Saturday, 9 August 2014

A Special Day for me


Norman Franklin.

Pilot, Talented Engineer.
A good guy and my friend.
Of course he may not have agreed with that last statement, he often said I was stupid and wild and how I was still alive, was a mystery to him. anyway I still think he liked me, and we flew in many places in the world together. Frank and I were involved in a fuelling fire in Columbia and my ole buddy was severely burned and it took a couple of years for him to recover, I only received a bit of a sun tan and lost all my hair, anyway hair grew back, sun tan went away, I was fine.
Frank always said  "Donnelly! your just one lucky bastard"

I will blog Franks story one day, this is just about a special meeting we had, which I remembered after reading a comment on one of my blogs placed by Barbara of March House books, (a good place to visit by the way).

There I was at Prestwick Airport Scotland, waiting for Frank to come through off of his Flight from Canada.
I had phoned him to ask for his help to finish this job at Oban?

As the pilot I had, went, home as soon as the weather turned, to wind, rain, snow and generally unpleasant, anyway he was as useless as tits on a donkey! I was pleased to see him go.

It was worth the lecture I will receive from Frank after the porky pies, I told him to get him to come, this was his first job since the fire, and I was hoping it would turn him around and get him back in the cockpit.

There he comes, striding along as he always did, scanning left and right, he looked straight passed me, I was shaking with a big smile on my face, the bastard never let up that he had seen me, he moved out of the queue placed his flight bag on the ground and started to look about him, I'm sure he saw me? but no! he turned his back to me as I ran towards him.

Just on the point I was going to slap his back, he turned grabbed me lifted me off of the floor swung me around and placing me on the floor he kissed me on the lips! I was staggered! No blown away! then he smiled and said "Donnelly you just kissed my arse because that's where the lip skin came from".

Frank had a weird sense of humour and I wanted to kill him when that airport official told us to "take the weird behaviour outside" I could have died on the spot with shame.

well the rest of this story is for another day.

This was a special day for me.



  1. Hello Agman, I love reading about your memories and thank you for mentioning me!
    I’ve never heard the ‘useless as tits on a donkey’ expression before, but it made me laugh so thank you.
    I loved reading about your friend and will look forward to further stories.
    I’ve started jotting down a few memories of my own – not much yet, just two posts so far but there will be more as time goes on. It makes a change from talking about vintage books, and you might (or might not) enjoy some of it. This is the blog address I hope to see you there one of these days.
    Very best wishes, Barbara

    1. Oh naughty naughty me for mentioning the "useless Donkey" I am also useless when it comes to editing. but that was the way i felt about it,
      Apologies from me and thank you for you visit to me, be well. I'm off to pay you a visit now. agman

  2. How wonderful to meet an old friend, especially one like this! Can't wait for the rest of the story.

    1. If I could just reach out and touch your hand and thank you dear friend, for your kind comments to me, be well Agman


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