Tuesday, 11 December 2012

£ 1:2 Billion

£ 1.2 Billion or if you prefer $1.9 Billion

is a lot of money in any bodies pocket?

The British Bank HSBC is paying this amount to the Federal Government as a settlement!   
to cover its spoor of it's crooked dealings and money laundering, and in an effort to stop the investigation.

After the cheque is cleared I'm sure both sides will retire to a plush restaurant and have a wee toast to celebrate dodging the bullet.
Oh am I being unkind?

They should be named and shamed and then Jailed.

But! They will all get their bonuses, and continue, with no feeling's of guilt.

Don't that make you bite your lip?

don't you just wonder how much they got away with?
Just think how that much money would have helped our economy.

Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. (Lord Acton)



  1. It does make you see red, doesn't it! Here the government bailed out all the banks (after their wild spending spree) at the taxpayers expense. Now we've just had the latest austerity budget - but of course the politicians's perks and pensions are not touched!

    1. Honesty is a fine jewel, but it's just not in fashion.thanks for your comment.

  2. It's probably a couple of weeks' profit.
    If that's what they uncovered, I hate to think what they didn't, or ignored as too "paltry" to bother about.

    1. So true getting to the truth of this never? the odds are better in the lottery.Thanks for your comment. be well

  3. No different here, yet the middle class wonder about tomorrow.


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