Friday, 7 December 2012

Alice this wee story is for you and your brother Mathew

Alice & Mathew.

Love you.

I do hope you enjoy this, it's a different way of looking at      
Here Go's.

This famous wicked tale, should never have been put on sale! it's a mystery to me why loving parents cannot see, that this is actually a book about, 

"A Brazen Little Crook"

Now just imagine how you'd feel, if you had cooked a lovely meal, delicious porridge,steaming hot,fresh coffee in the coffee pot, maybe toast with marmalade and the table beautifully laid.

A place for you and one for Dad and one for your little lad.
Then Dad cries out "this porridge is hot, lets take a walk along the street until it's cooled enough to eat, plus an early morning stroll is good for people on the whole", Your appetite it will improve, and also helps your bowels to move.

No proper wife would dare to question such a sensible suggestion, above all! not at breakfast time when men are seldom in their prime.

No sooner are you down the road, When "Goldilocks" that little toad; that nosey thieving little louse, comes sneaking into your empty house.

Most educated people choose, to rid themselves of socks and shoes before they clamber into bed.

But "Goldie" didn't give a shred when she climbed into the bed, her filthy shoes were thick with grime and mud and mush and slush and slime. Worse still! upon the heal of one was something that a dog had done.

I say once more? "what would you think?"
If all that horrid dirt and stink,was smeared upon your eiderdown, by this revolting little clown.

This famous story has no clues, to show if this girl removed her shoes.

"Oh" what a tale of crime! lets check it for a second time.

Crime one : The prosecutions case; she breaks and enters some-ones place.

Crime two: You will note, she stole a plate of porridge oats.

Crime three: She breaks a special chair belonging to the baby bear.

Crime four: She smears each spotless sheet, with filthy messes from her feet.

Now a judge would say, without a blink "off you go into the clink."

But in this book, as you will see the little scamp gets off scot free.

Whilst tiny children near and far shout hurrah! "poor darling Goldilocks" they say "thank goodness that she got away".

My-self I think! I'd rather send "Goldie" to a sticky end.

"Oh Daddy! cried the baby bear my porridge is gone, it isn't fair"!

"Then go upstairs" the big bear said " your porridge is laying on the bed"

"But as it's inside that little crook!
You'll have to change the ending to this book"???

Remember! every day of life is an adventure, and my next great adventure, is when I come and see you at Christmas time.
How cools that? your Granddad loves you.

I give all credit to the creator of this story, whom ever you are? it's lovely and reflects your talent.
If you would like to see the correct version of this story or even buy It, I'm sure March house books will help you. 



  1. Your grandchildren look so sweet Agman - they are lucky to have someone like you who tells them such lovely stories. (Unfortunately my parents both passed away before my son was old enough to remember them - something I've always felt sad about.) Thanks for popping in for a visit and leaving a comment yesterday!

  2. Of course Sharon my grandchildren are now 14/12 years of age and thank you, they are still sweeties! but still seem to enjoy the stories, one of Mathews favourite is Jack and the Bean-stalk, but I'm having trouble getting it to rhyme.
    I also spent a few years flying a firebomber in Natal, my first blog was about the trip out of Zulu land.
    I'm sorry to hear your parents never got a chance to be remembered by you son, you may be able to join him to your parents by the use of your memories I use my memories, stories text, e-mails, to show them they are part of a family. I look on my wee contacts as pieces of string that bind me to them. (excuse me going on). thank you for your comments, I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas
    from my family to yours. go well .agman

  3. Wonderful! I so enjoyed this. Please enjoy your holidays with those you love.


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