Saturday, 7 February 2015

Comedian ? I don't think so.

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Keith Lemon , a comedian?
I doubt it,
I do believe he is a person who considers himself famous enough to make remarks about anybody, especially the ones who are unable to defend themselves!

Lemons remarks about the Plane crash in Taiwan were childish and stupid,
I wonder what he would have thought, if he had been  strapped in a seat beside the other passengers, as that  aircraft rolled to-wards it's doom.
What ever was the BBC thinking of?
Using a dick like that, mind you they also seem to make loads of boo boos.
Hiding in their board rooms.
Of Course the BBC have posted a " Sorry if we Offended anybody apology".
But we all Know  that an apology from the BBC is about as useless as tits on a donkey.

Why don't they just stop employing people or sack them, who believe, they are so famous, they can say, what they like, when they like and we the long suffering public stand by with red faces.

Famous to me ! means a person who has done some good for society, which drops Lemon out the bottom of the pile.
But I do believe he is well known? as a big mouth!

Wouldn't it be oh so sweet, if the next Hosty he has a chance  to meet! were to drop his hot coffee in his lap.
Just to remind him he's such a sap!

If I was to say there is a line with a Famous entree on one side and a crude loud mouth entree on the other, could you tell  which ? is which? 
Come fellow bloggers tell me true? what side of the line do you want to represent you.



  1. I agree with you - the man's a complete pillock.

  2. Thank you Roger the very word I was looking for. be well agman

  3. I’m happy to say I missed the objectionable Keith Lemon’s utterances – and a good job too! The man is not worth thinking about, so let’s not.
    How are you – well I hope?
    Barbara x

    1. Thank you for your comment, I am well and trust you and you lovely lady friends, are the same, especially your two Grandchildren, I seem to have lost my way, but I'll be back? Be well and good morning Agman

    2. Hello Agman, I've just found this reply to my comment. We are all well, thank you and happy to be back in touch with you.


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