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Irena Sendley

Irena Sendler.
Died: May 12, 2008 (98 years of age )

Who is she you may ask?
Well let me tell, this extraordinary ladies story.?

During the second World war, in the Warsaw Ghetto. Irena got herself a job within the Ghetto, and during that time, she  carried to safety, over 2500 very young children.?
Can you imagine that?
She was stopped  and searched every time! the Nazi soldiers, let her in and out of the camp, she would have a baby in her tool box hidden at the bottom and a wee child hidden in a burlap sack! on the back of the truck, the barking of her dog masked any sounds the babies may make. Then there would have been her personal abuse from the Nazi guards.
Just imagine the tension during those moments? she must have had nerves of steel? 2,500 children?

Ultimately and unfortunately! she was caught and badly brutalised by the Nazis, they broke both her arms and legs and some how with all this horror surrounding her ! she survived.
I'm sure her full story is available on the internet, Google her name?

Irena kept a record of the children's names in a glass jar hidden in her garden, and after the war tried to locate homes and family for her  wee escapees! but unfortunately most were dead.
Gassed by the Nazis.

Now here's the Kicker!

In 2007 Irena was put up for the Noble peace prize, she was not selected? can you believe that?

A politician: A. Gore. won it, for his slide show on global warning.

Another politician also won it? Barack Hussein Obama, I'm sure you know these names?
But nothing they did was noble!
Makes you wonder about the people? who award this accolade for noble deeds to humanity, it's a joke!

It's been 65 years since the war in Europe ended and there are people within our Society who claim the whole thing was a myth!
There are other who would like to do it again.
As a people we must not let this memory be forgotten.
So I leave you with this promise I will burn a candle every year in her memory, and never forget this grand lady.

In the memory of 20 million Russians, 6 million jews,1 million Christians, and over 1900 priests. Who were massacred! Raped! Burned! and Staved to death! and Humiliated! by the Nazis.

Michael Jacksons "Earth Song" should make politicians hang their heads in shame. (If only they knew how ?)

Irena Sendler


  1. What an amazing woman! Yet, I never heard of her. All those children she saved! What bravery! Thank you for this post to let us all know about her.

    1. yes she was some lady, thank you for your comment


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