Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Butterfly babies are just So-So Sweet.

So So Sweet

Louisa May Alcott.
You passed away.
March 6th 1888.
Your poem "the Fairy song" is the best for me, followed closely by the " the little shadows" your talent inspires .

Shadows dancing on my wall.
There  is no sound, from just bare feet.
Butterfly babies are just so-sooo sweet
Doesn't it just make you want,
to tickle those tiny little feet?
because those butterfly babies are so-soo sweet
My little princess is 16 years of age now 
and still so-soo sweet, and rather likes her grand-dad tickling,
Her not so little feet. 
Butterfly babies pictured up above? are truly sweet,
I borrowed from Barbara Fisher of March House books,
Also a lady who is Oh, so sweet.
: Agman                                                   

Taken from the short Story:
Shadow Children.
Louisa May. Alcott

Little shadows little shadows,
Dancing on the chamber wall.
Whilst I sit beside the hearthstone,
Where the red flames rise and fall.
Caps and night gowns, caps and night gowns,
My two antics shadows wear;
And no sound they make in playing,
For the four small feet are bare.

Dancing gayley, Dancing gayley,
To and fro all together,
like a family of daisies
blown about in windy weather.
Nimble fairies, nimble fairies
playing pranks in the warm glow,
Whilst I sing the nursery ditties
Childish phantoms love and know.

Now what happens, now what happens?
One small shadow tumbled down,
I can see it on the carpet,
softly rubbing it's hurt crown.
No one whimpers no one whimpers,
A brave hearted sprite is this,
See the other offers comfort,
In a silent shadowy kiss.

Hush they are creeping, hush they are creeping,
Up about my rocking chair.
I can feel their loving fingers clasp my neck and touch my hair,
Little shadows, little shadows.
Take me captive hold me tight,
As they climb and cling and whisper,
"Mother dear, good night good night.

L.M.Alcott. (American Author )

How sweet it is to love someone.
Be well  Agman.


  1. I thought I recognized that adorable picture from Barbara's blog! I love that idea- it is so sweet. Your poem is excellent and I loved the one from Ms. Alcott too! What a lovely post. :)

    1. Thanks Jess for your kind comments I also love the idea, of those tiny feet, when I look at Babara's picture I see an emotional story looking back at me.I wonder if babs will ever set it free. I love your site and follow it. be well

  2. Why thank you Agman, I’m truly touched to think you think I’m sweet (does that make sense)?
    I love your words and those of Louisa May Alcott. I’ve not forgotten your idea of printing T-shirts from the butterfly babies. I’ve just not worked out how to go about it yet.
    Amazing to think your little princess is 16 now. My granddaughters are 2 and 3, but it only seems like a day ago they were tiny babies.
    It is very sweet indeed to love someone, and to be loved.
    Sending hugs your way.

    1. Iron on transfers, to white t shirt? works for me, March house books is another I can see. be well. Agman

  3. I loved it. How sentimental and sweet.

    1. thank you for your comment Donna, be well Agman


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