Thursday, 15 January 2015

Hope springs from a tragety

Lassana Bathily.

In response to the recent cowardly attacks in Paris and the murder of it's citizens. the above man was reported to have hide a few people in a cold room in a shop, saving their lives.

He is a practising Muslim, age 24 years,

He was also reported to have said " We are all  brothers in the same boat", does he mean the same tribe? the same species? he is so right!
Its obvious to me, that this man has not forgotten that we are all from the same planet, as many of us seem to have forgotten, down through the centuries.

He seems to demonstrate a natural respect for the Sanctity of life, What a wonderful thing!

I believe that the Key to mans future, is respect for the Sanctity of life between all species on our planet and without it, there may be no future for us or our planet,

Mr Lassana Bathily I salute you and trust you have a long and full life, and I hope I get to meet others  like you with your ideals,

Be well


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