Saturday, 13 April 2013

An Awakened Memory of my first love.

I wrote a post, just before I went to Spain for a couple of weeks holiday, Now normally,   I do not get many comments? but I do have a few readers so when I get a comment! I'm thrilled to bits.
I ended my post with a quote my Mother used to say. to all us kids at bed time, " night night  sleep tight, and don't let the bed bugs bite".
At the time of posting I was not thinking about my Mother? only the quote. I don't know why?

On my return I checked out my G mail account! as it seemed to have developed a wee problem, and it was stuffed full of comments on my post, mentioning the quote, how it brought back memories and how much they enjoyed it and thanking me for posting, I was gobsmacked.
I received more comments than all of  my other post in a couple of weeks, amazing, and I was thrilled to bits, walking on air!

That night in bed my Mother came to me in a dream she stood over me and said "Terence night night sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite."
My Mothers name is Mary and she was born in the Emerald isle
She had long black hair and brown eyes.

Now I find that I am also grateful for the quote, it gave me back a dear memory of my Mother I had seemed to have lost.

Just one problem, whilst cherry picking my way through the e-mails I  made a cock up and dumped the lot not my first time! so I cannot respond to the e-mails, but please let me say thank you for your support and your comments, at times I'm computer nerd and not in a clever way.

It's amazing that so many people know this quote I have no idea who wrote it, or if it's world wide? makes you think?  "what do they say in China"?

As Mr G .Cowen said:

Her name was Mary; Mary sweeter than any flower that grows.
so true, she was my mum.

My Father thanks you. My Mother Thanks you, My Sister's Thank you, and My Brothers and I thank you.

Be well.


  1. Hi Terence - as you know I live in Ireland now but I was born and bred in South Africa. My dad used to say that to us when we went to bed as kids as well - I can still hear his voice and the playful way he said it. I wasn't with him when he died almost 10 years ago in Cape Town, but I was talking to the nurse in the hospital on the phone just before he passed away and she said it was the last thing he said as he drifted off. How amazing the same quote brought your mother back to you in a dream - those words will always make me think of my dad.

  2. What a beautiful thing to come to you.

    1. she gave me my love of Fairy stories, told me if I had a pure heart I would see them? But that's not so easy to, thank you for your visit, your allway's welcome as the flowers in may.agman

  3. My parents used to say it to me every night, I continued it with my own son, and now he is saying it to his children but with an added extra....Don’t let the bedbugs bite. But if they do then take your shoe and knock ‘em ‘til they’re black and blue!

    1. thanks for this: "but if they do, then take your shoe and knock-em. till they're black and blue."
      I have often put my own Rhyme on the end of this.
      but I think I will follow your sons lead. Thank you.
      As they say, Be lucky, Be Kind, and be well . Agman.

    2. Thank you Agman, you too!

  4. What a great post! Glad some nostalgia also brought about such a connection with others around the world. Your mum sounds wonderful.

    I live in the United States- but my mom used to say this to me every night. I always found it so comforting- which is funny since it mentions not letting bed bugs bite me. :) Amazing how the same language is used to put kids to bed all over the globe!

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you for your kind remarks, may your house always smell of the rose with a sprinkle of good old fashioned happiness. be well: Agman


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