Thursday, 20 September 2012

Why do I dream

The dreamer

Its difficult to explain this dreaming.

Ginn are known through out the  Arab world, in the pre Islamic period they were called Nymphs and Satyres of the desert
The latter were called Sheitans of whom Satan "Iblis" was their Chief!

Sometimes they were represented as whirlwinds of sand travelling across the desert "dust devils".

They would encourage men to dream sexual dreams and cause them to commit suicide after taking part in these sexual dreams, because of their faith or their emptiness, or just for being used as pawns in this one sided  sexual dream.

Remember the story of the temptation of Christ, where Jesus went into the desert to face  temptation.
The devil appeared and Jesus refused his temptation and the Angels appeared and rewarded him.

Well I am not as strong as Jesus and I will succumb to her sexual games, but I will not commit suicide,
which I believe is their ultimate goal for their victims.

When she visits me and I feel her body touch mine and her lips touch me, pushing her hips close to my body,  driving me frantic, with sexual desire, leading me on to that emptiness which is her goal, to drive me to my death by my own hand.

Well I will try to resist this, but I'm only a man and these feeling are part of my being, nature did this, making me as I am  and she is beautiful ! which drives me crazy! But I will not commit suicide Never.
When  my dream walking nymph realises this! she may set me free. one can only dream!


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