Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Give Your Love Away.

Do you think that this is the trick?
to give your love away
Before you pass away.

It may not be so easy to do?
so Ill leave that part of the trick to you.

Love can be all things, a touch, a quick glance, a knowing  smile, a wee message written on a scrap of paper.( works for me)
That bubbling up in your chest when you realise they are the best.

So come now? lets get started this very day,
Start to give your love away,
I'm sure you'll have a pleasant day.
You never know when you may pass away?

Be well  Agman


  1. How very sweet and you know, I do try to do this every day.

    1. welcome Donna and thank you for your visit, be well

  2. Its a lovely thought and sentiment to live by. I like the simplicity of your post and the picture you chose to go with it - the impact is so effective. I wonder if Donna was inspired by your words Terence as her latest post has a similar theme!

  3. I agree that we should spread our love. We can't take it with us- so we should let others know how important they are to us and sprinkle our love around. Beautiful post!


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