Wednesday, 27 February 2013

George Washington

George Washington.
Died: 1799.
Truly a great man. He was a Military leader and a Politician.
The first President of America.

He led the American army against the British defeating them in 1781.

It's been reported that he said:

"A free people aught not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should make sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a state of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government".

I wonder what he saw during his term in the Military and the Government?
Did he notice a feeling of malevolence walking the corridors of power, that could  lead to self serving corruption?  that would make him say this to the American people? He was partly right there.

Could he have done something more? or was he just sick of it all and left leaving his famous warning.

For me, this means, "Be armed and ready to protect yourselves from your own government." an alarming conclusion.

If he could come back  and walk the streets now!
I wonder what he would say?  do you think he would change his statement? when he sees the turmoil and pain it seems to have created.
Splitting the country down the middle  with the hundreds of children killed at schools every year.
Most civilised countries of the world do not accept these deaths by guns and are passing laws to ban or seriously restrict them, their average deaths are around 100 per year by guns.
A man with a gun can easily kill groups of people, so lets remove it from his reach.
But in the land of the brave they are leading the world with over 10.000 killed every year, not a record to be proud of.

The great American dream has created the greatest entrepreneurs making the country wealthy and a leader in most fields of human endeavour, but it has also created a three tier society, that is selfish and uncaring towards those who didn't make it, but did there share in creating it,
The wealthy cry poor when asked to share,
Claiming to be God fearing Christians, using his name in most of their speechified oratory
Not a lot of the counties wealth filter down to the poorer levels of society, the lower levels are below third world  levels standards.
Not a record to be proud of.

This is a political problem and it will not improve until all the people vote for change, that will change the will of the politician,so they represent the people, not their own agenda,
Such a vote may prove G Washington right.

Let me leave you with another saying of G Washington's .

" I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue
enough to maintain, what I consider the most enviable
of all titles.
The character of an honest man"



  1. Excellent post. I wonder what he would think if he saw our gov't and our country today.

    1. Truth is like a chandelier, Everyone can see it, but they all see it from a different angle, thanks Donna be well.


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