Monday, 25 November 2013

I'm Just A Man Like You?I


A Wee Poem.
I believe It was written by;

Harry Morris.

An ex policeman.

Watch out there's a copper about

I have been where you fear to be,
I have seen what you fear to see,
I have done things what you fear to do,
All these things, I have done for you.

I am the man you lean upon,
The man you cast your scorn upon,
The man you bring your troubles to,
All these men, I have been to you,
The man you ask to stand apart,
The man you feel should have no heart,

The man you call the "man in blue",
But I'm just a man, just like you,
And through the years, I've come to see,
I'm not what you ask of me.

So take these handcuffs and this baton,
Will you take it? Will anyone?
And when you watch a person die,
And hear a battered baby cry,
Then do you think that you can be,
All the things you ask of me?

I'm just a man like you.

Didn't he do well? He's certainly got my vote.



  1. Hello Agman, what lovely words and I really like the picture – what a dear little lad all dressed up in his uniform. After we were involved in a road traffic accident in the summer, I asked one of the policemen how he coped. He said the boy who died was the same age as his own son so it made it harder, but he just had to stay detached. Watching firemen cut the boy out of his car and trying to keep him alive until the air ambulance arrived will stay with me forever.
    Thank you so much for welcoming me home today; your comments are always appreciated. Barbara.

  2. A policeman, one of the boys in blue,
    Doing what we expect him to,
    So brave and sad ,
    he had to see that little lad. be well agman

  3. What a wonderful poem - full of sentiment. Thank you, I enjoyed reading it.

    1. Hi Terence, thank you. Once again a thought provoking read.....maybe we expect too much of our policemen. Norn

    2. Hi Nor thanks for your comment, always a pleasure Cuz. Terence


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