Tuesday, 10 December 2013

A visiter to my garden

 In my Garden.  

 Good morning!

You know how people sometimes remark that you're walking around with your head in the clouds?
Unable to see the wonders of the world that surround you!

Well I'm a wee bit guilty of this, let me explain?

This summer has been a real sailing summer for me and I have been out on my boat as much as I could ever be,
only coming home to  cut the lawns and clear up a bit.

I'd spend an hour in the shower washing the stink of smelly clothes off of me.
Then I was off to sea again, as happy as can be.
I never noticed anything strange around me when I was home?

But the last time, near the end of summer.
I came home and sat out my back at my wee pool,
I had that feeling that something just wasn't right,
so I got up and started to look about my garden! it all seem to be in order,
until I went around my front and saw this plant.
There it was.
Standing like a proud Prince expecting the whole world to bow down and pay homage to it's beauty.
It was in a pot surrounded by Heather and Gorse.
I must have walked passed it a number of time and I didn't notice it!
I'm sure if it could speak,it would have shouted at me to to look and see, the wonder of nature it was showing to me.

I received the plant from my daughter in law and in truth I didn't like it,
I had it for 12 years, never a flower?

Every time I got to close to it, I got prodded by it's sharp barbs,
I always gave it a wide berth and had more than once decided to introduce it to the bin,
which I never did?
but I know in my heart of hearts, it didn't like me.
Now there it was, proudly challenging me, with it's unbelievable beauty,
As if to say "look what I have produced? what have you done that can compare? with my beauty.

That makes you stop and stare.

It's so true, I did stare at it beauty and it's proud stand there,
I couldn't believe I walked past it ? without seeing it growing there.

Then I watered it every night and after six weeks it just blew away,
I wonder if it will ever come back, and revisit me some day.



  1. Isn't this a beautiful plant? Amazing that it took so long to flower.

  2. I love to sail and am so glad you got a lot of sailing in this year. :) This flower is just beautiful and how amazing that it bloomed when you least expected it. I guess some things just need to blossom at their own time. I am happy you got to enjoy it!


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