Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Manx Grand Prix

 I have just come back from a week at the isle of Manx Grand Prix.
I sailed down with a friend of mine and we slept aboard the yacht. We have be going for years, there is something that just draws us there like a pilgrimage.
Rain , hail, or snow we go? Why you say? I don't know! It would seem there is something more to it than just the enjoyment of seeing the racing and being around bikers.
I am going to attempt to write a blog about the the Call of the Motor Bike? I liken it to the Sirens call to Ulysses and his crew! full of promises, if they would only sail on to the rocks and their deaths, which they wanted to do and they would have, willingly!  if it wasn't for Ulysses blocking his ears from their songs. Like Ulysses's crew. We Bikers are unable to resist the "Call of the bike".



  1. We are all drawn to something, aren't we? And it's ok that we are. Motorbikes are something that I cannot ride, but they are something striking to see.


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