Tuesday, 4 September 2012

I don't believe this is true ? are we that stupid?

Our economy  is reported? as being as low as it can get, and yet! its also reported that we are giving £millions to a country that is far richer than us. It's also reported that  they are spending over a £Billion pounds on warships which we are unable to afford.  They are not even trading with our shipping industry?
The government office's that dish out this aid should be sacked! from their cushy jobs and put on the street into the real world with the rest of us , and replaced by honest people who realise we are no longer the British Empire but a third world one.

Oh yes I hear you say!

All credit must go to David Bell for his drawing here of a Sailing vessel, running in front of the wind, (the tea run) Inspiring!



  1. My dear friend,
    We can only pray for our leaders and our nations. We need God's intervention.

    1. 1. It's a waste of time.
      2.Intervention? we have needed it before!I'm sorry to say? it's not going to happen.

  2. I agree with Ugochi. What is wrong with them? I say take care of those in need in your own neighborhoods, country. Our country does similar, I'm sure you know that.

  3. What you and my blogger friend Ugochi say it true, But I suggest that God sends us back Harry Truman again? to set an example? but gives him spurs to clean up this mess. thanks Donna

  4. You are so right. I think Hubby and I have this conversation about the US government on a daily basis. They have forgotten what reality is like. Let them use the same health care they want to foist on us, the same taxes, school systems, etc.

  5. I can see we are on the same page? trick is not to let it get to you.
    be well Agman.


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