Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Bullet of life.

A lifetime.
Some how in my lifetime! some one or thing, has always looked out for me, keeping me safe,
I all-ways seemed to dodge the bullet.
I wonder why?
Do you know?

I believe in love even when at times I don't feel it, I just know it's there,
Can you feel it too?

I owe a large debt to life and it would seem it's my time to pay the piper? how do I do that? Do you know?
It would seem? If I was to  just fade away and leave my debt for someone else to pay. Would this be wrong of me? can you tell me please?



  1. I believe in love and I know we can't always feel it- but it is there. Sometimes we make it through things and we have no idea why. When luck is on our side we should stop and realize how fortunate we are. I am glad your time to pay the piper has been prolonged! That looks like a scary accident!

    Be well!

  2. Be lucky, and thank you for your visit to me. I blogged the scary accident I called it "Boo Boo on the Transval"

  3. I believe love surrounds us and we can certainly feel it if we allow ourselves to. As for being protected, I've had that many times in my life. It's very comforting to look back on.

    1. Could it be true that you have dodged a bullet or two, dream away above the clouds and be well Agman

  4. Your guardian angel is taking care of you! I hope you are having a happy weekend.


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