Sunday, 9 December 2012

A Little -Light at the End of the Tunnel


Yes I agree it is a very small light on the horizon.
But it is there and it should give us hope.

over the years there has been a noticeable improvement in our lives, its been led of course by a greater improvement in the lives of the well off  in our societies.
These leaders in Industry identified our greatest weakness? which we struggle to control  ADDICTION .
They have ruthlessly exploited it over the years knowing it was poison to most humans in some way, Tobacco being one example.
The super markets exploit our addiction to brand names, hundreds of them, shamelessly.
We come away from these markets laden down with produce that has been designed with our addiction in mind, most of these are completely useless to our well being and may in fact be harmful even to the point that they are not food at all. Just a blind waste.
They even have got us to pay for parking! so we can go into their stores to buy their produces.
Every day of our lives we buy useless produce, just to line the pockets of the rich.
At least a third of our weekly shop is just rubbish  and we are willing to pay extra for a brand name! which we are led to believe is better! we are being led  by a clever manipulating campaign of advertising, on Television and flashy posters everywhere!
There's no escape from the exposure to their adds, it's entrenched in our way of life, we hardly notice it, possible some of us think it's normal and they like, it makes them feel good about them selves.
The Corporate lawyers with there pockets laden with company shares find ways of protecting their clients from the exposure that their products may do to the public and give advice on what may be called acceptable levels of the problems, which mean " how many of us die before they decide to drop the product, or just change it's name.
If it's just a Fad they don't even bother to cover it!  believing that by the time any harm is discovered, the evidence will be easily discredited in a court.
I will not try to list all these product but you can bet, if it comes from a large retailer, your not being charged a fair price.

Well as I said I believe there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon and this is it!
They made a fatal mistake, they introduced a   Must have produced! and it made them more money than any product (short term) than they could ever imagine.
I'm sure there was lots of back slapping in the board room over it. Home Computers leading to the Internet and their Holy grail the Mobile Phone.

Of course after a few guys started hacking into their corporate files and exposing their dirty deeds on the Internet and texting them all over the world.

Nearly all levels of Government were also hacked, shocking the general public on what they got up.
There has been a revolution in information crossing the world exposing the wrong doing of those in power and the industrialist on all sides of the world.( Has to be a good thing.)
Governments came under pressure from the Industrialist to clamp down on hacking and a few hackers have been put in jail after being chased all over the world and still are:!
"Corporate enemy" number one! for exposing the truth!
British Banks are under a lot of pressure to " change their Culture" in regards to their bonus pot, and there is even talk? of clawing back some of the bonuses paid to major investment Bankers, who  (Miss-selling) never performed up to the standards expected.
Politicians have be openly exposed to fraud regarding their expenses!
the list go's on, it's endless, and all because of the Internet and mobile phones. the Lie's about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq causing the death of hundreds of NATO troops and now they are trying to get us to believe the same story about  Syria.
I believe  there will be an effort by governments to take control of this media phenomena!  ( No conspiracy theory please)
In fact their is a move to control the press in the UK right now, it's the thin edge of the wedge and is not in the public interest.
We must not allow the Government to use a terrible tragedy (in the use of phone hacking) by a few reporters to to stop the freedom of the press.
Yes, hacking is arguably the down side of this.
But it is also the strongest side as well, none of what is taking place now! all the information! would never  have happened if it wasn't for the new media. a lot of things unknown to us are now out in the open, and there is more to come. I think it's fair to say that  greed opened Pandora's box, and now it will never be the same.

Let me just have my fantasy:
The controlling members of our society are out in the daylight of media now, and it's not so easy to be a crook when the  media as  watching, they are no longer safe from their own employees (whistle blowers god bless them) somebody will text it.
So I believe things will get better, slowly yes.
you know what kills a skunk?  its own publicity, and I believe this to be true, we are all watching now.



  1. Very interesting - and oh so true! It will also be interesting to see how things develop. And greed also had a devastating effect here - it will take generations for the country to recover again properly.

    Thanks for following my blog & for your kind words. I was also amazed to read your response to the last comment I left about spending some time in Natal - its a small world!

    1. As the Zulu may say to you.
      Sawbona mngani Soti Sharon be well Agman.

  2. Boy, doesn't this tell it all? Well-done, my friend.

  3. I'm sure most people would say I'm a cynic! so how come when I dream I dream of cherries and chocolate.Be well Agman


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