Friday, 15 November 2013

When John Awoke

This piece is written by:

Clive Sanders.

A British soldier.

John Woke Up Cozy.

John woke up so cozy, in his comfortable bed.
He smiled as he nodded, when his loving wife said,
"Would you like some toast with a nice cup of tea?
Then keep yourself warm I'm not leaving 'til three."
John pulled up the duvet, and heard his young son,
Tell his wife that he needed, a clean shirt to put on.
John thought that he'd better, get up and help Peg,
So he reached out with his arm, for his prosthetic leg.

It was always an effort, that filled him with dread,
To secure his prosthetic, if a blister had bled.
He thought as he struggled, to pull his leg free,
" This would be so much easier, if only I could see."
For John had been wounded, by a Taliban gun,
His memory was blind, of that day in the sun,
When a shell landed close, to a black powder keg,
And he had been blinded and lost his right leg.

John did have some days, when the thought filled his head,
That his life was worth nothing; he'd be better off dead.
He would plan how to pay, that most terrible fee,
To end all the suffering, of his whole family.
But he always comes back, to the fact number one.
That his loved one's would suffer, if the foul deed were done.
Then he'd always cheer up, when his son home arrived,
And John smiled as he thought, I'm so glad I'm alive.
Clive Sanders.
This brings back a memory of a Medy-vac Chopper Pilot,
I recovered one night in Vietnam, similar wounds! unfortunately he didn't  make it. His call sign was "Wolfman" from Texas.

So I remember you: " Wolfman" you saved many lives with that chopper and I'm sure they all remember you.
Your memory lives on.



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