Thursday, 14 February 2013

Little Fairies in the trees.

From Grand-dad.

Alice and Mathew

Did you know? or can you see? that you have Fairies in your trees.

The last time I was at your place, I saw the signs of a Fairies place.

But woe is me for the little Fairies I can no longer see, The Fairies magic spell is on my adult face, so I can't see the Fairies living at your place.

When I was a little boy I could see the Fairies to my joy, and on a moonlit night I would go and see, the little fairies in the trees.

A million Fairies came to see me, sitting underneath their tree.
I'd watch in awe as through the moon beams they did fly, way up high, up in the sky.

I was their friend, and they talked to me,
Those little Fairies in the trees.
They asked me "to promise not to tell?" cross my heart and hope to die, if I should tell, I saw them fly.

I met the Tooth Fairy late one night, she gave me just a little fright, she flew down and sat upon my knee and started counting all her money.
She leaves a  silver sixpence underneath the pillow, for the children that are fast asleep, taking their baby tooth away and sending it off to Fairy land this very today.

I also met the Dew Fairy and she was in a tizzy, her job is so very very busy, to place a dew drop on every flower, she couldn't afford to waste an hour.

A million little Fairies too small for me to see are out there spreading dew drop on every flower they see.
The flowers in the fields see them fly about and close their petals tight to keep the dew drops out.

Oh dear this is becoming far to long! I'll just finish it with a song.

Oh My ole man's a dustman, he wears a dustmans hat, he wears goolblimie trouser and what do think of that?
Night Night sleep tight ,don't let the bed bugs bite and if they do? get your shoe and smash'em till their black and blue.

Your grand-dad loves you xx



  1. So sweet. What a darling story. I love it.

  2. You stirred up lots of memories with this post. My old man’s a dustman was the only thing I ever learnt to play on a guitar. I can remember singing the song at the top of my voice whilst strumming away. (I was probably about eight at the time!)
    My mum and dad always said night night sleep tight, and I carried on saying it to my own son, he now does the same with his children.
    As for fairies – I think if you stand very still and believe with all your heart you will see them.

  3. Memories and stories, and stories and memories.= Life. thank you for your comments. be well.

  4. I see fairies all the time and me and my children build fairy houses we have them all over. I loved the story.

    1. The next time I will see the fairies,
      is when the fairy Queen comes to me and sprinkles fairy dust upon my soul,
      releasing it to fly away and see all those Fairies in the trees.
      Thank you be well. agman

  5. I love fairies and see them in my garden. I can't tell you what they are up to- as I have promised to keep their secrets. Thanks for sharing your lovely story with us. I bet your grandkids are impressed that you have seen fairies. :)

  6. Jess! how lucky you must be, to see the fairies in the tree's,
    for me the operative word is seen! as an adult this is no longer possible for me.
    To see the Fairies in the tree's.
    The bluebell fairies message to me: said "I will again see! on that special day, they come to take me away,
    from this mortal plain and all will be revealed to me and a new fairy I will be.
    Please keep your arrier-pensee?
    Be well, Agman


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