Sunday, 9 December 2012

Mistletoe kisses

                     Just a wee moment

I sent this wee note to my four grandchildren, in jiffy bags with chocolates in. I headed them. Alice and Mathew. and Rupert and Monty.

I enclosed a picture of each other in the note.

Alice and Mathew or Rupert and Monty.

Just a wee picture for you to to see,
I wonder if you can guess who they may be?

Oh Golly Gee! Here's some sweeties for your tree.

Hang them high,so they don't fall!
you know your dogs will scoff them all.

I know it's not a proper treat,
unless you get something nice to eat.
So just for a further treat I enclose 
Mistletoe Kisses, for you to eat.

GT xxxx



  1. Very sweet - I hope they liked them!

  2. How sweet is this! You are a most thoughtful and loving grandfather.

  3. I can't wait for my Skype to receive their call's tomorrow, my heart bubbles with joy. be well.


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