Monday, 6 August 2012

Just Another Dream

Natures beauty

I dreamed of you again last night. You seem to come from no-where seeping into
my unconscious mind! and then! there you are laying beside me .just looking at me. 
I thought to my-self, What are you doing in my bed, We just looked at each other! your hair was long and you had an inviting smile with dark eyes, no words were spoken between us! words have no place in my dream world.
In the silence of my dream! if time had stood still right  there and then ? I would have been happy to live on within this precious moment .
You turned towards me, moving closer I inhaled deeply in anticipation of your kiss and moved towards you eager to embrace you.
Then! I'm awake! and alone,  desperate with a desire to return to sleep to find you and be near you, but this never happens, much is the pity .  I'm a Shy Guy.


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