Saturday, 24 November 2012

This Story is for you.Rupert

I found this single page laying on a window ledge on the waterfront, at the isle of Mann. I was down there for the TT meeting, I sail down every year with my mate.

I thought to myself I would keep it and read it to my grand children, I felt it had a special quality about it, which they would enjoy, so I took it on-board and placed it between two pieces of paper in a book for safe keeping and quickly forgot about it!

I have my yacht out of the water now and have started to do a bit of winter maintenance.
When I was clearing out my library of read books, that single page fluttered down onto the deck as if to remind me! it was still there, so I took it into my house and placed it on my computer keys.
Firstly I thought I would try and find out a bit about it from the Internet, also I only seem to have half the story and there are no illustrations at all on my page, as there are on all the three bears stories, I viewed.
Anyway I had a stroke of luck, I found a web site that specialises in old books and they had a three bears book with a load of beautiful pictures, very old and possible the only one in print, and the story line very similar to mine, so I contacted the owner and asked if I could get a copy of the second part of the story? She graciously posted the full story for me and others to read, how cools that!
All credit must go to Marchhouse books, for this wee story that I copied for my grand children.
Their web site is full of wonderful books for children, some of them rare classics, it's a site well worth a visit, with Christmas presents in mind? visit:

The Three Bears and the Story of Goldilocks :

There stood a house upon a hill. Where Three Bears lived perhaps do still.
All around the house was grass so green the prettiest I have ever seen. Inside the house, so I'm told, lived Three Brown Bears as bold as bold, they went in sizes one ,two three, the smallest one was Tiny Wee.

Now Mother Bear has the porridge made, and every day the table laid, each had their special bowl and chair even  Teeny Weeny Bear.

Now Goldilocks was warned, they say, that through the woods she must not stray. but yes! she did, need I say more, she came across the Three bears Door.
"How sweet" she cried and up did creep and through the window took a peek. The latch upon the door she tried and very boldly stepped inside. The porridge she at once did spy and ate the smallest up, Oh My! Then to the chairs she quickly flew and sat on each in turn it's true. The smallest she liked the best of all, but through the bottom she did fall, which gave her quite a nasty scare to find she'd broken the Wee Bears Chair.
"Then up the stairs" she said "I'll go" where three beds stood all in a row, "I wonder who sleeps here" she said and climbed upon the biggest bed, and then she tried the middle size but soon the small one caught her eyes, so onto this one she did creep and very soon was fast asleep.
Now in the Bears came one, two, three, just as hungry as they could be " Oh Who's been sitting in my chair? and now it's broke" cried Poor Little Weeny Bear "and it's no joke!"
Mummy Bear said "Someone has been here I wonder who? and tasted all our porridge too." "Someone eaten all of mine" cried Baby Bear with such a whine.

Then up the stairs they all did creep and found Miss Goldilocks fast asleep, the little bear saw her and said " Just look she is curled in my bed".
But Goldilocks was soon awake and I'm sure she began to shake! right through the window she did jump and landed down with such a bump!
She ran so quickly down the path that all the Bears I'm sure did laugh.
She ran with all her might that soon the house was lost from sight,
She ran so fast as you can see, to jump upon her Mummy's knee.

I'm pretty sure your mum will know that the three bears lived a long time ago, She will continue with this tale and get it read so you can snuggle up in bed, should you dream and smile whist sleeping just remember your in grand-dads keeping.

Goodnight, sleep tight don't let the bedbugs bite,



  1. So sweet and what a memory. Loved this post.

  2. Hello Terence, I'm delighted you were able to do a post on this. Glad to help. Barbara. March House Books

  3. Barbara is a gem - I so enjoyed your post and it was great to see her mentioned as well. I popped over from Donna's blog - when she recommends someone I always follow her advice! My dad always used to say 'Goodnight, sleep tight don't let the bedbugs bite' - it was like hearing his voice again when I got to the end of your post.

  4. I agree Barbara is a gem and without her kind permission I would never have posted My Rupert's bedtime story. thank you for your kind comments. Isn't it strange? how our fondest and moving memories! find us in the strangest places. be well. Agman

  5. I love Barbara's books. An oasis in the wilderness.

  6. Amen to that, Thankes for dropping in.Agman

  7. Yay for Marchhouse books! Such a great resource!
    Nice to meet you Terence. Popping over from my friend Donna's blog. G'day to you. :D

  8. Oh yes Marchhouse books is the place to go. Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm collecting all my comments as they seem to make me Happy?, but they are as rare as diamonds, so I will be content because that's were happiness lies. go well.Agman


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