Sunday, 19 August 2012

What's in a name: JEREMIAH


Have you ever thought to yourself ? What if anything, does your name mean?
How does it sound to others who use it ? or hear it? even what it suggest are  important  considerations! possibly influencing your future. and just maybe your families.

"Jeremiahs" from Hebrew "Yirmiyahu" his   fathers name was Hilkian and he was born in the village of Anothoth.
His name is biblical "The weeping prophet!" "Uplifted" A priest of Anothoth. A major prophet in the Hebrew Bible,
It's written that he lived to see the destruction of  Solomons Temple and the fall of Jerusalem.

There is a famous painting by "Rembrand Van Rijn" depicting "Jeremiah" lamenting the destruction of Jerusalem.

This name was given to my Father by his father.
I am Terence third son of Jeremiah,  he also has brothers: Paul, Martin, Joseph, Thomas, (my uncles I'm proud to say?)  there is also  another uncle! who's name escapes my mind for now.(to my shame) but I'm sure it will come to me. Uncle Pat the oldest.
Their memory is never more than a heartbeat away.

It's amazing just how far you can go when you ask "What's in a name"?

Credit must go to Elizabeth Balmer for her Photo from her book
Birds of the British Isles, it's a beautiful bird!



  1. My name means 'lady', and I've always loved that. There is a lot in a name.

  2. I agree, I must look at your name again in detail, thanks for the visit.


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