Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Dream of dreams

Have you ever thought what a dream really is? is it just a visit to cloud cuckoo land! whilst  asleep, or is there something more?
If it's my dream! why do I allow myself to awaken at the best part?
leaving me frustrated and lonely.
It seems my dream is teasing me.
So that means I'm teasing myself, that's not cool!

The dream comes as always from nowhere, seeping into my unconscious vision and mind, in the form of flashes and as the time between flashes diminish, I  get a heightened sense of anticipation, it's a wonderful feeling, well! a least for those precious moments.

I became fully awake within my dream, to find her laying with her back to me; she has on, a pair of silk lavender coloured jamie's, making her skin and the colour of her hair just glow.

Oh! Yes I know! I'm dreaming and yes! I don't want to awaken, I want to watch her whilst she dreams, hoping it's me, in her dreams.

I moved towards to her, very timidly to lay close, I could feel her firm body and her heart beating through her jamies and she had an alluring scent that seemed to captivate me?
My thoughts and control have left me.Oh no! that feeling! 
Oh Please No! don't awaken me? from the dream now, it would be paradise lost forever for me.

I lean forward to kiss her on the shoulder and my lips could feel her warm skin through the silk! 
I'm becoming crazy with desire.
She turns to face me, she is beautiful beyond compare, wide eyed with shiny chestnut hair and red pouting lips, as she turned to me her top fell open! exposing me to her full beauty for the first time. 
She had an athletic body and small beads of moisture were covering her upper body. She is truly a dream and I am Lost!
The motion in her eyes, was slight,barely visible!from my eyes to my lips and back,

I moved closer and gently walked my fingers across her body I paused as she sighed and pulled me closer, and we kissed and at that meeting of our lips.
We started to frantically claw at our clothes! I was like a wild animal.

Then the flashes started, I felt like a man in a deep dark well! Then she was gone! 
Then she was back!
we were laying in each others arms tangled in our own flesh, she held me tightly for just a second and then pushed me back and she was gone! I was stunned.
What had she done to me? there's no-way! I could do this to myself.
In the gentle light of the dream just before she departed I saw her silhouette as a shadow against an unknown wall, 
and then I knew?
I was being played with! by a Goddess! Succubus! a Nymph spirit, 
who moves within the dream world, with-out conscious, doing what ever pleases her, using whom ever she wants?
she is ingrained into my mind and my imagination now, 
I am her slave, until that day? she doesn't want me any more!

I awake on the floor of my bedroom feeling empty.



  1. Recording your dreams is a good idea. I also look to interpret all of my dreams. I prefer dreammoods.com It is always interesting what my dreams tell me.

  2. Iv'e always been a dreamer? I will check out dreammoods? thank you.


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