Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Do you see me? as a threat to you?

Well today I can safely say,
A miracle happened to come my way,

I was sitting having coffee,
Whilst a lady with her baby,
was sitting close to me,
She was feeding her baby with a bottle, who was sitting on her  knee,

She rolled backwards and looked at me and I smiled she was so lovely,
Dark eyes and short black hair with such a lovely smile to share.

But when her mother looked at me, I saw the fear in her eyes.
As if I threatened her and her child,
Just because she believed something that had been said to her.
About old boys like me?

I left the Coffee shop and went out and sat on a chair in the street.
I was sad really, this is not the way its meant to be.

I have always thought that children and elderly members of our society would benefit from contact with each other, and it being totally normal.
It's a good and healthy, and they can see our wrinkles and glasses and grey hair, but they don't really care, it's just a little adventure for them to share. Identifying with older folk.
Many children are traumatised by their parents in regards to old folk. by what they are told to expect from us. Strangers!

Do you see me,? as you walk pass me in the street?
As I sit lonely upon a seat.
As some old man your children may like to greet, but forbidden by you to even speak,

Or I do you see me as someone, who may be a threat to you and your family? and shun me, as you walk past me in the street,
as you do!
It's as if I'm not sitting on a seat in the street.

The ugly scars you see on me, true that may frighten you!
I received when fighting for my country.
Something you don't seem to want to hear or see?

Many men just like me, willingly died in battle.
Just so you and our families could be free,
and now no-one wants to talk to me,
for some reason? I cannot see!
Society wants you, to forget about me.

The lady from the Coffee shop came out and sat with me and let me hold her baby, and we had a little chat, so that was a win for me.
Giving meaning to my day, you see.

So next time your walking down the street and see an ole boy sitting in a seat,
smile and say hallo. make his day.before you walk away.



  1. The children in our local school are learning about stranger danger. I realise parents and teachers have to be carefull but how sad when children look at all old folks in the same way.

  2. I am glad that the lady came and sat with you and realized you weren't a threat. I think it is important to teach kids not to go to strangers when they are alone, but being kind to others (of any age) is important. My mom always taught me to smile at everyone I meet and to say help to them. When I first went to college one of my new friends thought it was so strange, but it was just the way I was raised. :)

    I think we can all spread more smiles each day- you never know how that light will spread!

  3. So sad when this happens. What a strange world we live in that we must harbor such fears.


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