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Amoonet my Queen of Queens

The all seeing eye


Queen of Queens.

This is part of her story.

"May she live forever"

Ancient Egypt.

4th Dynasty. Abydos.

A holy burial site, As yet! not discovered.( so it remains inviolate and unplundered by the modern day  grave robbers!)

My Pharaoh chose wisely placing his Queen of Queens in her Holy burial site with-in his Pyramid complex,  joined only by one hallway (The Hallway to Eternity!) that led away from the Pyramid complex to the west and below, with just one door, that when opened  passed directly to "Imhet", a holy place,  that only a Pharaoh who has the power as a God, can pass through, taking his queen with him to join the Gods. "May they live forever"

My name is "Sunu". and I speak for the Queen.
I am a temple priest and physician and personal assistant and adviser to "Amoonet" my Queen of Queens.

I have been in her service for over 30 years.
I witnessed the birth of her three children, who all grew up to full adulthood in good health.

It has been my duty to ensure my Queen is kept up to date with all of the court gossip in the land, and all respects due to her are paid under penalty of death.
By Pharaohs order. "May he live forever"

I "Sunu" will stand and speak for my queen, to all the visiting "Gods" as she lays in her coffin, within the huge stone Sarcophagus and waits on Pharaoh to come for her.
"May she live forever"

She is pure, her heart weighing less than the lightest feather in the two Kingdoms.
"May she live for ever".

She personally laid her hand on me, choosing me to act as her living "Shawabis" a great honour for me and my temple.
The scribes placed my name in her tomb, describing my life and my devotion to my Queen and giving me the honoured title of " Wab-Priest" and "Lector Priest" so I may attend her as she deserves, during her wait for her Pharaoh.

I attended the funeral embalming, and saw to it that my Queen had the heart Scarab!  placed in the correct position and to ensure my Queen had all the amulets and jewels that would protect her from "Apophis" the  serpent demon who threatens travellers, passing the underworld on their way to the after life and immortality.
I listened to the prayers, read from the book of the dead.
As was my duty, affording my Queen the right of passage through to the afterlife, with her Pharaoh. "May they live forever".

As her time of internment came near, I spent a week in "The room of Life" at my Temple, in prayer and meditation.

I had a vision from "Amun-Ra", he told me that on his journeys across the sky, he had looked into the future for thousands of years and saw strange men robbing our tombs. walking with no respect on the dust of our ancesters and taking their holy contents away, to far away lands, unknown to him?
Many minor deities who are carved in living rock, will be removed and placed in a big house, unable to leave and wander through afterlife, a sacrilege against a living God.

"You must leave a message for your Pharaoh within his tomb as a warning, and leave a message this very night for "Hery Seshta" the controller of mysteries. So he may change all the Hieroglyphics within the two lands at  our burial sites now and in the future, so these strange people may never know our true stories of our holy lands."

These grave robbers with there given titles of no consequence, will make up their own stories of our world, declaring it to their world, that what they say is true,  But they will know in their heart of hearts, that they really know nothing? made up stories showing only their self interest! bigotry! greed! They will have no understanding of the land of Maat.

The land of Maat is gone far from their reach. We shall leave this land and return to our true home amongst the stars.
Then I command you," to let all my priest in the two lands know of your vision. and to prepare our people for a great journey"
Bowing down I said " it will be done Lord" "May you live for ever."

The funeral moved slowly towards the Pyramid entering and descending down to the burial chambers, only the "Sem Priest" and his brothers were to pass further into the passageway.
My Queen in her coffin was placed into her Sarcophagus and the heavy lid moved into place sealing her in for eternity, the wings of "Horus" were carved around the sarcophagus giving Divine protection,
Pharaohs Cartouche  on the right hand lower corner included the name of my beloved Queen, "Amoonet"

The whole entrance, hallway and burial room were covered with beautiful hieroglyphics, telling our stories as only we the people of this land, can do.

The priests procession departed the tomb praying and singing, on reaching the False door they closed it, covering it with spells and curses.and withdrew from the Pyramid, all records of the false door and my Queens tomb were removed.
I invoked a spell of invisibility within the tomb and the door slowly faded away,
I placed a healing statue in the centre of the hallway covered it with spells to protect my Queen of Queens from any harm. As she waits on the edge of eternity for her Pharaoh to come for her.
I placed Amulets at each corner within the tomb.
I prayed to Amun-Ra to increase the power "Apotropaic" within the Amulets, and give his protection to my Queen.
I placed the Scarab Amulets in a line along the floor from the false door, down the hall and into her tomb chamber and around  her Sarcophagus in a circle, giving rebirth and creation.

I prayed at my Queens tomb and asked her for her blessing.
I place the golden cup with the poison of life within it, at the foot of her Sarcophagus.
I told her I would greet her Pharaoh when he comes for her. "May you live for ever."
I returned to the false door.
I bowed down dropping to my knees and prayed to all the gods to help me, to bring down a curse that will destroy any person who enters this tomb uninvited.
I projected the curse around the door, I sat facing the door awaiting to greet my Pharaoh and reunite him with his Queen of Queens.

My  prayer:
Oh spirit of life, please stay with me and guide me? until the time, My Queen is set free!
May the poison of life never pass my lips, let me bear witness to their joining and passing together to the afterlife, and eternity.

Some great tragedy must have befallen the two lands and my Gods and my people, for it's been over a thousand years, and Pharaoh has not passed through the false door.
My Queen waits as I do.
The plundering and stealing has started.
Just as our King of Kings had foretold in my vision.
Our Gods no longer walk the land.                            

I pray:
"Amoonet my Goddess Queen!"
"I prostrate myself in front of you and promise, I will always protect you, until that day Pharaoh comes to take you away."

I can only protect my Queen by protecting the door.
So I sit facing the door, as another thousand years pass.
Hoping and praying to "Horus" to help my  Queen.
So my Pharaoh will appear.
And Take her to safety, beyond the false door and into the afterlife
with the Gods.



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