Thursday, 11 December 2014

The End is Nigh ?

I just thought the time is right, to ask you,
What do you believe?

I'm sure you've all heard the saying that " the day you are born is your first step on the road to the end of your life." and your meeting with your mortality,

Well that's where I am now ?
When I look over my shoulder, all I can see behind me, is my shadow.
No foot prints? not a sign of my passing,
All that's left of my life, has fallen by the wayside, all my dreams and memories are fading as I move on-ward, to where? I know not.

It would seem you take nothing with you when you leave this old world,
"not so cool a"?  No memories, no feelings.

Let me just say one thing, my life has been a real adventure, sometimes sad and lonely, but a road filled with promise and love and happiness. So I was one of the lucky ones.
You could say" I've had it all"! and you would be right, I have friends, family and children  and a full life.

Since I had that wee miracle?

That strange visit to the pyramid, in Abydos , Egypt?
I have never been the same person?

You may say "that's because you were stuck in an Asylum, some-where you dork!"
and my reply to you is,  "Touche"?

There seems to be areas within my mind, of times I can't account for,
I'm not saying I don't remember?  I'm saying!

I am unable to explain myself to a world that accepts, violence, war and greed as well as slavery ,
as a normal part of their lives.
As long! as what ever  happens? Happens? to somebody else? its fine!
as long as it's not them!
This will of course be decried in what ever direction is popular at the time.

They will of course post an appropriate message on their media hand set, to show their interest in the event and forget it.

I am not a man of Faith!,
Which may sound strange coming from a man who is searching for a god.
But in fact I am searching for the truth, in a way that may  save my planet, from the eternal cycle of destruction, it's caught up in.

Every 5 million years or so, our planet seems to go into a self destructive mode, due to it's inability to find balance and harmony in its development, it would seem to get so far then just stops?

Mother nature just seems to give up on its creation of our planet, not seeing any future for us.

As man developed, he just become a greater warmonger of unbelievable cruelty,
Basically destroying everything living in his path as it suited him.

Well it would seem it is starting again?
Will it be a flood this time?
or some catastrophic destruction from an asteroids collision with the earth.

This time line is mentioned in the Mayan temple carvings high in the mountains.
How their message has survived so many years? is a mystery.
The prediction of our worlds destruction is imminent.

Amun -Ra the great King! said that when his people first came to our planet, they saw the sign's that other race's  had attempted to stop the cycle of self destruction, by the use of Pyramid technology! and moved on before the cycle returned and they themselves would also be destroyed ?
They also discovered  that it wasn't our world that was the problem ! man proved to be the catalyst of doom. The ultimate destroyer of our world.

Shortly after that incident at Abydos, I left my job, my family and went searching for the truth, such a simple thing?
I wanted to ask him ( God) to reverse the ending of the world as "Amun-Ra" had predicted.

The searcher usually finds something, but not me, I believe now it is already to late,

There is the crux to my story or my confession? what ever way you look at it!

I failed, I searched and searched! I was unable to accept the idea of failure, yet fail I did.

I never found God, in fact I never found anybody? who I would consider? even close to being a god.
So I kept searching, for the truth.

I still seem to have the ability to move unnoticed  through other races of people,
Which I must attribute to "Amun-Ra"  assuming that part of my life was not a dream.?

I've sat in large congregations all over the world and listened to world leaders and religious leaders, all of them! Speakers of riddles!

I have read all the stories about the famous prophets?  who handed down their own idea's, of how the world should develop through their eyes,

Many of these people were murdered! which gave them some credibility, but in fact in my opinion ?most were charlatans interested in their own selfish agenda's.

Which I admit, I have no true idea what their agenda's were, I doubt if they did?

This leaves me with my conclusion?
That this world has no God! not yet anyway. and until man develops along the lines of, "Maat" natural fairness, justice and Equality for all, from the start,

This cycle will end? and we and all our dreams and memories along with it !
When ? who knows? But I believe soon.
No true God would allow mans inhumanity to man, as many of us allow now! to continue in his name.
Possible our world does not deserve a God?  yet.

Yes I believe
This world is beyond saving. this time round!
What will I do?
I will ask Amun-Ra the King of Kings to save me, so I can try again at the rebirth of our Planet.

I find it unbelievable that greed and selfishness are crippling peoples opinions of our world, we seem to be  totally self interested, with out any apathy towards our fellow human beings.

Disease and  wars are common place and accepted as part of the price people are willing to accept for their life styles.
Prophets, teachers, Priest, Nuns, Muslims, Christens, Sikhs, Buddhist atheist. Jews are being murdered by each other they just can't seem to agree on the basis principals of life, of fair and equal justice for all, It would seem most of them encourage their followers to do likewise.

The powers that be, have it in their grasp to stop wars, hunger, genocide, seem to be standing idly to one side.
If a good man talks out in support of making the world a better place, he is ridiculed my a  multi- media frenzy  that turns up on his phone,to ridicule.

The idea that we are all the same race occupying the same planet, seems to be lost.

People have been, creating, false borders and even false gods and killing each other,
We destroy every thing we touch, animal species have been seriously effected, many have even been totally wiped out already.
With this lust man has for power, and still with all our knowledge we continue to to wipe each other out, we are heading for an apocalyptic event,
We have had wars to end all wars! (13.700.000 died) and then we found or created another one to go on with, a short time after influenza, claimed 20. million lives.
I could go on and on? which only makes us look worse so I will stop .

My time is short, so I will return to Abydos and appeal to the king of kings to save me.
So I may teach the Sanctity of life, to the next of us, and maybe then?
We will truly be known as the occupiers of the Blue Planet, that promotes Fairness, Equality and justice for all it's inhabitants. With a true God.

If we can embrace and respect the Sanctity of life to all species on our planet, maybe we stand a chance?

I see you smile as you turn away! but I will live to fight another day.
I cannot teach you anything,
just hope you will listen and change?


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