Saturday, 15 December 2012

Connecticut 27 school children dead

In Memory

Just before Christmas
27 young children and a couple of adults were shot to death in a school area.
It's unbelievable, but it happens far to often.
Something has to be done about it, at the very least  something is better than nothing!
I saw figures  showing that the average death by hand guns is below 100 per year in countries of the civilised world.
In the United States the amount go's up to 10.700 per year,  about 30 people a day ! something is wrong? how can this be aloud to continue.
It would seem that the politicians have been struggling to come up with a workable answer to this problems for years, to no avail.
I wish I had  answer that would work but I haven't.
What I will say is! " if there are no hand guns, nobody would get shot by hand guns"
America has a wonderful record for it'd achievements in making the world a better place, but this hand gun business is one big stain on a society the world looks up to, but is rapidly loosing respect for.

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  1. Excellent words. So many of us agree with you. This tragedy has affected us so deeply. Our hearts go out to those killed and those who loved them. What a sad, sad Christmas for their families.


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