Friday, 1 March 2013

An American Novelist

Louise May Alcott.

Born : Nov 28th 1832.
Died : March 6th 1888.

I'm sure you will all know of this lady, or at least remember one of her many books.
"Little Women" which is still highly rated as a young girls book.
But not a lot is known about her ability to write poetry, beautiful poetry, by the way.
Please let me give you a taste of her writing skills, remembering of course, she worked, was involved in the civil war as a nurse, and at the same time wrote stories, poetry, all in pencil and ink( no laptop)

Fairy Song:

The moonlight fades from the flowers and trees and the Stars
dim one by one.
The tale is told and the song is sung, and the Fairies feast is done.

The night-wind rocks the sleeping flowers and sings to them
soft and low.
The early bird will soon awake,
It's time for the Fairies to go.

Over the sleeping earth we silently pass unseen by mortal eyes,
and send sweet dreams as we lightly float through the quite
moonlit sky.
For the stars soft eyes alone may see and the flowers alone may know.
The feast we hold, the tales we tell, so it's time
for the Fairies to go.

This is all I have of this so far, if I get hold of more I'll post it,
Why you ask?  because I think it's as good as it gets and she should be remember on the 6th of this month, when she departed this old world and took her talent with her.
When I read her "Fairy song" it makes me hold my breath, how cools that.



  1. I never knew she wrote such enchanting poetry. I loved it.

  2. oh yes me too, nite nite sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite, your friend

  3. What a beautiful poem, thank you fro sharing it.

  4. Her work is just amazing, it just tip toes through my feelings, may it live forever. thanks Babs

  5. I too loved her work and I loved her poetry we did a little bit about her in English when I was in school. Clover-Blossom was my favorite of her peoms. you can see all her peoms online if you go to there are 3 pages of them. happy reading :)


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