Saturday, 14 December 2013

My Early Wish.

To my Blogger friends 

Today I went down the street,
I searched high and I searched low,
There was hardly a place I didn't go,
Imagine the shock I got,
When I entered that final shop,
And there it was the card for me, 
I'm sure no other card will do, 
So this is what I'd like to share with you.

Have a Magical Merry Christmas from me to you, including all your families too. 
Where ever you are, whatever you do, 
In this world be true! then happiness will come and find you,

Wishing you all out there a Happy Christmas.


Partly Truth and Partly Fiction

Around :1899
South Africa.

This is the story of a deeply religious farm boy,
who found it confusing and against his inner feelings when he was told that it was OK to kill British people,
by his religious leaders,
so he went and did his duty as he saw it,
with Strong reservations, deep down he thought it was wrong to kill any person, for what ever reason, and this became one of his demons that troubled him.When he did his duty as he saw it.

The Freedom wars between the British war machine  and the African Boer.

When the British government realised that south Africa was awash, with great quantities of all the main valuables of the known, world, (Gold, Diamond's, coal, and millions of acres of good farming land with Timber and cattle.) They decided to annex it into their Empire, by what ever means possible, before too many of the other world leaders got in on the act.

Of course this piece of history will not be shown in this context in the UK, history books, surprise! surprise!
We are all aware that history is written by the Victors.

Thursday, 12 December 2013


 I sit around and wait and see if the power in the Morphine,  will set me free, from my pain, giving me a chance to look and see the day again.


Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Do you see me? as a threat to you?

Well today I can safely say,
A miracle happened to come my way,

I was sitting having coffee,
Whilst a lady with her baby,
was sitting close to me,
She was feeding her baby with a bottle, who was sitting on her  knee,

She rolled backwards and looked at me and I smiled she was so lovely,
Dark eyes and short black hair with such a lovely smile to share.

But when her mother looked at me, I saw the fear in her eyes.
As if I threatened her and her child,
Just because she believed something that had been said to her.
About old boys like me?

I left the Coffee shop and went out and sat on a chair in the street.
I was sad really, this is not the way its meant to be.

I have always thought that children and elderly members of our society would benefit from contact with each other, and it being totally normal.
It's a good and healthy, and they can see our wrinkles and glasses and grey hair, but they don't really care, it's just a little adventure for them to share. Identifying with older folk.
Many children are traumatised by their parents in regards to old folk. by what they are told to expect from us. Strangers!

Do you see me,? as you walk pass me in the street?
As I sit lonely upon a seat.
As some old man your children may like to greet, but forbidden by you to even speak,

Or I do you see me as someone, who may be a threat to you and your family? and shun me, as you walk past me in the street,
as you do!
It's as if I'm not sitting on a seat in the street.

The ugly scars you see on me, true that may frighten you!
I received when fighting for my country.
Something you don't seem to want to hear or see?

Many men just like me, willingly died in battle.
Just so you and our families could be free,
and now no-one wants to talk to me,
for some reason? I cannot see!
Society wants you, to forget about me.

The lady from the Coffee shop came out and sat with me and let me hold her baby, and we had a little chat, so that was a win for me.
Giving meaning to my day, you see.

So next time your walking down the street and see an ole boy sitting in a seat,
smile and say hallo. make his day.before you walk away.


Tuesday, 10 December 2013

A visiter to my garden

 In my Garden.  

 Good morning!

You know how people sometimes remark that you're walking around with your head in the clouds?
Unable to see the wonders of the world that surround you!

Well I'm a wee bit guilty of this, let me explain?

This summer has been a real sailing summer for me and I have been out on my boat as much as I could ever be,
only coming home to  cut the lawns and clear up a bit.

I'd spend an hour in the shower washing the stink of smelly clothes off of me.
Then I was off to sea again, as happy as can be.
I never noticed anything strange around me when I was home?

But the last time, near the end of summer.
I came home and sat out my back at my wee pool,
I had that feeling that something just wasn't right,
so I got up and started to look about my garden! it all seem to be in order,
until I went around my front and saw this plant.
There it was.
Standing like a proud Prince expecting the whole world to bow down and pay homage to it's beauty.
It was in a pot surrounded by Heather and Gorse.
I must have walked passed it a number of time and I didn't notice it!
I'm sure if it could speak,it would have shouted at me to to look and see, the wonder of nature it was showing to me.

I received the plant from my daughter in law and in truth I didn't like it,
I had it for 12 years, never a flower?

Every time I got to close to it, I got prodded by it's sharp barbs,
I always gave it a wide berth and had more than once decided to introduce it to the bin,
which I never did?
but I know in my heart of hearts, it didn't like me.
Now there it was, proudly challenging me, with it's unbelievable beauty,
As if to say "look what I have produced? what have you done that can compare? with my beauty.

That makes you stop and stare.

It's so true, I did stare at it beauty and it's proud stand there,
I couldn't believe I walked past it ? without seeing it growing there.

Then I watered it every night and after six weeks it just blew away,
I wonder if it will ever come back, and revisit me some day.