Friday, 26 April 2013

A Special Birthday wish.

Happy Birthday

A Birthday Wish to a special lady I will always remember,
who shared the secrets of my soul.
Memories and Dreams and those sweet times in between.
There is no blame or shame.Thank you for being you.  X.


Saturday, 13 April 2013

An Awakened Memory of my first love.

I wrote a post, just before I went to Spain for a couple of weeks holiday, Now normally,   I do not get many comments? but I do have a few readers so when I get a comment! I'm thrilled to bits.
I ended my post with a quote my Mother used to say. to all us kids at bed time, " night night  sleep tight, and don't let the bed bugs bite".
At the time of posting I was not thinking about my Mother? only the quote. I don't know why?

On my return I checked out my G mail account! as it seemed to have developed a wee problem, and it was stuffed full of comments on my post, mentioning the quote, how it brought back memories and how much they enjoyed it and thanking me for posting, I was gobsmacked.
I received more comments than all of  my other post in a couple of weeks, amazing, and I was thrilled to bits, walking on air!

That night in bed my Mother came to me in a dream she stood over me and said "Terence night night sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite."
My Mothers name is Mary and she was born in the Emerald isle
She had long black hair and brown eyes.

Now I find that I am also grateful for the quote, it gave me back a dear memory of my Mother I had seemed to have lost.

Just one problem, whilst cherry picking my way through the e-mails I  made a cock up and dumped the lot not my first time! so I cannot respond to the e-mails, but please let me say thank you for your support and your comments, at times I'm computer nerd and not in a clever way.

It's amazing that so many people know this quote I have no idea who wrote it, or if it's world wide? makes you think?  "what do they say in China"?

As Mr G .Cowen said:

Her name was Mary; Mary sweeter than any flower that grows.
so true, she was my mum.

My Father thanks you. My Mother Thanks you, My Sister's Thank you, and My Brothers and I thank you.

Be well.

Friday, 12 April 2013

They come for us all, those Fairies.

About half way

Around 1900. J M Barrie wrote:
" When the first baby laughed for the very first time, the lilt broke up into millions of pieces, changing into fairies,  they were created to pass happiness around our world."
He also wrote "Peter Pan" I'm sure you all know what an effect that had and still has on the world.

Like most Pilots I took cat naps when-ever the opportunity presented itself.
It was my way of staying sharp, because on the odd occasion flying burned up loads of my energy and that turned out to be the cust of it all for me.
I have had a full life, full of adventure and a good family.

As I approached Retirement age, chronic fatigue become a problem, which I was obliged to report on my 6 monthly medical,
a full in-depth blood test and I was diagnosed with Haemochromatosis, a genetic blood Iron overload disorder.
I will not bore you with all the symptoms (You can Googal them). lets just say I had a high enough level of iron to start the only treatment "Venesection" as a fire brigade service. ( urgent )

So twice a week I turned up for a pint of blood venesection reducing to one day a week for a couple of years and now I get a venesection about every 8 weeks.

My doctor told me to get my affairs in order, as the nature of this genetic disorder is still a bit of a mystery and they are not sure what to expect, over the next year I developed arthritis in my fingers and wrist.
I had no other symptoms, but the doctor insisted it was my Haemochromatosis.

One day whilst driving my car, I had a feeling of sinking into my seat and it got dark around me, I managed to turn the key off and stop the car,
after a short period I was okay and drove home, I felt fine.
But on my next visit to the doctor I felt obliged to report the incident, he took further test and I went off home.
He phoned me the next day and said "my problem is attacking most of my organs now, enlarging them and causing irreversible damage  and my immune system is breaking down allowing serious tissue damage.
hr said "I could come in and be hospitalised", which I declined, he said "I should do what ever I needed to do now"! he put the phone down saying "Terry you can now longer drive".

I sat and had a cat nap and when I awoke I felt fine, I went out and fed my chickens and as I climbed over the fence, standing at the top, holding on to a tree, everything just stopped for me and just as I crashed down to the ground, a silent message came to me from a Fairy in the tree.
but when I rolled over and got up again the message was gone from my memory.

That night when I went to bed I left the window and curtains open, to let the moonlight in.
As I lay there on my death bed the little Fairies called to me to come and leave this world of misery.
It was a starry starry night and  the moon and stars where shining so bright another message came to me from a fairy flying close to me. She said " as your time is near the Fairy Queen has sent me here, to watch over you and call the queen, just as you pass and if you agree she will sprinkle fairy dust on thee and set you free and release your soul from this mortal plan and take you away to start again.
You cannot take your memories of earth away with you, they must stay here for your family to view, so I will show them all to you.

So there it was like a video: my birth, my Mother and Father Brothers and sisters Uncles and Aunties and all my friends
and everything I had ever done and now my death.

I must say it's strange to me that they should want my company.
very soon I'm sure you'll see I am just a memory.

My tale is told my song is sung,and a new fairies life is just begun.
another adventure.


Saturday, 6 April 2013

Only in Oz.

Whats up.

This item of news appeared in the Perth edition of the West Australian Newspaper.
I thought it could do with a

A Special Air Services trooper collecting toys for children was stabbed when he helped to stop a thief  in East Perth.
The store manager said "the man was seen on surveillance cameras putting a laptop under his jacket, when confronted by a member of the staff, he knocked the employee down and pulled out a knife and made a dash for the door", immediately outside he ran into four SAS troopers who stopped him, but not before he stabbed one of them in the back, fortunately the wound was not sever.
However the violent thief was transported to hospital with two broken arms, a broken leg possible broken ribs, multiple contusions
and assorted lacerations including a broken nose and jaw Injuries he apparently sustained when he tripped whilst trying to run after stabbing one of the troopers.
One of the troopers was reported as saying "he was a clumsy bastard."

Who said there is no justice in the world ( possible not enough)



A Proud Grand-dad.


A few years ago When my grand-children Alice and Mathew, were very young they came to visit me with their dad for a long weekend.

It was a fine weekend weather wise, so we went out for a sail, I of course was a little nervous of have such young children aboard and watched them closely, we had a nice day , saw a bit of wild life, seals and porpoise, I'm sure they enjoyed it by the way they were squealing with glee when the porpoise swam around us, we had tea and biscuits and then returned to the harbour, my son  climbed into the dingy to ferry us all ashore and I unhooked the safety harness's on the children.
I told them to sit and wait and I will help them into the dingy, all of a sudden Mathew jumped up onto the side of the yacht above his Father below in the dingy, I made a grab for him shouting at him "not to be so stupid" which I regretted straight away, he was reduced to tears, Alice made to cuddle him and said "Grand-dad you shouldn't shout at him, he is only a little boy".
I felt a wave of remorse  I put my arms around them both and said "I was sorry for shouting, it was just that I was fearful of them getting hurt and the sea is cold and deep should they fall in, please forgive me"?
By the time we were rowing ashore the incident was forgotten, getting into the car to leave the harbour my son slapped my shoulder and said "now you know how I feel with a girl in my family" and we laughed.
After they had gone home and I received the phone call to say they were home safe.
I started to clean up, my bathroom was wet everywhere from their splashing about, and some how they needed 5 towels. I could still hear their giggles.
I was just taking my time and savouring the memory.
That night in bed I found a little note under my pillow  from Alice and it went like this.

Dear Grandad
Once we have gone
we will miss you
lots and lots I am
sorry we came and
gone so early.
  lots of love
     daddy xx
Alice xx Mathew xx

the daddy part was scratched out and my son Paul's name inserted over it.
Isn't that sweet, for a memory?  she is 14 years of age now.

Don't you just love them.