Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Look? 10,000 years into the future of our planet

10,000 years from today.

A space ship is approaching our planet full of aliens who have been travelling for a 100 years or more, in our time, from their Galaxy to ours.

They are explores and greatly admire the beauty of our blue planet.

Well it used to be ours? before we blew it all away.

As they get nearer they scan our planet for intelligent life?
but I'm sorry to say? they will only get readings of an unbelievable variety of plant and animal life,
Time has reborn our planet, back to the days we first crawled out of the water and developed into mankind.
A new start for Planet Earth. But not us?

Their scans will not cross the thousands of years since we passed away into time.
They will not show them how we destroyed ourselves with no trust, only greed and a refusal to share improvements and the wealth of the world.
Selling weapons of destruction that eventually! we used against each other causing our own demise from the very surface of our own planet Earth.
It's a shame I know,
But no scans will ever show,
Any trace of a living mankind.

Otherwise we would also? well possible?  be exploring the galaxies.
There is every possibility? that we would be on a technically level with these travellers? even be on a friendly basis with them and other members of the Galaxies.

But no!  there is no sign of us? or our society, all our buildings, books, all overgrown and gone crumbled away in time, a couple of thousand years ago.
There will be no record of the horrors we inflicted on each other during our final days.

The travellers may find some signs of our society and I'm sure it will be a mystery to them? as it is to me? as to what happened to us, on such a beautiful and bountiful planet? We were just so Crazy.

A greedy stupid society destroyed by a self inflicted wound, our inability to look far into our planets future, before making most of the decisions that caused our end.

Our Arts, Our Loves, Our music, books! our technical advances, medicine? and all our memories!  all gone.

If these visitors walk on this new planet.
They may hear a faint, ghostly, requiem, pass them bye.
A lonely piano composition of an old timeless Irish tune.
"Oh Danny Boy" A harmonic connection within us,
A sad memory ? refusing to leave and pass on into eternity.

I'm sure they will not understand.

Mankind has gone? he ceases to be, he couldn't see his own tragedy.

I was going to call this blog "Look? 10.000 years into our future"
But as you can see, there is no future for you and me.

It may be a strange thing to say, but do you think we may have done this before? and learned nothing!

Agman. year: 4514.


  1. You've said it, alright. Will we ever learn? Seems not.

    1. We have the greatest form of communications known! ( the internet) and if we don't unite and turn the heads of those on our planet who are to be the destroyers of our planets future, it's game over. just a wee bit frightening my friend. be well agman

  2. What an interesting post! We do need to treat each other and our wonderful planet with respect. It would be nice if everyone could see that kindness and getting along will get us all a better life. :)

  3. I have this deep desire within me, a cherished dream? if you will.
    That we will change? before it's too late.
    But I think ? I'm also searching for a safe place to fall apart..
    be well, agman.


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