Tuesday, 13 November 2012

"Proper English" (from a lady)

                     my Baby

I always think that every day is an adventure, so image how thrilled I was, when I received an e-mail advising me on my inability to write or spell correctly and as she put it "use Proper English" and "grammar" in my fantasy based Bloggs.
She went onto say she thought I am also "a male chauvinist pig"! who would do every body a favour by retiring.
What ever did I do?
In Reply,
Firstly! let me say I make no apologies for not being good at the Queens English, enter any court environment ! it's a language that is used, with the use of an solicitor or barrister to help you to understand it, and it  suits certain situations  a word can have  quiet few interpretation, Can I write? who knows!  I just do my best`.

Male "chauvinist Pig" what a derogatory word, one which I believe has come into popularity in the last 15 years  and is misused on  many occasions. It means a man who feels a woman has no worth, I am definitely not one of these.I love them.
This lady could offer to read and edit my blog for me, if she finds it so offensive, I'm cool with that.
Now let me ask a question?
Why contact me on my blog e-mail? instead of putting it directly on my post, I need the comments!
I don't get many comments on my blog, in truth I don't get many at all, but not to worry, we all know, I got this one? right.
I'm not sure but I feel this person knows me somehow!
Will I change? no!
There is more of a chance of watching a butterfly fly upside down in the middle of winter over flowers! than of me changing, it's not my nature to back down, so as they say. " bring it on"
Thank you.



  1. Sweet friend, I have never found anything wrong with your blog. Ignore negativity and don't expend your energy on it. Shame on this Grammar Nazi. If it were me, and this person followed me, I'd drop him/her like a hot potato. And once it hit the floor, I'd trash it.

    1. Sorry in being slow in a replying thank you for the comment and support, you are my friend.be well. Agman.


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