed it between two pieces of paper in a book for safe keeping and quickly forgot about it!

I have my yacht out of the water now and have started to do a bit of winter maintenance.
When I was clearing out my library of read books, that single page fluttered down onto the deck as if to remind me! it was still there, so I took it into my house and placed it on my computer keys.
Firstly I thought I would try and find out a bit about it from the Internet, also I only seem to have half the story and there are no illustrations at all on my page, as there are on all the three bears stories, I viewed.
Anyway I had a stroke of luck, I found a web site that specialises in old books and they had a three bears book with a load of beautiful pictures, very old and possible the only one in print, and the story line very similar to mine, so I contacted the owner and asked if I could get a copy of the second part of the story? She graciously posted the full story for me and others to read, how cools that!
All credit must go to Marchhouse books, for this wee story that I copied for my grand children.
Their web site is full of wonderful books for children, some of them rare classics, it's a site well worth a visit, with Christmas presents in mind? visit:

Friday, 16 November 2012

Being Cursed

Life can be cruel.

This is just a short story but for me! it will never go away.

First let me explain a bit about Aviation Engines in particular.
As Pilots when we get into an aircraft, we have to have a little faith that the pilot before us, treated the engine with respect (As per the manufacturers Guidelines" which basically means No! hot starts! No! over boosting! or running hot! all things that would point to a possible engine failure, important considerations when you're expected to depart on a 1500 mile ferry over wild terrain and water. ( get my point?)

Now to my story:

I had just returned to South Africa for the fire bombing season and was sent south to pick up a second hand Thrush turbine,
which was to be used by me for the season.

The Thrush was a relatively new aircraft on the Agricultural scene and many of the pilots had only read a book and started flying them! even the operators seemed to have not picked up on the maintenance schedule, set out by the manufactures.

The difference is alarming an engine that is monitored correctly during its life, may go as much as 9000 hours before being changed! unmonitored engines may be changed at 2 to 3000 hours. when you consider the cost of an engine $ 100,000. It's a no contest decision.
I'm sure if the operators had realised this! they would have sent their pilots off to the factories for training.
Now I don't have a problem with this, but most of these guys didn't seem to know! To them all aircraft fly the same. crazy?
But they didn't seen to realise the turbine was so different! they just treated it like a piston engine with more power.

Back to my story:

Boss Terry had asked me "to give the aircraft a good inspection before taking delivery and if I found any thing that looked like a problem, not to take delivery, without talking to him first".
so as I walked into the company office, of the company we were buying it from, I introduced myself.
After a few pleasantries,  I asked "to see the aircraft" it was parked on the front with a couple of other Thrushes, so I walked out to give it an inspection, after spending a good 2 hours checking over every part of the aircraft I could get at.
I decided that the airframe and all the attachments were in excellent condition.
On turning on the master switch, I noticed the battery was below start up power, this could indicate that the battery required replacing, or the alternator was faulty.
I went into their hanger and asked to borrow a meter to check out the starter motor and alternator as it  functioned as one unit.
As I returned to the aircraft, one of their pilots, who must have been watching me, came over and asked "was there a problem"
I mentioned "the battery seemed flat" He said "that's not a problem
It's been flat for a couple of weeks and they have been Hot starting it, when they used it"!
I was amazed and visible taken back that a pilot would admit such a thing, he looked at me and asked me "did I know what a hot start was?"
"As he had done them a few times on this aircraft and he was willing to show me how its done"!

 I declined his offer and  said
"yes I have heard of hot starts" and I am also aware that there is a good chance that the engine could explode during this type of crazy cycle and another thing! you may have voided the manufacturers warranties in regard to this engine.
They could declare this engine as scrape!"

"You obviously have no idea of how to operate a turbine so please go away" he walked away, I could tell he felt he had said to much.
I found the fuse on the alternator side of the starter blown. so I returned to the hanger.
I asked for a battery jump start and they said "they would start it by a " Hot Start" again."
I was amazed I asked "who advised them to do "Hot Starts"? they just looked at me, I said "I want a fully charged battery trolley to start the turbine" OK? which I got. So I started the turbine and it was all in the green, I pushed in the alternator fuse and immediately the charge started to flow to the battery.

I taxied over to the aircraft run up area and carried out power and propeller test, which were fine by the way.
I returned the aircraft to the parking bay and shut her down and had another quick inspection of the engine for oil leaks and  burning smells.
I removed the key to stop anybody from starting it again.
I walked over and entered their office again, the company owner and chief engineer were awaiting me, I said "I would have to call my employer and give him my report and he will talk with you direct".

"But I must warn you! I'm tempted to report this to the Civil Aviation Authority, they started to protest and I said " you guys are flying Turbines around the sky, with a load of untrained Pawnee Pilots"! "Really it's unbelievable."
"Now I will return to my Motel and speak with Boss Terry and he will Phone you."

The Chief Engineer gave me a run down to the Motel, on the way he made up a few excuses, saying his "boss had put him under pressure to keep the aircraft airborne and working".
I said "now look, you were quite willing to allow me to fly away in that aircraft, knowing hot starts had been used on it, I could have been killed, So please shut up".

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Guy Fawkes

Please Remember the 5th of November.
Gunpowder, Treason and Plot.
I see no reason why Gunpowder and Treason,  should ever be forgot.

Do you remember this?

Guy Fawkes was born in York on 13th of April 1570.
He died on the 31st of January 1606.
His name became synonymous with bonfire night.

He lived a chequered life and was a capable soldier, leaving  England to join the war in Spain.
On his return he got himself involved with some conspirators,
Who's aim was to blow up the king, and the house's of Parliament by placing Gunpowder under the building.
Unfortunately for them! King James got wind of their plans and took steps to foil them.
Big steps as it happens?
Guy Fawkes was captured and taken to the "Tower of London" for interrogation by the kings men! on the 7th of November.
On the 8th of November he gave up the names of his other 12 conspirators and said their intention was to place the King's daughter Princess Elizabeth on the throne.

Lord Chief Justice Sir John Popham said "that each man condemned would be put to death by hanging, firstly they would have their Genitals cut off and burned before their eyes and their Bowels and Hearts cut out and after hanging they would be drawn and Quartered  and not forgetting the decapitation"!
Their deaths were to be between "Heaven and Hell" as they were considered unworthy of of either.

After about a 3 day trial the Attorney General Sir Edward Coke?
declared them all Guilty.
All of his fellow conspirators were hung drawn and quartered.

But our old mate "Guy Fawkes" Jumped from the Gallows killing himself, but that never got him off the hook! they still hung him, quartered him and left his remains for the crows.

What comes out of all of this wee story, for me is! what ever you do. "Don't upset the King".

Now how much truth is there in this story? I wouldn't think a lot? history was written by the Kings men? and from my present day experience!  not a lot of truth comes out of the houses of Parliament,
So you be your own judge?
I'll leave you with this little saying.

It's said : "Guy Fawkes" is sometimes toasted as the last man to enter Parliament with honest intentions.!

Listen to your inner voice. That statement above has got to be the truth!


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

"Proper English" (from a lady)

                     my Baby

I always think that every day is an adventure, so image how thrilled I was, when I received an e-mail advising me on my inability to write or spell correctly and as she put it "use Proper English" and "grammar" in my fantasy based Bloggs.
She went onto say she thought I am also "a male chauvinist pig"! who would do every body a favour by retiring.
What ever did I do?
In Reply,
Firstly! let me say I make no apologies for not being good at the Queens English, enter any court environment ! it's a language that is used, with the use of an solicitor or barrister to help you to understand it, and it  suits certain situations  a word can have  quiet few interpretation, Can I write? who knows!  I just do my best`.

Male "chauvinist Pig" what a derogatory word, one which I believe has come into popularity in the last 15 years  and is misused on  many occasions. It means a man who feels a woman has no worth, I am definitely not one of these.I love them.
This lady could offer to read and edit my blog for me, if she finds it so offensive, I'm cool with that.
Now let me ask a question?
Why contact me on my blog e-mail? instead of putting it directly on my post, I need the comments!
I don't get many comments on my blog, in truth I don't get many at all, but not to worry, we all know, I got this one? right.
I'm not sure but I feel this person knows me somehow!
Will I change? no!
There is more of a chance of watching a butterfly fly upside down in the middle of winter over flowers! than of me changing, it's not my nature to back down, so as they say. " bring it on"
Thank you.


Saturday, 10 November 2012


Agman Fire-bombing South Africa

Agman : One born of unbridled imagination woven from the chimerical threads of pure Fantasy. the adventure called life goes on.


Friday, 9 November 2012

Mary Rose what's in a name

I'm sure you all have had one of these in your pocket.
But have you noticed how the Royal Mint has been changing the designs on the back of them? and they are real cool!
The latest to date; which caught my eye, still has the silver coloured centre and a gold coloured ring around the outside, a nice looking coin! But what attracted me to it, was the design of the Mary Rose.

The Mary Rose Built in the early 1500 and rebuilt and rearmed in 1530. Classed as a Carrack.( Googal it )
She was named after King Henry V111's sister,  Mary Tudor later to be crowned the Queen of France.
The Mary Rose was considered the pride of King Henry V111s fleet and the second most powerful, they say "she was the Kings favourite in his fleet".
On the afternoon of the 19th of July1545. Mary Rose led the English fleet out of Portsmouth Harbour to meet the French fleet and it's said "under the watchful eye of the King"!
It was also said "that a strong wind healed her over! exposing her open lower gun ports to the open sea, she filled quickly and sank!"

The English Navy learnt many lessons from the accidental sinking of the Mary Rose and went on to develop ships that were faster and more manoeuvrable and not so top heavy,
The English Navy carried on their development of their sailing fleet, which contributed to the Victory against the Spanish Armada.

At the time of her sinking the Mary Rose had nearly 30 years of service and was really obsolete compared to the new 16th century Ships.
But she was one of the first ships to fire cannons from her deck with some success.
A number of attempts were made to recover her over the years and  were met with partial success, but on the 11 Oct 1982 she was raised (437 years after her sinking) and is undergoing conservation work in Portsmouth to this day, to allow the public to have a look into the past of the Navy.

The Mary Rose carried over 400 men on board, and apart from the cannons she also carried 50 handguns, 250 longbows, 300 pole arms and over 400 darts to be thrown from the rigging tops during an engagement, thousands of these artifacts have been recovered.

She was designed and expected to engage  the enemy ships at close quarters and fight their way on board and subdue them by force of arms! "How frightening is that?"

Her loss was a sad blow to the Navy and it was investigated.
They decided that crew were unable to get off the ship, due to deck rigging, that was put up to stop the enemy from getting aboard! tragically it also stopped the crew from getting off.As she filled with water due to the open lower gun ports going below the water line, but for a few of the crew that were in the rigging, all hands were lost.

Of course the King was already developing a new ship, armed entirely with guns, and more nimble under sail.

Most of these pieces come from my school days but I renewed my memories of them by reading the BBC Mary Rose by "Andrew Lambert" titled "A Great ship of King Henry V111" and I would recommend that as the place to go if you seek further details of a great story, from our maritime history.

I ask you; What's in a name?


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Dope Money out of Dallas Texas


I don't know where this all started.
It came out of the blue, a briefing to return to the USA, no info! I just thought it was a political decision.

So I was sent back to Texas to renew my senior Airline Transport licence and return as soon as possible and use my Australian Passport? on entry! That was a bit strange.

All I was given was the name of the FAA testing officer at Fort Worth, one other thing that was wee bit strange, the testing officers last name was the same as my mothers maiden name! and it was a very uncommon name?
So here I am walking into the FAA building at Fort Worth flight operations.

I ask to see the testing officer to make an appointment for a flight test, ATR/ IR. No problems I was booked for a test in a couple of days.
I had to go and arrange an aircraft for the test which also was not a problem.
I got a Piper Apache twin engine (test approved) from one of the many Flight schools.

Fort Worth airport was  running two active runways at the same time and was one of the biggest flight training places in the world, people would come here from all over the world.
All they needed was the cash and they would be guarantee to get a licence, but they still had to pass the exams and flight test.
The new students (which were mainly Arabs) spent months in class rooms doing multi choice exams until they got a pass rate of  over 80%, then they went up to the FAA testing exam room and completed their exam, if they failed! it was back to the class room. or they moved on to the flight training section.

Your first visit.

legal system

Maybe I should call this your first encounter with the following :
                                                     Lawyers, Solicitors, Attorneys or Barristers

Generally your there for some advice! on where you stand in regards to your treatment by an employer or a large corporation. If your there because you have committed a crime that's a different story and something I cannot comment on, as I have no experience.
As its your first time your very nervous and hoping the advise you get will allay your fears.
Let use stick with the Employer theme, (basically the whole thing is the same).
To a layman  the office scene is intimidating,  a large desk in a book filled room, the man sitting behind the desk has an expensive suit and shirt and tie, the feeling of being inside a too expensive shop comes to mind.
After the introductions it's down to business
He listen to your complaint and when you have finished, he offers his advice , it may range from a letter, or to a tribunal hearing, he would point out that the employer may not be influenced by a letter and that the tribunal may be the route to go!
Now you must remember, your in a commercial establishment and
It has to pay its way. so any advice will be centred around that principle
He may go on and say the tribunal was specifically set up! to protect people like you! from this type of abuse of the law.
All of a sudden your tummy butterfly's have settled and you ask  "If I go to the tribunal how much would it cost"? He will tell you that their conduct and charges are set and governed by an independent body, and he hands you a schedule of their charges.
He also gos on to point out, that the employer would have to pay all the charges incurred should they lose and do not forget the law is on your side.
(He doesn't mention that you could go to a tribunal for free)
So you go ahead with the tribunal advice, thinking to your self the advice was, "you will Win". Over the next few weeks the tribunal hearing is at the front of your mind! and you end up talking about it with friends and they relay their experiences to you and over time your mind is full of doubt, most of the stories told to you make you feel your dealing with a crooked person and the quote that springs to mind is:  "There's no smoke without fire".
You receive a  letter to go into the Solicitors the morning of the tribunal  and at that meeting, you speak of your doubts he advises you not to listen to gossip, "we have a good case and the law is on your side" then he hands you an invoice for his charges and request you pay them as it's their companies policies to have all payments before the tribunal or court hearing!
(A bell rings in your mind)!
You leave to go to the tribunal, your tummy's butterfly's are back.
The tribunal was frightening just one big blur they didn't seemed to be talking in English, when your asked to speak, you were so green and nervous, the only point you make was "why would an honest man require a Barrister at tribunal hearing"? and it's a good point.
Your solicitor was made to look like a schoolboy, in the presents of the Barrister who bullied the court, arguing that his client had done no wrong and that it was a unbelievable that this case was bought to a tribunal.
Anyway It was lost.
The solicitors only comment was to say he was "sorry he was at a loss to say why the tribunal took the view that they did." and that's the end of the matter as far as he is concerned. trying to take it further was a waste of  your money.
You go away feeling gutted, your solicitors advice had cost you a four figure sum and months of sickening sleepless nights.
You think to yourself, this can't be right! you only went ahead with the case on the solicitors advice!  but what to do? well you could make a complaint to the independent body! but! good luck with that it's another long road, with usually a bad result.

What I would do  (after a couple of solicitor  nightmares.)
I would say remain clear of these people if at all possible! they seems to have a thread of Machiavellianism within their ranks when it comes to getting your business, which frightens me.

My father told me that when he was young, solicitors went to work on a bus with their briefcase on their arm, there was not a lot of money about then, so any advise given would normally be good, as there was no desperate need to support a fancy life style, they needed you to come back and also tell your friends about them and now they sit in plush offices and drive fancy cars and own big homes, often two houses, and spend holidays in exotic places, and all from "sitting at a desk giving honest advice!" No way !

This is a small list I have now for my visits to lawyers and others!
Firstly I have a concealed mini tape recorder.
Then I ask  "does he have any conflicting cases that may pop up along the road being damaging to this case? "believe me this happens."
"Does he feel his advise of a "good result" is realistic"?
and does he feel his payment up front on court day is morally justified? then I ask as many relevant questions that come to mind on the day.
In the UK the solicitors offer a free time period to talk over your problems and get advice; its only for about 20 minutes but its a good service they get paid by the government If you take your little tape recorder and visit a couple of these legal aid  offices, you will be amazed an the different advise you will get.

Some how I've lost my way.


Sunday, 28 October 2012

Whats in your name Michael

Piper Pawnee 26

Have you ever thought to your-self what your name means? What it may mean to others? even what it suggest are important considerations influencing your future.

My Uncle Michael's name is from Old Hebrew " Mikha'el, meaning: "he who is like God".
Michael is one of the seven archangels, a leader of Heavens Armies, so he has the name as "Patron Saint of Soldiers".

All of us have Aunties and Uncles who helped us through life and they have a special place in our memories that linger on.
My uncle Michael was such a man for me, as my Mothers brother I lived at his house in Melbourne Australia, as a lad of 15 years of age.
I always felt he was an old sage! a Font of wisdom and good sense.
He was a quite man, a maintenance carpenter for the Victorian Railways housing estate, he would leave the house every morning at 0730 am, off to work on his push bike wearing a clean shirt and a bow tie and a bib and brace pair of overalls, with polished shoes, and a tool bag.
He never had a lot of time for gossip and one night when he came home I was bursting to tell him about our neighbour crashing his car into his refuse bin and denting his car! he stopped me and said, "Is what, has happened true? are you going to say anything good about out neighbour and will it be helpful to us".
My enthusiasm for gossip died that day.
He was a religious person attending the church, but not regularly. When I asked him about his faith he told me "not to be in such a hurry! you will find your own".

When he discovered that my reading was not at a level, he would like, he made a plan.
One evening he asked me to read the news paper to him, as he felt tired and as I did so, he asked me to explain what was meant by what I had read, It became a nightly event which I dreaded at first but grew to love as time went by.
So with his guidance and over the next year I leaned and understood the written word to a high level, and a new world opened up to me, It was amazing, I could just about understand most studies that I undertook, and I started reading books.
My Uncle Michael gave me the greatest gift that one family member can give to another.
He had given me the opportunity to explore life to the full .

This wee story is a small way of remembering and showing my respect for my Uncle Michael.
To all you blog readers out there, spare a thought for your Uncles and Aunties who gave you a helping hand along life's way, We are so lucky.


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Just a Wee Girl from 5000 years ago



Spraying: Cotton, Rice and Mealies, and what ever else they came up with.
Within the Nile Flood Area.

I was flying from this grass strip close to the Nile and it felt like on the odd occasion it was moving, so I reckon it was partially floating when the Nile flood was high.
Usually my day started  after eggs on toast and coffee, then as I walked out of the Hotel, one of the staff was there to hand me a lunch pack in a white square cardboard box, which I usually threw into the back of the plane and discarded during the day,
after eating them last year I was permanently sick, the pack consisted of a piece of cheese, bread, tomatoes, apple, banana, not bad really,
but every thing had been exposed to insects and sun making it unpalatable for me, even the fruit was over ripe.
I used to think that it would take a few seasons for my tummy to produce a bacteria that could combat the sickness!
so I didn't try eating them again.

The trip out to the strip was about 35 minutes with eight of us in a 6 seat  4x4,
The driver never seemed to stop talking and never seemed to watch where he was going either, it was like being stuck in a chicken coop,
Our arrival was always the same a series of hand shaking and Arab coffee, the fellow who I thought was in charge greeted everybody painfully slow! it used to drive me crazy he was my loader driver,
I had worked with him last year so I knew what he was like, I didn't know what the other guys did!
But the were there every day all day and went home in the evening after work finish.
My loader driver would brief me on the work whilst all these other guys were talking pointing and generally butting in,
I just ignored them I had trained my man to place the amounts of chemical being used per load, by placing the empty containers on the ground where I could see them, so I would know what I was carrying and how in much each load.
A couple of times a day I would jump out and check the contents of the containers and how many were left,
So that's how the season went, me flying all day, them doing nothing, I knew at the end of the season they would all expect a cash tip from me, which I always paid because  I didn't want to have any problems.
Now you know where I am! let me tell my story:

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Be Warned

My first Toy

For those of you who put off doing something! or going some where! even speaking your mind to a loved one.
be warned by this wee quote
I found this in an old book of mine, I had used it as a book mark.

"The clock of life is wound just once, and no person has the power to tell just where the hands will stop, At a late or early hour.
To lose ones wealth is sad indeed.
To lose ones health is more.
To lose ones soul is such a loss, as no person can restore.
The Present only is our own, live, love,Toil with a will.
Place no faith in  "Tomorrow" for the clock may then be still."

I have no name to add to this quote, but I'm sure they are/were a deep thinker with talent.
So be warned! get done today what needs to be done and said.


Thursday, 18 October 2012

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Area of Australia

 For those of you who have no idea of how big Aussie is? Check it out It shows the whole of Europe  pictured within it's boundaries.


The Acid Pen


I found this piece in one of my old log books, from my Australia youth.
I'm not sure who wrote it or why! my bias tells me its either to or from a politician.
Is it a bit of humour? or just down right rude! you decide for yourself.
I must have thought it had some merit, when I copied it into the notes page of my log book all those years ago and I still think it deserves re-airing before it fades away into history, so here go's.

"He writes the worst English that I have ever encountered.
It reminds me of a string of wet sponges; it reminds me of tattered washing on the line; it reminds me of stale bean soup,of college yells, of dogs barking idiotically through endless nights.
It is so bad that a sort of grandeur creeps into it.
It drags itself out of a dark abyss of pish, and crawls insanely up the topmost pinnacle of posh. It is rumble and bumble.
It is flap and doodle. It is Balder dash.!"

Please don't say it describes my blog! I just think its so cool.


Monday, 15 October 2012

Those Pearly Gates

 Those Pearly Gates:

It's strange how we all have our own idea's of what will happen when we die. People of faith believe they join all their loved ones in Heaven and that's fine and it seems to be the general idea amongst most religious groups. 
But not me! I look on death as another adventure, and I have no idea what will happen. Oh Yes! I expect to tumble into the next world, when I leave this mortal plane, one way or the other, and hopefully I will end up in the queue at the Pearly Gates!

Now I don't know if the Pearly Gates are a place you enter heaven or a place where you get a job, which will befit your earthly accomplishments,I'm just guessing,I have no idea! 
I'm looking about for a familiar face, but no luck yet. 
As I get to the front of the queue a rather large white bearded man steps out to Bar my way, he placed his hand on my chest and  said "You are not welcome here, you have broken most of Heavens Commandments, now go"!

"Go! Go where" I say.
I stand my ground and decide it's time for a few home truths! 
"Yes I may have broke a few of the commandments! but the world is different now since you first made it, it's full of Lie's and deceit, Corruption is just about accepted as part of life here now,
if you confess to believing in truth and fairness! which I do by the way!
You get laughed at even considered a fool, peoples morals have deteriorated even decayed, and this is the world you expected me to live in? 
Firstly you didn't play fair with me! you never gave me any proof that you actually existed! no real proof anyway! 
You left me with the words "Faith have Faith"
I know millions who followed the Faith and good luck to them"
"I never got the message! OK!

You made me as I am and I did my best with what I had to work with, so I got a little dirty on the way and broke a few of your out of date rules, Surly you must shoulder some of the blame?"
"Now you must listen to me? reconsider your decision, I'm sure I can be of some use to you, I'm a talented guy"!
"Anyway God will forgive me? it's what he does!"
With that,St Peter stepped forward and this 5 thousand year old man gave me a shove and I tumbled end over end backwoods and found myself laying on the ground in my garden.
I have a wee trickle of blood from a cut on my forehead which may require a stitch or two? 
Maybe I got that for my cheek.

That didn't go so well, next time I'll have a better plan?

See told you life is just an adventure,looks like death is as well?

Who is this man on this dark and silent day,
When I have wandered all my ways.

He stands and bares my way,
and ends the stories of my days,
and offers me no hint of praise,
and so I moan,

I really am alone.


Friday, 12 October 2012

Our World


The way our world is going.

The lies and deceit from our world rulers, feathering of their own beds, with their dishonesty.
The world makes me feel weak with despair and a feeling of helplessness, for being unable to change things for the better.
The world  also makes me feel shame, because of the way its going!
I love people and life.
I must admit I cry when I feel sad.


Just A Wee Giggle

Callair A9A

My housework challenged friend decided to wash his sweat shirt.

Shortly after he went into the laundry, he called to his wife " what setting do I use on the washing machine?" "It depends" she replied.
"What does it say on your sweater?" He yelled back "Liverpool"
and they say "Blonde's are Dumb".

Be kinder than necessary, for every one you meet is fighting some kind of battle of their own.
Be well:


Thursday, 11 October 2012

A Field of Poppy Plants

Turbine thrush.

The mid 1980s
Spraying to wipe out the poppy crops.

I'm just landing onto a forward operational strip which will allow me to get within striking distance of a large field of poppy plants it's twice the normal size.
It's just on dawn and the sun is sitting on the horizon Red like a round ball of molten iron, beautiful.
I just love flying in this sort of country,over jungle, steep hills, with dead trees that stick up high above the canopy, giving you the occasional fright but  keeping your mind on the job.
And I do believe in the job, one of my basic requirements before I under take a job that may cause harm or death to others, is I have to believe it's right
Drugs are a scourge on our way of life, this drug is particularly addictive, causing loss of pride and death, mostly amongst the younger members of our society, so I have no problems destroying it.

I've Forgotten Something.

Senior Moments

I just awoke! after a wee nap in my chair, To an awfully evil, foreboding, feeling.

It's a feeling as if I have lost something, misplaced or not completed an important job!
I'm sure it must have happened to you?
But what is it?

It's driving me crazy not knowing.
I walk around my home checking that all is normal, even checking that the lights, which don't seem to be working.
I even open the fridge freezer to prove it is working! and it's not! the power must be off.
I go to the front window to look out on my car, it's there, shining like a new shilling after being cleaned yesterday, the keys are on their hook.

Yes! this driving me crazy.
I go outside to look about my garden, nothing seems out of the ordinary, I wander over to my chicken coop, they are down the field somewhere, out of my sight.

I just don't seem to know what is wrong, but there is something!
I go and sit on my garden bench and just look around,
I notice my bird food trays are untouched, that's strange!
But then, I don't see or hear any birds at all, that's really strange!
Then I realise there is no sound at all, not a whisper, nothing.
I can't hear or feel or see any living thing.

I am very much alone.
I return to my back door to go back inside, as I approach the door I notice it was closed, strange really? I usually leave the doors open behind me, unless it's after dark!
as I take the handle of the door to open it, the whole thing became surreal, the door was opening to let me past, but was still closed at the same time and I was passing through it?  Oh Shit!

Dare I say it or even think it? I'm dead, now what?


Monday, 1 October 2012

11 wee puppies.

I just drove down south to see my grand children and was greeted by this scene.
They are of course driving their mother a Hungarian Vizsla crazy. thought it was worth a wee post.


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Why do I dream

The dreamer

Its difficult to explain this dreaming.

Ginn are known through out the  Arab world, in the pre Islamic period they were called Nymphs and Satyres of the desert
The latter were called Sheitans of whom Satan "Iblis" was their Chief!

Sometimes they were represented as whirlwinds of sand travelling across the desert "dust devils".

They would encourage men to dream sexual dreams and cause them to commit suicide after taking part in these sexual dreams, because of their faith or their emptiness, or just for being used as pawns in this one sided  sexual dream.

Remember the story of the temptation of Christ, where Jesus went into the desert to face  temptation.
The devil appeared and Jesus refused his temptation and the Angels appeared and rewarded him.

Well I am not as strong as Jesus and I will succumb to her sexual games, but I will not commit suicide,
which I believe is their ultimate goal for their victims.

When she visits me and I feel her body touch mine and her lips touch me, pushing her hips close to my body,  driving me frantic, with sexual desire, leading me on to that emptiness which is her goal, to drive me to my death by my own hand.

Well I will try to resist this, but I'm only a man and these feeling are part of my being, nature did this, making me as I am  and she is beautiful ! which drives me crazy! But I will not commit suicide Never.
When  my dream walking nymph realises this! she may set me free. one can only dream!


Monday, 17 September 2012

Oh Dear isn't she so sweet.

In Her Memory

Did you have a little old lady living in your street, when you were growing up?

When your Mother and the other Mothers in the street stopped to talk with her,
she would touch your hair and face and give you sweeties and remember your name.

In fact she remembered all the children's names in the street.
when you got older and played in the street,she would stand and watch over you,
When you came out to play, you would shout your greeting to her and shout good night when your Mother called you in for the night.

When you were upset she would calm you, wipe your eyes with her wee hankie, that smelled of lavender and had a flower sown into its corner  and send you back to play.

When you had all gone into your homes for the night, she would stay for a while looking up and down the street, both ways,
as if expecting someone? or she was looking for a memory?

Then she would retire into her house closing the door.
She was often invited to tea and cakes and a chat, at our Mothers homes and listened to their stories, and she told hers.
Then she would  returned to her home before school  was out,
to await us children and do what she must have thought as her duty.

So that was the way it went, as the children got older so did she,
as they passed her as teenagers, they had grown out their street, some forgot to say hello, some even forgot her name, most of them didn't notice! when she wasn't there, leaning at her gate!

For one day a hearse arrived to take her away.
There didn't seem to be any of her family there, only a few Mothers from the street,
Then her memory, just seemed to fade away.

But this lady had a life, when she was young, she also played in the street and there was a little old lady there as well!
She went to school and learnt to read and write,
and had boyfriends with good times.
She went on and got married, and had a union with her partner for many a happy years.
She would waited for him to come home from work at night and take his hand in a loving greeting and they would go into their home together.

They raised their children and were very happy.
Her children played in the street, until they also grew out of it, and moved on with there own lives,
Holidays were spent visiting their children and grandchildren, good times.
She stayed in her home with her love until he passed  away!
Can you just imagine her pain? when she realised she would not ever greet her man again.

She had visits from her children over the years,
but they seemed to just stop for whatever reason ?
That's when her leaning on her front gate seemed to start.

Some might say she was a  quaint old relic of days gone bye!
But not me! for me, she was a sweet lady that gave back all the love,
she had received in her life, to us kids who lived in her street.
She was truly, our streets Guardian Angel.

Oh Dear!  Isn't she so sweet that little lady from our street.
I for one will never forget you.


Sunday, 9 September 2012

Irena Sendley

Irena Sendler.
Died: May 12, 2008 (98 years of age )

Who is she you may ask?
Well let me tell, this extraordinary ladies story.?

During the second World war, in the Warsaw Ghetto. Irena got herself a job within the Ghetto, and during that time, she  carried to safety, over 2500 very young children.?
Can you imagine that?
She was stopped  and searched every time! the Nazi soldiers, let her in and out of the camp, she would have a baby in her tool box hidden at the bottom and a wee child hidden in a burlap sack! on the back of the truck, the barking of her dog masked any sounds the babies may make. Then there would have been her personal abuse from the Nazi guards.
Just imagine the tension during those moments? she must have had nerves of steel? 2,500 children?

Ultimately and unfortunately! she was caught and badly brutalised by the Nazis, they broke both her arms and legs and some how with all this horror surrounding her ! she survived.
I'm sure her full story is available on the internet, Google her name?

Irena kept a record of the children's names in a glass jar hidden in her garden, and after the war tried to locate homes and family for her  wee escapees! but unfortunately most were dead.
Gassed by the Nazis.

Now here's the Kicker!

In 2007 Irena was put up for the Noble peace prize, she was not selected? can you believe that?

A politician: A. Gore. won it, for his slide show on global warning.

Another politician also won it? Barack Hussein Obama, I'm sure you know these names?
But nothing they did was noble!
Makes you wonder about the people? who award this accolade for noble deeds to humanity, it's a joke!

It's been 65 years since the war in Europe ended and there are people within our Society who claim the whole thing was a myth!
There are other who would like to do it again.
As a people we must not let this memory be forgotten.
So I leave you with this promise I will burn a candle every year in her memory, and never forget this grand lady.

In the memory of 20 million Russians, 6 million jews,1 million Christians, and over 1900 priests. Who were massacred! Raped! Burned! and Staved to death! and Humiliated! by the Nazis.

Michael Jacksons "Earth Song" should make politicians hang their heads in shame. (If only they knew how ?)

Irena Sendler

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Manx Grand Prix

 I have just come back from a week at the isle of Manx Grand Prix.
I sailed down with a friend of mine and we slept aboard the yacht. We have be going for years, there is something that just draws us there like a pilgrimage.
Rain , hail, or snow we go? Why you say? I don't know! It would seem there is something more to it than just the enjoyment of seeing the racing and being around bikers.
I am going to attempt to write a blog about the the Call of the Motor Bike? I liken it to the Sirens call to Ulysses and his crew! full of promises, if they would only sail on to the rocks and their deaths, which they wanted to do and they would have, willingly!  if it wasn't for Ulysses blocking his ears from their songs. Like Ulysses's crew. We Bikers are unable to resist the "Call of the bike".


Dream of dreams

Have you ever thought what a dream really is? is it just a visit to cloud cuckoo land! whilst  asleep, or is there something more?
If it's my dream! why do I allow myself to awaken at the best part?
leaving me frustrated and lonely.
It seems my dream is teasing me.
So that means I'm teasing myself, that's not cool!

The dream comes as always from nowhere, seeping into my unconscious vision and mind, in the form of flashes and as the time between flashes diminish, I  get a heightened sense of anticipation, it's a wonderful feeling, well! a least for those precious moments.

I became fully awake within my dream, to find her laying with her back to me; she has on, a pair of silk lavender coloured jamie's, making her skin and the colour of her hair just glow.

Oh! Yes I know! I'm dreaming and yes! I don't want to awaken, I want to watch her whilst she dreams, hoping it's me, in her dreams.

I moved towards to her, very timidly to lay close, I could feel her firm body and her heart beating through her jamies and she had an alluring scent that seemed to captivate me?
My thoughts and control have left me.Oh no! that feeling! 
Oh Please No! don't awaken me? from the dream now, it would be paradise lost forever for me.

I lean forward to kiss her on the shoulder and my lips could feel her warm skin through the silk! 
I'm becoming crazy with desire.
She turns to face me, she is beautiful beyond compare, wide eyed with shiny chestnut hair and red pouting lips, as she turned to me her top fell open! exposing me to her full beauty for the first time. 
She had an athletic body and small beads of moisture were covering her upper body. She is truly a dream and I am Lost!
The motion in her eyes, was slight,barely visible!from my eyes to my lips and back,

I moved closer and gently walked my fingers across her body I paused as she sighed and pulled me closer, and we kissed and at that meeting of our lips.
We started to frantically claw at our clothes! I was like a wild animal.

Then the flashes started, I felt like a man in a deep dark well! Then she was gone! 
Then she was back!
we were laying in each others arms tangled in our own flesh, she held me tightly for just a second and then pushed me back and she was gone! I was stunned.
What had she done to me? there's no-way! I could do this to myself.
In the gentle light of the dream just before she departed I saw her silhouette as a shadow against an unknown wall, 
and then I knew?
I was being played with! by a Goddess! Succubus! a Nymph spirit, 
who moves within the dream world, with-out conscious, doing what ever pleases her, using whom ever she wants?
she is ingrained into my mind and my imagination now, 
I am her slave, until that day? she doesn't want me any more!

I awake on the floor of my bedroom feeling empty.


A wee Zen Story


I'm sure that you may have heard a version of this tale in your child hood, but did you understand what it meant?

Two monks were washing their bowls in the river when they noticed a scorpion that was drowning, one of the monks immediately scooped it up and set it on the bank, in the process he was stung he went back to washing his bowl and again the scorpion fell into the river, the monk again saved the scorpion and again was stung, the other monk asked him "friend why do you continue  to save the scorpion when you know it's his nature is to sting"?
"Because" the monk replied " to save is my nature".

Our politicians have never understood this tale when dealing with the Arab world, but the Arabs have learned it well and keep stinging us.
One of us must change our nature, before too many of our fine young men die.


Departure Time

Pawnee 260 night run

September 2012.

When I first started Blogging I thought it would help me, to organise my thoughts and memories.
I went through a period of being unsure of the effect on me, that changed, to being Ok with it.
It became a bit of fun and it let me talk of my memories! without offending or hurting other peoples memories, and I was safe behind my "Agmans" profile.
Now I'm not so sure, I changed my profile over to Goggle not fully realising what the effect would be, now I am receiving e-mails from family members who think their family's, are part of these
The enquiries are increasing from all points of the compass. I'm not sure how to handle this. I can't seem to change my profile back, and of course I've opened Pandora's box! so what's the point?
May be, I should stop Blogging! and move on, it was not my intention to harm anybody or their memory.

If everything seems to be going well! You have obviously overlooked something.

An Arab in Italy

I've Just flown across France, in low cloud and rain and have decided to call it a day and land into Brindisi Italy, and spend a night in a hotel, and hope the rain passes through and I can carry on tomorrow for the Sudan.
After my evening meal I decided to go for a walk, to see what I could see?
Just a short distance from my hotel, there was a public park with the usual Italian plaza and statues, sitting on a park bench I noticed a small man, sitting huddled up, as if he was cold, he looked a bit like a beggar!  I walked on passed him, he never really looked up as I greeted him in Italian. we had eye contact for just a second then he looked away. there was a look of shame in his eyes, and I felt I had intruded into his space, embarrassing him, I continued to walk away back to my hotel.
The next morning the Italian airspace was closed for military exercises! so I couldn't leave, I went back to the park and my little friend was sitting in the exact position! he had not moved an inch.
I looked at him a bit closer this time, his clothes were well worn and ill fitting, with a military look about them, his foot ware was falling to bits! full of holes on the soles, and his skin was sallow, but dark, he has the look of Arabia about him, so I tried to greet him in the traditional Arabian way, in his own tongue.
He looked at me then looked away. (the look of the lost!)
I'd seen that look before in Africa, this man was lost! starving and thirsty without hope, he had given up on life, he is dying here, sitting, surrounded by plenty, and he seems to be invisible to the people walking by, they just don't seem to see him.
There is nothing more to do he is already on his journey ( maybe cleansing his hands and feet with water would help him ?)
I walked away,this is not my affair?

Back at the Hotel I was swimming in the pool, and for some reason or other? I just couldn't stop thinking about my little Arab friend! just couldn't get him out of my mind, it was niggling at me, there was something about him? don't ask me what?
He had a story within him and I had to know it , I'm helplessly drawn to it like a "duck to water".

I jumped out of the pool, got dressed and went to the local shop, I bought a couple of bottles of water and a pizza, and made my way back to the plaza.
My little friend was still in the same position, I walked over to him  said "hallo" in English and started to open one of the water bottles, he looked up and seemed to breath in the smell of the water,
I offered him the bottle to have a drink, he was unable to resist and made gulping sounds as he drunk from the bottle too fast. I took the bottle from him saying for him to "slow down, as it may make him sick" if he drinks to quickly.  I sat down beside him? thinking to myself  he's just a shadow of a man, huddled up in his own pain?
I gave him the bottle to drink more water, taking it back from him after a short time, and continued to do so, until he had consumed about half of the bottle, I then opened the pizza and offered him a small slice, he looked at the pizza and then at me.
I knew what he was thinking, so I said " this food will not offend your god" I took the other bottle of water and washed his hands and then I removed his shoes and washed his feet. It was like handling a small child, I put my hand on his shoulder and told him "I would take his memory to his family". (a wee white lie?) Placing the water and pizza on the seat beside him and a few dollars I started to walk away, he whispered "thank you" in English, I continued to walk away, not wanting to be part of his passing. I had seen this before unfortunately my help will be days to late.
I had done all I could for now and I have to go and prepare my flight plan and continue my journey,( life goes on)
I could only hope that he recovers enough to continue his journey? where ever that is!
Back at the hotel I spoke with the owner and she said " she would send a blanket and food for him" so that's a good start, I offered to pay her but she said "no". (bless her old heart?).

BSA Classic

This drawing has been done by John Hancox and you must agree it's so cool.
If you have an interest in this art he has many more on his website.


I don't believe this is true ? are we that stupid?

Our economy  is reported? as being as low as it can get, and yet! its also reported that we are giving £millions to a country that is far richer than us. It's also reported that  they are spending over a £Billion pounds on warships which we are unable to afford.  They are not even trading with our shipping industry?
The government office's that dish out this aid should be sacked! from their cushy jobs and put on the street into the real world with the rest of us , and replaced by honest people who realise we are no longer the British Empire but a third world one.

Oh yes I hear you say!

All credit must go to David Bell for his drawing here of a Sailing vessel, running in front of the wind, (the tea run) Inspiring!