Thursday, 13 December 2012

Thank you.

I would just Like to say thank you, to all  readers of my blog.

Harry Trueman a different kind of President.

During the last couple of weeks, it has started to climb on it's way to becoming my most read blog.
For me; he was a fine decent man and I hope readers of this will think the same. Thank You.

Just a wee fantasy  of mine!

That my blog is being read by politicians and they are having second thoughts  and have decided to copy his ways? giving Honest and decent representation to all.
Just think? in 100 years time people may say" that Agmans blog started the butterfly effect leading to a better life for us all".

I said it was my fantasy! a guy can dream can't he?



  1. Well, I for one find a lot of worth in your posts and enjoy them immensely. I'm so glad your readers are growing. Way to go, my friend!


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