Saturday, 20 October 2012

Be Warned

My first Toy

For those of you who put off doing something! or going some where! even speaking your mind to a loved one.
be warned by this wee quote
I found this in an old book of mine, I had used it as a book mark.

"The clock of life is wound just once, and no person has the power to tell just where the hands will stop, At a late or early hour.
To lose ones wealth is sad indeed.
To lose ones health is more.
To lose ones soul is such a loss, as no person can restore.
The Present only is our own, live, love,Toil with a will.
Place no faith in  "Tomorrow" for the clock may then be still."

I have no name to add to this quote, but I'm sure they are/were a deep thinker with talent.
So be warned! get done today what needs to be done and said.



  1. Wow, simple yet profound, and it comes at a time when I have decisions to make. Thank you for this post.


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