Thursday, 14 November 2013

A letter From you.

you wrote me a Letter.

I wish I had not received the letter you wrote,
For it saddened me and my spirit it broke.
Sending me to that gloomy melancholy place.

I was under your spell,
When you told me on that fateful day, you just told me to "go away", you  said "you no longer loved me any more."

That stake you drove into me, took many years to set me free,
I ran away, to where the lonely go! drifting and waiting, for the pain to go away.
It never did! don't you see?

So please? don't write any more letters to me.

I feel your hurt and all your pain,
But please? I cannot let my mind go to that place again.

When I read your words you wrote again,
My mind conjures up sad images, deep within your pain.

But I have to hold on to my sanity,
or I will sink into the gloom and that is something,
I truly do not want to do.

This is such a sad letter ? I have no words to make it better.
But I would say this to you.

Don't sit there and be sad!
just pick up your bag and walk or run, take a bus or train, ride a bike it's all the same.

You must escape from your sadness,
leave it far behind, and go to that happy place, deep within your own mind.

When you find that happy place!
call me and let me know? that you are free and no longer have a need of me,
Then I will also be set free.

Your sad letter I will burn this very day, so the sadness,
will be destroyed and not get away .

Yes that's what I think I will do,
when I become lonely and sad, just like you.
So please Princess set me free ?

Write no more letters to me.



  1. Someone so sad but not willing to change? Is this what this is about?

    1. Oh Donna, you've gone and made me think, I wrote this after seeing a man and women walk past my window on a stormy cold day at different times,It was just the way I saw it I'm such a dork at times, they may well have been just going home to a warm fire and a happy home, who knows? I wrote It within a hour and just posted it, without giving it a great deal of thought, as I should have.
      Anyway thanks for your comments always welcome.happy Christmas to you and yours
      All the best Agman


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