Sunday, 2 March 2014

Timothy Napier Moxon

                                 Timothy Napier Moxon ( 002)
                                 Born 2nd June 1924.Kent
                                 Died 5th  Dec  2006.Jamaica.

How does it feel to be on a blog ? you always loved the limelight.
I transferred you over from my flight log, (you will excuse my not getting the dates right) next time OK.!

I will always remember you saying to me, as you danced out the door, (when we worked at Crop Culture Jamaica) you said "Donnelly stop writing and come drink with me"?
Good times, I will blog you one day, mind you, it may have to look like edit! edit! edit!. rest in peace old friend, I remember you.
One Agman to another!
Well you were the film star so you're one up on me.



  1. A1 on this post, my fried. Let's give a toast to all our friends.

  2. you are at the top of my list thanks for your visit, be well.

    1. Thank You Terence Donnelly for creating this blog as a tribute to my father Timothy Moxon. A very nice gesture indeed. Judith Moxon

    2. I am so pleased you picked up on this blog and liked it!
      What more can I say? he was my friend. Be well. Agman

  3. As Timothy's eldest daughter I was surprised and delighted to come upon this blog dedicated to his memory. He was an aviator, an actor, a restauranteur and of course simply our dear father.

  4. I have a fistful of stories, about your old Dad, many we lived and some he told me but I would not like to blog them. as I said I might blog one day,? Anyway I will put them to paper one-day and pop them in the mail for you to carry. be well. Agman


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