Saturday, 6 April 2013

A Proud Grand-dad.


A few years ago When my grand-children Alice and Mathew, were very young they came to visit me with their dad for a long weekend.

It was a fine weekend weather wise, so we went out for a sail, I of course was a little nervous of have such young children aboard and watched them closely, we had a nice day , saw a bit of wild life, seals and porpoise, I'm sure they enjoyed it by the way they were squealing with glee when the porpoise swam around us, we had tea and biscuits and then returned to the harbour, my son  climbed into the dingy to ferry us all ashore and I unhooked the safety harness's on the children.
I told them to sit and wait and I will help them into the dingy, all of a sudden Mathew jumped up onto the side of the yacht above his Father below in the dingy, I made a grab for him shouting at him "not to be so stupid" which I regretted straight away, he was reduced to tears, Alice made to cuddle him and said "Grand-dad you shouldn't shout at him, he is only a little boy".
I felt a wave of remorse  I put my arms around them both and said "I was sorry for shouting, it was just that I was fearful of them getting hurt and the sea is cold and deep should they fall in, please forgive me"?
By the time we were rowing ashore the incident was forgotten, getting into the car to leave the harbour my son slapped my shoulder and said "now you know how I feel with a girl in my family" and we laughed.
After they had gone home and I received the phone call to say they were home safe.
I started to clean up, my bathroom was wet everywhere from their splashing about, and some how they needed 5 towels. I could still hear their giggles.
I was just taking my time and savouring the memory.
That night in bed I found a little note under my pillow  from Alice and it went like this.

Dear Grandad
Once we have gone
we will miss you
lots and lots I am
sorry we came and
gone so early.
  lots of love
     daddy xx
Alice xx Mathew xx

the daddy part was scratched out and my son Paul's name inserted over it.
Isn't that sweet, for a memory?  she is 14 years of age now.

Don't you just love them.


  1. Way too sweet. What total treasures they are.

  2. What a beautiful memory. Thank you so much for sharing it.

    1. you know the saying "I am Putty in their hands" well it's true. agman


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